Why People Are Small

June 5, 2008
By Damien Reeves, Orlando, FL

Oh no! There's giant monsters everywhere. The humans did everything they could but they couldn't hurt these giants! The people thought out a plan; they went to the Olympian God Zeus.Zeus went to the people saying he was the greatest and strongest God ever and that he could kill the giants.Zeus went and fought with all his power, but he couldn't hurt these giants.
After Zeus's unaccomplished job, the people went to Ares the God of War. Ares told the people to round up all of the remaining people and bring them to him. After all the people were rounded up, Ares said to the people,"There will be a giant war and a giant victory." Ares fought the giants with all of his potential but all there was, was a giant war and a giant failure.
The Olympian Gods had a plan,a plan that could work. The first step they did was to get Athena to shoot the giants with her sudden death arrows. Athena had much trouble shooting the giants because there were so many of them to find. Once Athena found a giant she would shoot it and then tell the Greek people to take it to one location.
Athena killed all of the giants and got them in one location in a matter of four years. While Athena was killing these giants, Aphrodite was transforming them into beautiful people. Aphrodite was having trouble because every time she transformed one of these giants she would feel very woozy and confused, so the other Gods gave Aphrodite a break for about a year. Athena was still hunting these giants while Aphrodite was resting. After a year of resting, Aphrodite came back to Athena and said that she could start transforming the giants again. Aphrodite went to the giants,and there were twice as many as there were when she started the first time. Aphrodite got frustrated and used all of her power and strength exept for a small bit and transformed all of the giants at the same time. The plan worked so far and there had been only one problem for the Gods. The Gods put their last step into action. They got Apollo to heal the giants that Aphrodite transformed. Apollo was a stronger God than Aphrodite although he healed the beautiful people from the sudden death arrows. Apollo used a lot of his power so he had to rest for ten years to recover all his strength.
The Gods decided that giants weren't the smartest decision so they were not going to create any more giants ever again. With the giants transformed and beautiful and none being created, the Gods were not going to have any more problems for a while. The Gods awarded Aphrodite the greatest medal they could give her at her funeral. The Gods were very sad and grieving. Twenty years after the giant incident, a beautiful girl went to Mount Olympus saying the power Aphrodite saved during transforming the giants, was power to clone herself, and the beautiful girl was the clone of Aphrodite.

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