Jimmies the Donut

June 3, 2008
By Hannah Ruble, Dexter, MI

Once there was a sprinkled chocolate donut of the name Jimmies, and a cookie named Chip. Now these two had no other job than to sit in a bakery case looking good in that high caloric sweet kind of way. Well Jimmies, the chocolate sprinkled donut, was one little donut that had aspirations other than being eaten, far from it to be exact.
“I wish I could spin round and round in a pool or a lake, like an inner tube blowing in the breeze.” Jimmies often dreamt this because he was sick of life as a donut. However, this dream hit him hard like a slap in the face. When he actually thought about it, he would get soggy and drown if he dares jump into the watery abyss known best as the community pool. Jimmies then shook the preposterous dream from his wee little head and went back to focusing on his job, looking good enough to eat, literally.
As closing time neared at the bakery, that meant the pastries of the shop that weren’t sold were going to be tossed tomorrow morning bright and early, Jimmies knew this because he himself and Chip had managed to wedge their bodies between freshly baked croissants and apple streusels the past few weeks, which meant they were there to see what the baker did with old donuts and whatnot. The baker couldn’t throw Jimmies and Chip out because he could not see them. “Perfect plan,” thought Jimmies over and over again.
Night soon fell upon the donuts and other various pastries. Jimmies always took advantage of this time because Chip and him could finally think aloud, and as far as they knew, none of the other pastries in the bakery had a mind like they did.
“Oh how I wish I could float and swim in a pool Chip, but wait, couldn’t I find a way to swim? I think I can!” said Jimmies happily. So now instead of dreaming, Chip and Jimmies actually thought about how he would get to the community pool across the road.
“I could go right now, just walk right out of the case, no, I can’t get out, the door is locked. Or, I could wait till the baker gets here, then while he takes a restroom break sneak out, that way I’ll know that the front door is open,” said Jimmies excitedly, “Yes, that’s what I’ll do!” So happily Jimmies and Chip lay down between the croissants and apple streusels hiding ever so carefully so they doesn’t get thrown out in a matter of a couple hours.
Hours passed and Chip finally sees the baker fumble with his keys. “There he is,” whispered Chip, “Your dream is about to come true in a couple hours, but wait, when you swim in the pool, you’ll drown, remember?” This is exactly what was going through Jimmies head at the moment, “I know, I’ll wrap myself in Saran Wrap!!” said Jimmies happily.
So all was settled for the future of Jimmies, he would sneak out when the baker went to the bathroom, jump on the counter and wrap up in Saran Wrap then high tail it out of there to get to the pool. Perfect right? Well what happens after he swims in the pool? He can’t just live there, eventually someone will notice a Saran Wrapped donut lying in a pool, but Jimmies did not think his plan out this far.
Jimmies lay there in the bakery case with so much excitement he could barely keep the sprinkles on him. Finally the baker was done making the fresh batch of baked goods and it was time for a restroom break. Jimmies stood up and bolted out of the case, jumped onto the counter and lay down while rolling up in Saran Wrap. After he was all wrapped up he jumped off the counter and headed for the door. “FLUSH!!!” the toilet went. “Oh no, I gotta hurry,” said Jimmies while running to the door. “Thanks Chip, lead a good life buddy!” said Jimmies as he barely made it out of the shop. “Phew, that was a close one,” said Jimmies as he strolled down the street to the pool.
“I’m sure gonna miss that smart cookie accomplice of mine,” but this thought didn’t consume Jimmies mind for too long because for once in Jimmies 14 day life something was going right.
As he approached the community pool building he was wondering how to get in, “I’ll just slide through the gate,” he said. Off Jimmies went, through the gate and onto the pool deck. “After all this trouble, I am finally here, how should I go about this now, should I jump, or ease my self into the water?” but before Jimmies could finish his answer, he jumped into the pool. “PLUNK!” went Jimmies. “Whoa, how come I’m not floating?” said Jimmies as he sunk down. “Oh no, I’m too heavy!” So Jimmies quickly swam to the top of the water and got out of the pool. “This isn’t how I imagined it,” said Jimmies sadly; so back toward the bakery Jimmies went.
“What a disappointment that was, now what will I do?” Then, a dog of the name Malcolm came bounding towards Jimmies. “What in Sam’s name is that?” said Jimmies. However, before he could finish his sentence he was gobbled up. “Mmmm, sprinkled chocolate donut, my favorite,” said Malcolm the dog.

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