Bleeding Kansas Speech

June 2, 2008
By Tara Berglund, Wilmette, IL

I would like to begin by offering my sincere congratulations to Congressman Brooks and those who unanimously reelected him. His actions and the South Carolinians response is exactly what we needed and should be applauded by all. Sumner “richly deserved the chastisement inflicted on him by the Hon. Preston S. Brooks.” These thoughts and actions should be an inspiration to us all.

And in response to the battles in Kansas, I propose that we send our support to the brave men fighting there. In the north, an Immigrant Aid Society has been founded to attempt to further their cause of anti-slavery. We must take a page out of the enemy’s book and respond in kind. We must send our own men and supplies so we have a fair chance at success. If we are to rightfully gain control of Kansas, we must have the strength to take it. Brave yeomen, head to Kansas to support our brethren. Aid them in our struggle to continue this beloved institution. Dedicated plantation owners, send money and supplies to help these worthy men fight for our noble cause. We must insure that our institution is able to flourish. And with your loyal support this is sure to happen!

And to the urban immigrants, you, too, must realize the benefit of slavery in Kansas. For with out it, there is nothing to stop blacks from populating this area. Abolitionists claim they will be able to keep out blacks, but how can we believe them? For with their freedom comes job competition. And if the worst happens and slavery if wrongfully illegalized in Kansas and blacks are somehow managed to be kept out, who do you think will be looked at with the lowest societal status? The native Free-Soilers will scorn you; if slavery does not thrive, you will have no chance at success. It is to everyone’s benefit to fight for the right of slavery in Kansas.

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