Bad luck becomes good luck

June 2, 2008
By spencer hunley, Hubbard, OR

“What do you mean I’m fired?!” Yelled Dr. Boondocks (which was now Mr.Boondocks) at the chief of medicine Dr. Nome.

“Well you are fired because of your incompetence Mr.Boondocks and for almost killing another man because…”started Dr. Nome.

“Because someone bumped into me during a heart surgery and my hand slipped and cut into his lungs and caused internal bleeding. Is that what you were referring to Doctor?” said Mr.Boondocks.

“No… I mean ever since you lost all your money, your house, and even your wife and kid all your surgeries have been a complete bust. And I’m just worried about you thinking that you lost another person to the dark void that is death. I am doing this for you so that you wouldn’t suffer anymore” said Dr. Nome.

“But where would I get a job, where would I sleep?” asked Mr. Boondocks.

“I don’t know I guess you have to figure that out Mr. Boondocks.”
Said Dr. Nome and with a flourish of his coat and he left Mr. Boondocks in the parking lot in front of the place that used to be his home and work. After a while he left and tried to find his motel in the big city of Chicago.

In the end Mr. Boondocks had no job or money whatsoever. He was a vagabond traveling from city to city doing street surgery with what little supplies he had. But he still earned a living by saving lives of people who could not afford the hospital and needed urgent care.

After a while he turned up in L.A. and did a fantastic job at stitching someone’s stomach together and the best hospital in the entire state of California. So they wanted this unknown street surgeon to be one of them. After they found out where he staying they sent someone to offer him a job. When that person got there he Told Mr. Boondocks that he could work at the hospital.

Mr. Boondocks jumped for joy for hours at the thought of getting a job again. So he gathered up his things and went to the hospital. When he saw the hospital he thought of his old hospital and went inside.

When he got inside the hospital he gave them his I.D. and college degree. From then on he resumed his profession in surgery and did a great job. And he never failed any operations and became the surgical attending for the hospital.

With his new job (and big pay check) he bought a Rolls Royce Phantom and a new two story house. He also found himself a new wife, kid, and a dog.

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