Mechanical Sand

June 2, 2008
By Mike Henry, Hubbard, OR

The Hummers roared to life in the hot Iraq desert. “I hope you have air conditioning in these bad boys,” the business man said as he took another drink of his soda.
“Don’t worry sir they do,” the marine replied back. The CEO of the largest weapons business in the world stepped into the backseat of the Hummer. The marine shut the door and got into the passenger seat. There were already two marines in the Hummer. One was the driver and the other was a marine sitting next to him.
“Are you ready sir?” the driver asked.
“Yes I am, and call me Jack,” the businessman replied.
“Yes sir,” he replied. The Hummer then started to move.
Jack Richards was the owner of the largest weapons business in the world. He had come to Iraq to oversee a large shipment of weapons arrive. He was now on his way there. Three Hummers with mounted machine guns were in front of Jack and two supply trucks, while three Hummers were in the back. Jack observed the road as the Hummers drove on. The terrain was rocky on either side of the road. They were driving through a narrow canyon. After ten minutes of driving they broke out into open desert. The men were now more serious because an attack could come from anywhere.
Just then an explosion rocked the ground as the two supply trucks blew up in a ball of fire. Men shouted back and fourth on radios as machine gun fire was heard from out side.
“Sir get your head down now!” one soldier shouted at Jack. Before he could react he was pushed to the floor. The Hummers were already making a ring around the CEO’s Hummer trying to protect him.
“Anyone got a visual!?” someone shouted on the radio. It was so dusty outside that no one could see a thing.
“No, can’t see anything,” was the reply.
“Someone get a visual!” a man shouted. Just then a giant robotic hand reached down and grabbed a Hummer. It then hurled it down at another. They both blew up instantly.
“Oh my God, I got a visual, I see it!” the driver yelled.
“What the heck is it?” Jack asked.
“I-I don’t know sir, it looks like some giant mechanical man!” the driver said in awe. Over the radio there were shouts and loud gun fire was heard outside. The escorts in Jacks Hummer got out and began shooting at the robot. Jack looked over the seat to see his escorts killed by a machine gun. Bullet holes filtered light in through the Hummer as more and more bullets pounded into it. Jack stepped outside and looked around. The whole place was a mess. The trucks were on fire and two Hummers were torn apart. Just then the sun was blocked out as if something had stepped in front of it. In fact something had. It was a giant mechanical robot with huge hands and red eyes. It was at least as tall as the Statue of Liberty and looked to have an arsenal of weapons. A explosion made the robot take a step back. It looked to see its attacker and then fired more bullets down on the helpless marines. Jack was shoved to the ground again as the robot fired in his direction. He looked up to see who had saved him. It was the last surviving marine. The marine was now pulling him back up.
“We need to go right now sir!” he ordered. With out saying a word Jack began to fallow the marine away from the robot. As they ran the marine shot back as a useless sign of defense. The robot just turned and shot a single bullet at the marine it killed him immediately. Jack picked up the dead marines M16 and shot uncontrolled bursts at the oncoming robot. The giant robotic thing centered its red crosshairs on Jack Richards and shot a rocket. The rocket flew through the air and hit on the spot, killing Jack immediately.
By the time air support and back up arrived there was no sign of the robot. The shipment was destroyed and all the marines were dead including Jack. The planes searched the whole Iraqi desert but the robot was never seen again.

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