He Can Have Her

June 2, 2008
By Hallie Trader, Huntington, WV

This cannot be happening. Not to me, at least. She doesn't even have anything in common with him!
But, here I am. It's Friday night, and I'm alone. I can't remember the last time that happened. In fact, I'm not sure it's ever happened.
From my current position on my bed, I can clearly see my bulletin board. It's purple, and pretty much the funniest montage ever. And then I see the picture.

It's not like I'm surprised that Skye likes Pete. Who wouldn't? It's the fact that he left me for her! I can imagine what their conversations will be like.
He'll ask is she's interested in Indie Rock. Skye won't know what it is. She'll ask if he likes sports, and Pete will say something about 'Corporate America'. Skye still won't know what he's talking about.

Well, anyway, the picture. It's the three of us, back when Skye wasn't dating Pete, and everything was fine. Pete's mom took it, right after our first band concert. Pete's giving me bunny ears, and we all have our tongues out. We had the perfect friendship back then. Now, I want to rip that picture into a million pieces.

My ringing cell phone is what tears me away from my angsty day dreams. The screen reads: NEW TEXT FROM Skye.
Perfect. Just who I want to talk to right now!

None the less, I read the text.
Skye: your ex-boyfriend might as well still be ur boyfriend. he won't stop talking about u.

I swear, I think my heart skipped a few beats. I've always thought that saying was stupid, but no I get it. I'm wearing sweats and an old volley ball jersey, but I grab my phone and jog toward the town's only non-alcoholic hangout. There;s no quetion that's where they are.
It's not very far, about three blocks, but I'm on a mission. So it seems like three-hundred blocks.
College kids stare at me as I whiz by, clad in my pjs and sportin some fabulous wet hair, but I don't care that much. Some frat guy yells, "Run, girl, run!" as I pass.
I'm nearly there now. I can see the club. It's 20 feet away. 15 - 10 - 5 feet now. I push on the door, and it won't open.

"That says pull, Genius." Some one yells.

When I pull, it opens, and I can see Pete, and the back of Skye's head.

Waving, I sit down at their table.

"Cassie! What are you doing? Better question, What are you wearing?" Skye asks, but I can tell it's for show.

"Oh, just hangin out." I answer.

As if on que, which it probably was, our friend, James, comes by and and asks Skye to come say hi to his cousin.
Which leaves Pete and I alone.

"Cas, I'm sorry." He says.

I nod, and wait for the explanation.

"I didn't want to. Cory dared me."

I nearly choke on my own spit. "WHAAAT?!" No! Not possible! "You dumped me for my best friend beacause COREY DARED YOU?" I wouldn't be surprised if there was steam coming out of my ears right now.

And then, I leave. I feel like an idiot. He can have her.

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