Excerpt from Blood Love

June 4, 2008
By Samantha Watkins, Dexter, MI

“I saw…” she manages to choke out. I could tell by her face that she wouldn’t be able to say the words out loud. So I enter her mind.

I am standing in a bedroom not like any I have seen. Then I recognize the boy sitting on the bed looking up at a boy much bigger than he. A look of happy shock crosses Cody’s face as he whispers hoarsely, “Oh my God. I’m in love with her.” and I knew he meant me. The puzzled expression on the bigger boy, who I guessed to be Brian, turns to rage, and a growl escapes from his mouth. He starts to shake with all his rage. Cody’s happy eyes melt as complete terror swallows them. Brian shakes more violently. Cody tries to make a dash for the door, but sooner than his eyes can even glance at it, Brian has taken his wolf form, and is on top of him, pinning him to the bed.

I draw out from the vision and meet Alice’s scared eyes. I turn around, and run faster than I ever had before, reaching Cody’s room in 4 seconds. But I was still too late. I found Cody sprawled on the floor, his throat ripped out by wolfish teeth. He was dead. It was all my fault. I heard a clatter through the open window, and rushed to see what it was. There he was. The big brown haired wolf was running away as fast as his wolf legs would carry him. He was running from the shame of murdering his own brother, and he wasn’t coming back.

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