The Mistake

June 2, 2008
By Nate Bauer, Kasson, MN

If I could go back in time and fix it I would because it ruined my morning. I should never have bought that pack of gum.

It was a Friday night football game, and I bought a pack of gum at the gas station before the game. After the game I was so happy that the team had won the game that I forgot about the gum that was in my pocket. When I had gotten home that night, I put my jeans, with what was left of the pack of gum still in my pocket, into the wash machine.

Next morning, when I woke up, My Mom said, “You are in for a long morning”. “Why”, I asked trying to think of what would keep me busy all morning. “Go look in the wash,” my mother grumbled. The way she had spoken to me I knew I was in trouble from the start. When I opened the washing machine door the smell of mint drifted into my nostrils. My gut had turned over in my stomach. I looked into the washing machine. Inside the washing machine, still damp from being washed was a load of my families’ clothes. Every piece of the clothing was spotted with pieces of my green gum. “Crap,” I thought, how could I have forgotten the gum in my pocket last night?

If only I had remembered to check my pockets I would not have had to pick gum out of all our clothes like someone’s servant. The gum was as hard as concrete on the jeans. The gum really liked to stick to the lining of my jean pockets. The gum looked all shriveled up like a raisin, making it a pain to pick out. I couldn’t believe how a few pieces of leftover gum could multiply into so many little pieces over all that clothing.
Next time I buy gum, I’m going to put my gum in my coat pocket, or maybe pull out my pockets to make sure nothing is in them before I put them in the wash. These changes would have not left gum in my pocket, and the feeling of the washing machine mocking my stupidity. If I had the gum somewhere else, other than my jean’s pocket, it wouldn’t have gone through the wash. Also I should be responsible enough to make sure my pockets were empty. Therefore the gum wouldn’t have gone through the wash ruining all of the families’ clothes.

Of course, life doesn’t work that way so I’ll have to learn from my mistakes. This event has taught me to be responsible enough to remember where I put my things. Next time I’ll either check my pockets, or put my gum in my coat pocket.

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