The Brains

June 5, 2008
By zachary packham, Aurora, OR

Instead of World War Two there was a disease that wiped out every human over the age of 18. The disease attacked the brain; it made brains explode if they were completely developed. As soon as a brain reached a certain brain mass it would swell and explode. Children governed themselves; life goes on… just some things were changed.
In an attempt to lengthen life all educational programs were stopped immediately, no school. Technology came to a screeching halt; kids couldn't run all the big companies and power plants. It seemed like the eighteen hundreds again. It worked for a little while until some kids tried to be rulers. But rulers have to think a lot… so they exploded.
But there was still hope. Every kid when they were born was tested for the immunity. Some kids were immune to this devastating disease. No they're not dumb, they just have more room in their noggin for a growing brain. They could live up to 25 years old. That doesn't sound like much time but it was to all the kids who knew they would die at a young age.
The immune teens were a rare few. They were the ones making all the decisions for the younglings. They were called "The Brains" It was estimated that ninety nine percent of the rare few would become leaders. The other one percent … well they weren't helping anyone.
That one percent became junkies, as they are called today. They would do bad things that weren't tolerated by "The Brains". People who were found doing bad acts would be punished. To keep from getting in trouble most of it was completed in secret. The most feared organization was called "The Dark Nights". It had a dual meaning: they would kill to be kept secret, and they would only do things only at night. The organization was made up of immune kids, but their leader was not an immune kid, he was 19 though. The Brains heard of this mysterious man though they just thought they were lying, but the truth was he used magic. To his followers he was known as "Nightmage". To The Brains he was another thought thrust into the back of their minds.
News of The Brains knowing about the 19 year old Mage had found its way back to Nightmage. This infuriated him, he ordered his most skilled assassins to find the person who told The Brains of him, and kill the snitch. It was too late, because the information was already out. Now bewildered kids came from all around to see. Nightmage really hated being bothered, and kids did just that. He cursed a few kids and they stopped coming to see him. But cursing kids was against the rules. The Brains ordered him to be arrested. When the law enforcers showed up to arrest the Mage he was gone.
Nightmage had disappeared. His followers were arrested instead. In their cells they would study books that were dropped off for them to read every once and a while. Two months after Nightmage had disappeared he came back. He released his comrades in jail, and went on a rampage. They casted spells on everyone they passed. The Brains were very concerned about this problem. The Brains had an idea.
Suddenly all The Brains vanished. When The Brains left, the Dark knights took over the world easily. Nightmage crowned himself ruler over the world, which is every evil person's dream. No one argued or disagreed, they were too afraid. The disease hadn't changed much, except kids could live up to twenty. But still Nightmage, a kid not immune, should have been dead because he's twenty-nine. Immune kids live up to an average age of twenty-five.
After ten years of chaos The Brains came back and they beheld burnt cities, and piles of unmentionables burning into the night. The Brains found little resistance exploring. After getting some tips on were to go they came to The Evil Tower, the stronghold for king Nightmage. The immune kids who joined Nightmage at a young age were still alive protecting their king. The tower was so tall it blocked out the sun. The Brains and the minions battled on the grounds in front of the tower. The Brains fought with a new technology of weapons. They were equipped with laser swords. The minions of Nightmage used their usual stunning and killing spells. The minions were no match for The Brains. The minions had to concentrate and could only hit one target at a time. All the minions died; with only three out of eight casualties for The Brains' side.
The final battle between good and evil occurred in the throne room after the remaining five sliced their way through doors and anyone in their way. King Nightmage was waiting for them. He demanded a one on one battle; it was a kind of code that he followed from some book he read. The Brains agreed to this demand. One brave soul volunteered for the skirmish. King Nightmage killed him easily. The Brains knew Nightmage would kill them all if it was one on one. Their new plan was: when he goes into his trance to cast the spell on the one guy the rest will charge also, it worked. When Nightmage was slain his body vanished and his robe was all that was left. When his body disappeared a green wave blasted from his body. The wave caused the tower to quake and start to collapse. The Brains evacuated the building and watched as the fires went out and light returned to the land. As it turns out Nightmage was the disease, and when he was killed people lived to the average age of seventy-five again.
The Brains had disappeared through a time warp. They went to a Galaxy far far away that was a long time ago. They met some ancient warriors, also known as Jedi, and "borrowed" their weapons. The moral of this story is if you knew how long you had to live, what would you do with your time? And if you knew you would live a lot longer than others then what would you do? I suggest you do good things either way.

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This article has 4 comments.

on Sep. 12 2008 at 6:25 pm
Wow! Fun story man! I wish I was as good a writer so I could get published. I hope you keep it up and enjoy the art of imagination forever!

akidonabike said...
on Aug. 17 2008 at 12:07 am
way to to get star wars involved in there! good story

bossmom5 said...
on Aug. 12 2008 at 12:59 am
Way to be published Zach! You could make this into a novel and really develop the characters, scenes, and all the details. Then you can be rich!

on Aug. 12 2008 at 12:29 am
Oh, very original, Zach. Brilliant, your writing skillz amaze me. You just had to stick Jedi in there... :P

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