The end

June 5, 2008
By juan gonzalez, Hubbard, OR

Its November 27 2012 the end of the world is coming there are riots and everyone is stealing no one is happy. The storms have lasted for about five years about one fourths of the human population is gone and no one is doing anything to help. Paco Gonzalez is in Oaxaca, Mexico and is the only one in the world trying to help by finding the three diamonds. They are named darkness, light, and life and paco has no idea were it is so he is going to ask his best friend Jordan in Michoacán. Paco and Jordan haven’t seen each other in six years. The roads to Michoacán are dangerous because of the rumors of the demons but there haven’t been any attacks recently because no one has used the road but it’s the shortest way to Michoacán. Paco has gone through the road and now is in Michoacán and now is on his way to Jordan house. Paco has now reached his house and as he knocks he feels an earthquake its magnitude is at least seven but ends quickly. Jordan opens the door and they both look surprised. Jordan has marks on his face that look severe and Jordan just says where the diamonds were. Paco has a map for stone henge, the Bermuda triangle, and New York.

Paco is on his way to the airport to go to Miami to get a ship to get the piece of diamond. He reaches Miami and gets a ship to go to the middle of the triangle. On his way to the middle of the triangle paco hears a roars and the sound of thunder. The sound is horrifying like a dog quelling at you. Paco finds an island that has no sign of life. Paco goes in the middle of the island and reaches a temple with statues of demons and they are frightening. He see’s the diamond of darkness; its energy is going up in the sky and is creating a lot of dark clouds and storms. Paco grabs the diamond and starts running, as he runs the statues of demons chase him with the look to kill. Paco jumps in his ship and leaves then the statues disappear in thin air. Paco is safe and the map of the Bermuda triangle disintegrates into little pieces.

Paco now returns to Miami and looks at the map of New York and goes their in plane. Paco gets off the plane and goes directly to the statue of liberty where the diamond of light is supposed to be held in the fire. Paco goes in the statue and goes up on the statue and tries to climb on the hand. It was a difficult task but he did it. He punches the flame but it barely cracks. He kicks it and the flame shatters into pieces and paco looks worried again because the thing holding the diamond is the demon that tried to kill him on the island. He grabs it and pushes the demon off so it could die. He walks down the stairs and drives to New Brunswick and flies to England. Paco buys a coat on the plane and gets a car from one of the people. The riots keep on attacking paco’s car. Paco gets off his wrecked car and goes in the middle of stone henge. Paco grabs the diamond but then a shaking happens stone henge lifts up and the demons throw it far. The demons chase after paco then paco combines the diamonds together and the demons disappear, the earthquake and storms stop. The world comes to a still position and doesn’t move. Paco takes a plane to Michoacán and goes to Jordan’s house. Paco knocks the door but it opens on its self and no one is home. Paco looks at a note. It says the demons killed Jordan and Jordan knew he was going to die and the note ends. Paco looks on the floor and only sees a shotgun.

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