Who's Crazy

June 2, 2008
So they said you’re crazy too? Well they think we all crazy. That’s why they got us in this box, said it sa’pos to clean are min’s. Well at Shady Oaks no one comes out with a cleaner min’. Said I’s crazy cuz I run down the street with a axe. Said I was crazy’r en hell cuz it stormin’ outside.
See there was this family runnin’ to the storm cella, an there was this tree, an I was jus a runnin’ wit my axe. Ol man Jenkins was peekin’ out the do’ an he tol’ them cops to come get my crazy a** ‘fo I kill somebody. I ain’t never wanted to kill nobody an They said I’s crazy. Since when do a axe make a man crazy, Geo’ge Washin’ton had him a axe an no one said he’s crazy? That tree was gonna fall right over the do’ to the cella an those people was gonna get trap in fo the res of time. So runnin’ down the street wit a axe makes ya crazy?
Whachu in fo, them cuts on your arm? Las girl to come in this place to look like you ended up hangin’ from the ceilin’ fan wit her bed sheets. Doc’s said she was suicidal I thin’ she was jus sick of life in the box. You sick too? Not sick like that kook in the corna, mumbelin’ bout not havin’ the lamp, but sick like her? Sick a life in this here box? I know I is.
Try to save a life an they try an en’ yo’s. Callin’ perfi’ly sane ideas crazy. I thin’ they all crazy. Thinkin’ we’s sapos’ta all be the same. Well life ain’t a damn thing like that. An they says I’s a crazy fo’, say I don’t know notin’ bout anythin’ an that’s why they got me up in this box. I say they the ones who crazy. Thinkin’ a man can’t run down the street and save some people life.

Them people like that they aught to be in this box not me. They the one’s tryin’ to hurt people. When they put the machine on ya, to zap your min’ straight, that ain’t nothin’ but tourtcha’. An I see ‘em wit their smiles bigger’en the Mississippi, it don’t bother ‘em a bit to turn wonderful min’s into scramble eggs. Don’t hurt ‘em a bit.

So I say their crazy. Maybe ol’ girl was right, maybe it betta to hang on the fan then to be trapped in here like some animal. Maybe we aught to break out. Maybe we sha’ trap them an put them threw this box.

Why it wouldn’t matta even if we do get out the res the worl’ gonna think we a couple of nut’s. Ain’t worth all that an I sure as hell don’t wanna put anyone else through this. People ain’t meant to be all the same. Life ain’t a damn cookie that can be cut into any shape ya want. It comes as it is deal with it.
So what if I am crazy.

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