The Mistake

June 2, 2008
By Mak Bartel, Kasson, MN

I was bawling my eyes out, the tears tasted like salt. I can’t believe that I was that brainless to do that. I have never seen them this flared up before. If I could go back in time and fix it I would have stopped myself before all this drama!
I should have just gone home after my softball game. But, instead I made the wrong choice. It was summer, and it had been a long time since I had seen all of my friends. All I wanted to do was hangout with them, instead of playing my game. It was my last softball game for the summer. My dad was expecting me to be a leader out on the field. Instead, I did the very opposite. My dad was getting furious with me. I wasn’t paying any attention to the game, wasn’t trying my hardest, and giving him a bad attitude, I was the devil. My dad tried to keep his cool, but I could see the flames coming out of his ears, and I could even see the ball giving me an evil glare. He was so disappointed that after the game he wouldn’t say one word to me, and he left me at the field. I didn’t know what to do, I felt like a fish lost in the big ocean. I thought that it would be a wise choice (at the time) to go walk around with my friends. My mom kept on calling and calling, but I wouldn’t answer. I was “too cool” at the time to answer my cell phone. I could hear the phone saying, “Answer me now, or you are going to be in major trouble.” I finally answered my phone. My mom was roaring at me constantly and wouldn’t let me get one word in. “Mackenzie Ann, where are you?”

“Mom settle down, everything is okay.”

“I don’t care. Your dad told me what happen tonight, why would you act so thoughtless? I’m coming to get you right now.”

I couldn’t say one word before I heard the line go dead. I felt like crawling in a black hole and never coming out. I just wanted to weep and let everything out. But, I had to hold it in until I got home. She finally came and picked me up. The whole car ride home she yelled and yelled. I sat there and listened, trying to hold back salty tears. It ended up that I was grounded for a week, my phone taken away, and they even took my door off my room.

They would not say one word to me. I felt so immature and stupid. I could tell that they were very disappointed in the way that I acted and the choices that I made that night.

If I could change that night and the mistakes that I made, I would. I would have first of all not have acted so rude to my dad. He was just trying to make me a better player. If I would have acted intelligent and just acted like myself none of this would have happened. I would have had a ride home after the game, so I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble for walking around town.

None of this sobbing and yelling would have happened. My family would have been in peace. I would have not been on a leash and would have been free. If I wouldn’t have been so immature, life would have been sweet as pie. Instead, it was miserable. I regret it. Looking back, I am embarrassed about the whole situation.

Of course life doesn’t work that way, so I will just have to live with it. I will have to learn from my mistakes, and know what the right choices are. I know I should always listen to what my parents have to say, and always show a good attitude. In the long run, this has helped me and made me a smarter and better person.

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