Halloween Day

June 4, 2008
By cristian salcedo, Hubbard, OR

I woke up it was a day like any other day I woke up I took a shower and I got dressed. I went to the living room and turned on the TV. I made something to eat and sat to eat. Then it was time to go to school so I got my binder, closed the door, and I left to the bus stop. All of a sudden I saw everyone at the bus stop wearing costumes for Halloween so then I remembered that it was Halloween and then I was going to run home to get my costume but then the bus came and then it was to late to go back and get the costume so I got on the bus and we were off. When we got to the school I felt I was the only one that was not wearing a costume wherever you looked you would see costumes and it was very scary. That was the worst day of my life.

Later that day everyone was talking about going to go get candy or should I say trick-o-treating. I was really excited to get out of school and get home, put on my costumes, and go to my friend’s house to pick him up and go trick-o-treating. When it was time to go home I was like the first one to get out of the school and get to the bus. On the bus I was so excited that I wouldn’t stop talking and yelling and I would constantly keep asking the bus driver “Are we there yet?”

Then she just kept saying” No We Are Not There Yet!!!!!!!!!!! She got really mad because I was asking every minute on the bus that she yelled at me saying “We will get there when we get there so just sit down and be quiet”!!!!!!!!!

I was really scared because I have never seen the bus driver that mad before that I went up to her and I said” Marie I am so sorry that I was asking you if we were there yet it is just that it is Halloween and I want to go get candy and I am so excited you know how all the kids get so yeah I am so sorry”. So I got off the bus and I ran home to get my costume on and I went to my friend’s house to pick him up. When I got there he was eating so he asked me to come in and I was waiting for him to finish up his food. While I was waiting I took up a map of the Hubbard and checked where we were going to go. When he was finally done we got ready and we left the house to get Nayeli and Sandra to go trick-o-treating and on the way we bumped into Diana. She was on her way to go to Nayeli’s house so we all walked to her house together.

When we got to her house Diana said” wait here I will get her to come out and then we will leave ok”. So we were there waiting for 5 straight minutes just playing basketball and when they finally came out they were all dressed up and they also came out with silly string and they chased us until we finally lost them when all of a sudden they found us in the corner so we just gave up and they were going to spray us with the silly string but then they found out they were all out the day went on.

When we were finally getting candy we had lots of fun and we were everywhere getting bags of candy and lots of joking around. Later we were getting tired so we took a brake at Diana’s house and we got water and ate candy. Then when it was time to go we got out of the house and we left Diana at her house and we were off again trying to collect candy. Later that day we got enough candy to fill us up so we went to my house and looked at our candy and drank water and ate candy. Then they all wanted to go home so I gave them a ride home and then I got home took a shower and went to be.

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