June 3, 2008
By ian penrod, Johnstown, PA

The wind blew threw Jayden’s hair as he flew in the sky. He did not know how he got there or why. He heard large wings flapping around him. He looked down and saw that he was sitting on large gold dragons back. The dragon flipped in the sky, he fell off the dragons back. As he was falling he saw the gold dragon turn black.

Next thing Jayden saw was the sun in his eyes. He was lying in his bed and some one was pounding on his door.
“Hold on.” Jayden yelled as he put on cloths from his floor and grabbed a gun from the top of his dresser.

The pounding stopped as he ran down the stairs. He ran out into the front yard the warm summer air felt good on his face. He saw a small man in a police uniform was walking toward the road.
“What do you want?” Jayden yelled.
The police officer turned around and ran up to Jayden.
“Excuse me sir I have a warrant for your arrest” the officer said in a deep raspy voice.
“For what?” Jayden said.
“For murder and assisting a robbery.”
“I did no such thing; I have been in my house all summer.”
“Well I need you to come with me anyway.”
“Ok,” Jayden said as he sat his hand on the officer’s shoulder. The second Jayden touched him the officer started to scream his shape started to shift and in about ten minutes the officer was gone and there was a small demon standing in front of him.
“Wha….. What are you?” Jayden said his voice trembling. “What do you want from me?”
“I want your soul!” the small demon screamed in a deep raspy voice. “My master will be here soon and he will destroy you.”
Jayden pulled out his gun as he said “bring it” and shot the demon in the head, its brains splattered all over the front lawn. After that all was silent.
After Jayden finished cleaning that demon off his lawn, he heard a familiar sound that was from his dream of the large wings flapping. Jayden looked up in the sky and saw a large black dragon flying over him. Jayden pulled out his gun and unloaded the clip into the dragon’s chest but out of all six bullets only one got threw the dragon roared as blood flew from its mouth and landed on the ground. The dragon fell from the sky and landed with a loud thud then all was quiet again.

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