2 Weeks of Dark Winter

June 3, 2008
By Georgia Ziegler, Dexter, MI

Gabe stood in the cold snow. He stared at the stranded airplane. It had broken pieces everywhere, and the snow was covering it as it fell. Gabe turned around and walked the other way.
2 Weeks of Dark Winter

Day 1

It was the beginning of winter and the temperature was below freezing. The investigators were out to search the great arctic.

Gizurizzzzzzzz! The lights in the indoor lab began to flicker. Chilk! The lights dimmed and they went out. Everyone was in the silent darkness.

“Jack! The electricity is all out!” Matt yelled into the cold. The sun set and left them in the chilled mist. It was hard to see through the frozen snow.

The long winter began.
Day 4

It has been nearly 3 days since the sun was last seen. And it won’t be seen until the passing of 2 weeks.

“Someone come over here. Quick!” Anne shouted in fright. Matt, Jack, Beth, and Chris ran over to where Anne was standing looking at the ground.

“What is it?” Beth asked her.

“Looks like someone got a little hungry!” Jack teased sarcastically.

“Cut it out Jack. You know she isn’t happy with the way her father was left,” Beth told him angrily.

The month before, Anne’s father was found dead in the parking lot of a casino. Anne was with him half hour before the murder.

“It wasn’t right. He didn’t deserve to die,” Anne cried walking away from the dead polar bear lying on the ground covered in blood.

“You shouldn’t have brought it up,” Beth told him disappointed in his attitude. Beth walked away following Anne to the cabin close to the lab.

“What?” Chris said confused. “I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings!”

“Why do you have to be such a jerk!” Jack said. “Come on man, help me move this bear,” Together Jack and Chris carried the dead polar bear in a tarp and put it by a pile of snow.
Day 5

At the cabin, Anne and Beth were getting ready for bed when a loud impatient knock on the door came. “I’ll get it,” Anne jumped up and headed for the door. She opened it and no one was there to answer. “That was weird,” Anne said slamming the door.

“Who was it?” Beth asked curiously.

“I don’t know. No one was at the door when I answered it,” Anne said confused. She was standing in the dim candle light when the door shook again. BANG! BANG! BANG! The door quaked as the angry fist hit it. “Alright you guys, we know it’s you now cut it out!” Anne demanded. This time they kept banging on the door. Anne opened the door quickly and again, no one was there.

Beth grabbed the phone and dialed Matt’s number. She put the phone up to her ear when she realized all the power was out. “The powers out,” she said. “We’re gonna have to go tell them to stop.”

“Yeah but there not going to be in their cabin,” Anne exclaimed.

“Then we are just gonna have to find them,” Beth opened the door and exited the small cabin.

“Wait for me! Don’t leave me behind!” Anne rushed out the door after Beth.

The two of them checked the cabin. There was nothing in there but a flickering candle stick. “Okay then? Maybe they are in the lab,” Beth took a flashlight from the drawer close to the door. They walked to the lab and searched the place. They found all three of them looking out the window in the dark. “What the heck are you guys doing?” Beth whispered. No answer. “Well we just wanted to tell you to stop knocking on our door,” Still the three of them didn’t say anything.

“Shhhhh!!!!!” They covered their mouths. It was about thirty seconds after until they let go.

“That wasn’t us! I’m telling you, there’s something out there!” Matt said in a scared voice. “We saw them, but I’m not sure what they are.”

“Well whatever they are, we have got to stay away from them,” Jack said.

“We need to get to the station so we can get some food and batteries!” Chris told them all.

“Well we can leave this place when they move.” Jack replied. “They looked hungry whatever they are.”

“They look like mutant people that got stranded here,” Beth suggested. Everyone agreed. “I think that we can go now it looks like they went over to the cabins,” All five of them snuck out the back entrance. They looked around and got on their knees as they began to crawl away from the lab. They were now lying under the truck to stay out of sight.

“Alright, we will sneak in and grab everything that we need,” Matt remarked over the loud wind. They crept over to the station staying as flat to the wall as they could. The mutant people were jumping from cabin to cabin looking for some more victims to eat. One by one, they tore through the buildings looking in every one.

The door was froze shut so the 5 of them couldn’t go any farther. “Hey Matt, grab the crowbar in the truck,” Anne whispered through the blowing snow.

“I can’t.....” Matt stopped in his tracks and stared off into the blizzard.

“What is it?” Anne asked. Matt just stared into space.

“Just push!!!! “ Matt screamed as he headed that way. The mutant people turned immediately and practically looked through Matt. He shoved at the door to the station and it opened. They all quickly ran inside before the mutants caught them. They all slammed the door leaving the mutants in the cold.

The only light in the station was from the dull flashlight in Beth’s hand. Matt and Anne started to look around for some food and some bags to carry. The door was erupting with loud bangs.

“We might as well eat right now, there is no way that they can get in here,” Chris implied.

“But just in case lets put something in front of the door,” Jack suggested.

Jack and Beth wedged a rubber tire in front of the door to keep the mutants out. They sat down and ate what they could.
Day 6

“How long has it been since the sun went down?” Beth complained.

“I’m not sure but it seems like forever,” Matt commented with a sigh. “We need to get some rest, I’m tired!” Not long after they were all sleeping.
Day 7

BANG! BANG! BANG! The door shook again and woke everyone up.

“I feel relieved!” Jack moaned, sarcastically.

“We have to get out of here before they find a way in, and fast!” Chris said. He ran through the short aisles picking up everything he needed. “Everyone grab some food and water. Oh and some walkie-talkies!” He ran back to the front of the small building.

BANG! BANG! The door was about to bust open.

“Hurry to the back door and get out! I’ll hold them out!” Chris yelled with a weak voice, for all his energy was on the door.

“But what about you?” Anne cried.

“Don’t worry about me, just go!” Chris demanded. He was about to give up but he couldn’t if he wanted to stay alive.

The mutants barged through and Chris ran out the back door. He ran under the close truck and didn’t move. The mutants came out of the station and were looking around. Chris closed his eyes hoping he will stay safe. Scared to open them he looked to the side of him where a mutant stood.

“Ah mu vartip so slantu.” It said. “I can smell your fear.”

Chris was still safe under the car when he saw his friends far behind the mutant covering their mouths. Their faces were covered in fear. Chris signaled them to move. They ran into the lab and closed the door.

The mutant jumped on top of the truck and continued to look. Chris peeked his head out from under the truck and snuck away. He ran to the lab and swung open the door. It was pitch black and he couldn’t see a thing.

“Hello?” He called, waiting for a voice to answer. No one answered. Chris kept looking in the unfamiliar dark. There were blood trails everywhere. All the sudden, someone or something grabbed him. They held him close and growled.

“Oh nu may tanture,” In translation “Only you will feel the pain,” the mutant moaned.

“Your words are poison.” He could feel the breathe of the strange creature on his neck. Chris felt something sharp on his throat. He jerked away and ran. He hit someone else.

“Shhhhh....What is it?” Anne whispered.

“We have to get out of here, now!” Chris cried. Behind Anne, Beth stood holding the flashlight.

EERRRR! She shined the light where the shriek came. There stood a mutant. It had dark hair, beety eyes, and it’s chin was all red where it devoured the victim. It stuck out its many teeth. Their face was so pale for it couldn’t get any sunlight. It ran into the darkness with a loud whimper.

“Let’s get out of here!” Jack directed. They walked cautiously through the pitch-black lab. Matt opened the door and the wind blew hard. WHIRRRR! They trudged through the cold snow staying out of sight. When they reached the small cabin they forced the door to open. Inside they resituated.

“What happened to your neck?” Matt questioned Chris. He looked down.

“It was that mutant,” Chris explained. “They don’t like the light. We have to do something before they kill us. Once you get bit by one, you become one.”
Day 9

BANG! BANG! BANG! The mutants hit the door knowing they were in there. Giving them no time to escape the door opened. The mutants ran inside yelping. Jack started throwing things at them. They grabbed Anne and took her.

“Help me!!” Anne screamed on the top of her lungs. Beth started to chase after her when another mutant blocked the doorway.

“Anne!” Beth held her hand out, but she wasn’t close enough.

Matt, Chris and Jack ran out the back door running after Anne. A crowd of mutant people circled Anne and started at her.

All four of them began to cry. The mutants turned around and headed for them. They quickly ran inside the station.

Day 11

They sat in the station and cried. Beth got up and looked around. She went through every aisle and looked at everything. Gathering some things, she started to make something.

“Come on Beth, what are you doing?” Matt said. By now he was too tired to have enthusiasm.

“I’m making light. I don’t want to get killed.” Beth angrily said without any humor. She was so angry that the mutants took her best friend. “I have a plan!”







“Com’n you mutants! Come and get me!” Matt screamed running through the village drawing attention.

The mutants started to appear around the corners. “May sant o voit melta notso!” “The man who dares to fight. Get him!”

Matt ran up against the building and ran inside. The mutants followed him. They stood outside the building and one charged at the door. It flew open and the lights Beth made shined. The mutant ran back squealing. Her face turned gray and cold, soon her face disintegrated.






Day 13

Jack woke up from a deep sleep. He found himself and the others in the basement of a grocery store. He ran upstairs to the main floor and he looked outside the frosty window. The streets were filling up with gasoline. He sprinted down stairs and yelled. “Wake up!” They all saw the streets filling up with gas.

“They broke into the gas pumps!” Chris panicked.

The mutants dropped a match on the gas and in no time the village was on fire. The rest of the mutants stood at the edge of the village watching and waiting.

Matt, Chris, Jack and Beth hurried out of the burning building. They ran to the coast of the small town. They were still hiding from the cannibal mutants.

“Oooooo!” the mutants moaned in victory.

The sun was now coming up slowly. The nights were over and it was dawn.

“We made it.” Beth teared.

The mutants started to turn a dark gray. There faces were cold even by the fire. They all disintegrated and piles of ashes filled the village.







Beth, Matt, Chris, and Jack were sitting in the back seat of a ambulance.

“If it weren’t for all the smoke, we never would’ve known about this place.” the police man said. “This town is quite hard to get to.” They just sat there thinking about what had happened.

The detectives were searching for evidence that hadn’t got burned.

“Kshhh,” the walkie-talkie on the police man’s belt rang. “We found everyone’s file that died, but there seems to be someone we don’t know. He was found lying on the ground by a broken down airplane.” The 4 of them heard the man. They looked at each other and wondered.

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