Millie-The Thinker

June 2, 2008
By Liz Martin, Donald, OR

Millie continued to stare outside, the rain gently falling creating a hush over the cement. Her family was gone on vacation, and she offered to stay behind; Millie hated family vacations. She felt…distant from her family. She was only one that fully understood herself and the true things around her. The sound of thunder snapped her out of her thoughts of the real world around her, and she sighed. Millie didn’t mind being lonely, she just wished that there was just one other person that understood, a person to talk to.

She got from her chair and wandered into the kitchen, getting herself a soda and something to eat and then headed upstairs to her room, the stairs squeaking under her feet. Her room was like a usual room; her white walls covered with articles from magazines and her bed sheets untidy-just like home to Millie, the perfect kingdom to her. Millie sat in her bed, turned on her CD player and grabbed her journal, beginning on the page she left off last night, and her pen taking control.

I just don’t get it…people are so naive about the smallest fragment of things happening in the world today…anything sets people off these days, and to me it’s the least I can care about…

The sound of thunder made Millie stop again. Even though she loved storms, it was just that with herself thinking so negative about things made her think of the real things in life. The real thing about nature, what will happen when I die, will I ever be as truly happy as I think I will be? Millie sighed as she continued to write her thoughts, writing full pages after pages until she stopped after the fifth. She heard a meowing and went to her window, seeing her cat meowing and soaking wet.

Silently with ease, she opened the window to retrieve the mewing cat. Millie grabbed a towel that was on the floor by her bed and wrapped the cat in it, rubbing it lightly and told it to hush. Millie looked into its wide pupils and saw not only was the cat frightened, but knew something.

“Now kitty, what’s on you’re mind? Tell me, kitty,” Millie cooed, trying to coax the cat like how she would do to people to get information out of.

The cat meowed and rubbed up against Millie’s cheek with its head, and purred. Tough mind to crack, Millie thought, taking a hold of the cat more firmly. The cat only continued to stare as the rain was beating against her window, the only sound being heard besides the faint purring.

“Kitty, come on, tell me,” Millie tried. “You know you want to.”

The cat struggled against Millie’s grip, and once free, he padded out of the room and downstairs. Mille sighed, feeling defeated and went back to her journal like before, writing whatever was on her mind.

A storm might be coming…I don’t know, and my family is freaking camping in this weather…they’re all just crazy and begging to get hypothermia or hurt. Especially Todd. He might be 12, but he’s asking to fall out of trees when he climbs them. And my parents who even insist on going out in this kind of weather have some mind problems. They don’t even know that their own daughter has a mind of a pure philosopher and can’t see it though the looking glass. It’s like ‘Alice and Wonderland’, but only in real life I guess. Maybe it’s them. Maybe it’s me, the thinker who know what’s real and what isn’t and what actually existed thousands and thousands of years ago.

The phone ringing distracted Millie this time. She groaned and reached over, and grabbed it with ease and hit the ‘talk’ button.

“Hello?” she said.

“Yes, is this Millie Carver?” the person on the other end asked.

“Um...” Millie didn’t know whether to answer. “Yes? What do you want?”

“I’m with the police department, and I need you to tell me something,” the caller paused. “Did your family go out camping this weekend?”

“Yeah, they left on Friday…why?”

The voice sighed. “I’m afraid there’s been an accident.”

Millie’s heart began to pound. Even though her words in her journal were what she was thinking of about what she felt, she didn’t mean it! She didn’t want her family to die or be in some accident involving them in the hospital! I’m only 15! Millie’s head screamed. I don’t want to deal with loss! I don’t want to deal with this!

“Wh-what happened?” Millie asked, her words catching in her throat.

“There were unstable trees in the area you’re family went camping. Because of the storm the trees were swaying too much and blew over, falling onto the campsite. The trees fell onto the tent, which crushed your family. Your little brother died on impact, but your parents could have survived, but when we got to the scene, it was too late.”

Millie dropped the phone and started to sob. She cured up in a little ball and her body ached, and her voice ringed out in the empty house. Why! Why did this have to happen?! Why did they have to go camping? Why did we even move to this state? I could have had a say in whether they should stay or go, but I had to say I didn’t want to go! I could’ve stopped them! I could’ve done something!

Millie continued to sob and the cat came back, and the phone was still on. The cat jumped up onto the bed and rubbed up against Millie, trying as though to coax her. Millie lay on her side, shaking not as bad anymore, and trying to catch her breath. She eventually turned the phone off because the buzzing was getting annoying to her, and her hands were shaking as she did. After she put the phone back on the holder, she looked at her hands and swore she saw blood on her hands.

Even great thinkers and figures fall, no matter how young or old, no matter how much they know and care.

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