My Life As Isabella

June 4, 2008
By jazmin garza, Hubbard, OR

I’m a girl who is neglected, unloved, and abused by my parents and family. When I was five my dad died in a car accident. At the funeral no one in my family was there except for some of my dad’s side, so pretty much no one cared. Then five years later my mom got a new boyfriend who was a real jerk and always hit me. I told my mom what he did but she didn’t believe me. Then a year or so after that they got married.
I hated him so much. Then after I turned thirteen he raped me, when my mom wasn’t home. Of course I told my mom, who new that I would do anything to get rid of him, and she didn’t believe me anymore about anything. So I went on with my life of torture, abuse, with bruises and cuts all over me. My teachers kept asking me what they were from and I just told them different things every time so that they won’t find out what there were really from. I tried as much as I can to cover them up with my clothing or some cover-up.
I’ve had enough of all this abuse from my step-dad and my mom. She had started to hit me and stuff too but it isn’t as bad as my step-dad. It’s like they don’t even notice that it hurts me or anything, they just keep doing it. Like if I don’t get up to get them something within a second then they’ll hit me, or if dinner isn’t done every night, at the time that they tell me, then I would pretty much get punched or thrown on the ground. So when I say that I am tortured and abused then I mean it.
So I asked my mom if I can go and stay with my aunt for the summer to get away from everything and to go hang out. She said no. I don’t know why she did, probably because she thinks that I am never listening but I am. So about two weeks later I asked her again and she said yes. She said yes this time because I’ve been listening, hello I’ve been listening ever since my dad died, but still I was so happy cause then I wont have to deal with her and my loser step-dad.
When my step-dad found out that I was leaving he got really mad; I didn’t know that he knew. He just wanted me to stay so that he has someone to boss around and hit, because he refuses to hit my mom. He also wants someone there with him when my mom isn’t there to do some “other stuff”. I noticed that he was really angry and of course he took all of his anger out on me, so I got more abuse from him. When I went to my aunts I had more bruises and cuts all over my body and some on my face. When I finally got to leave I was so happy.
My aunt kept asking me and asking me what all the bruises and stuff were from. I didn’t want to tell her though, because I didn’t want my mom to get in trouble. Then about two weeks after bugging me I told her. When I told her everything that was happening at the house she was really surprised, she never thought that my mom was like that and stupid enough to have a boyfriend who did that kind of stuff.
When I was up there my aunt and I just hung-out, went shopping, and just had a great time. It’s already August so I have to go back home soon. I didn’t want to go home because I didn’t want to deal with all the abuse and stuff. I wish that I can stay longer or even live here.
When I got back home my mom was so happy, and with my step-dad on the other hand, was mad. Surprisingly I didn’t get hit or anything the first two weeks or so that I was home. My mom was taking me shopping, to the spa, and was pretty much spoiling me. It was kind of weird though; I guess she just missed me so much.
It was the first day of school and it sucked. I always did hate school because I didn’t have any friends and all my teachers were really mean to me. Everyday I was all alone. When I got home that same day I saw a letter in the mail for my parents and it was from a foster home. I opened it and it said that I was going to have to live there within a week or two. When I saw that letter I was so upset; I started crying. This was probably why my mom was pampering me all week or why I haven’t been hit or anything. That letter was all that I can think of for the rest of that day.
During dinner I showed my mom the letter and she was speech -less. She handed it to my step-dad and he had a small little smile on his face, but I didn’t say anything about that. My mom ended up knowing what was going on. I had to go to a foster home because someone saw or heard that I was abused by my parents. That was true and all, but how would anyone know because I didn’t tell anybody.
The next day I asked my mom if I could live with my aunt. She said that she would have to talk about it with my aunt. So after talking and talking my mom and aunt came to a decision that I could live with her and if I wanted, could be adopted by her. Then I thought about that option, and said yes.
In about a week I moved in with my aunt and we got all of the adoption papers done, signed and sent in. I was so happy that I will be away from my step-dad. I was sad that I wont be able to see my mom as much; except for when she can come and visit, which is once a month.

The first time that I got to see my mom, after the move, was awesome. We had so much fun together and I told her that I actually had friends here at school and that my scares and bruises were going away. Then her surprising news for me was that she divorced her husband and that she was a lot happier without him.

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