Mystery Madison and the Case of the Missing Cookie

Hello my name is Madison, Mystery Madison. I have a bit of a dilemma a pastry dilemma. I’m six years old and the best detective around (my house) but today I had to crack my hardest case yet.

It all started around 7:00 am when I woke up to make my lunch. Now I don’t go to school until 10:00 am, but being a detective I’m set in my ways. My morning routine consists of:
Getting up at 7:00 am sharp
I pack my stuff for school
Then for soccer
I eat oatmeal for breakfast EVERYDAY!!!
Then brush my teeth
Get dressed in my cap and trench coat
(My last years Halloween costume)
Then make sure I’m fully equipped with
Magnifying glass
Detective hand book
Pad of paper and a pencil

You never know what crimes can be conceived on the road. Now on my morning off it was mystery meat Monday now as much as I love mystery this is a mystery that I say count me out on. I’m standing at the ‘fridge putting my P.B. & J away when I realized I didn’t pack myself a desert. So I walk over to our cow shaped cookie jar Mrs. Moo-moo.
I reach my hand in for a triple chocolate chunk cookie and BAM!!! The cookie was GONE. Last nights saved cookie was gone.

Now being a detective that loves her cookies I go into complete panic!!!

“Mom, Mom. The cookie it’s gone, I mean last night before I went to bed, I made sure it was there. One cookie left their happened to be two left and now there GONE!!!”

“Honey, calm down there is…”

“Calm down, calm down, this calls for an investigation. Mystery Madison is on the case!” my curly brown hair was flying behind like a shooting star as I ran at the speed of light up the stairs to get my clip board this calls for interviews.

I ran back down the stairs needed my material in hand. I set it on the table my brown eyes swept the room for my water bottle. Hey, even a detective needs a water brake every once in awhile, especially after running up and down the stairs. Now to set up my interview station and wrote three different names on three different sheets of paper Mom, Dad, and Christy.

Christy’s my big sister she’s 16 but she likes cookies too.

Interviews 7:30

Suspect #1 Mom
“Where were you on the night of June 15, 2007 at approximately 10:00 pm?” I questioned

“Watching the news with your father”

“What channel, 4, 7, 41, or 37?”

“Channel 7”

“What were you eating?”


“Microwave or stove popped?”


“What was Mrs. Moo-moo doing?”

“Watching me make popcorn”
“No further questions.”
“But honey we have…”
“I said no further questions!” I said aggressively “Mommy could you please get Daddy on the phone?”
Mom sighed,”But honey we have…”
“PLEASE” I said a little to sassy and was afraid I’d get the go-to-your-room-face but instead I got a I-give-up-face. She dialed the phone and put it on speaker for me. “thank you,” I said contently.
“Technology Institute of Knowledge. How can I help you” was the pleasant voice on the other end. “Sean Johnson, please.” The pleasant voice replied, “just one second sweetie.” (ring, ring) “Sean Johnson.” “Hi daddy, it’s Madison.” My dad loved hearing my little voice. “Hi, sweetie, what can I do for you today?” Clearing my throat and preparing for my line of questioning… “you see, last night before I went to bed, there were 2 cookies in the cookie jar, and as you can imagine, one of them were for me. As I was getting my lunch ready for today, well, they are both missing and I’m trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.” I could hear him thinking on the other end.
“Well, how can I be of help,” asked my Dad. “Did Miss Moo-Moo say anything to you last night? Did you take a cookie, or maybe two of them?” There was some hesitation, but then, just as I suspected, “You caught me!” I took a cookie. It was delicious.”
I quietly smirked knowing that I had solved another case. “Case closed.. Dad, did you say you took just one cookie? Neglecting to hear that there is still one missing. “Yes, sweetie. I only took one.” My eyes rolled and I corrected my earlier statement, “case opened.”
I was so close to solving this one. There was only one other suspect, Christy. To her room I went. Knock, knock, knock on the door. A small crack in the door appeared and then there was that eye peeking out. “Boo!” Christy squeaked. “Christy!” I gasped. “I’m here on official business and not for a fun game of “boo.” I’m sorry Madison, I didn’t realize. How can I help the best detective that ever lived?” Another deep breath and my usual line of questioning began. “Apology accepted. I have a few questions about a certain cookie that was supposed to be mine.” I was looking for answers before she replied. She looked at me and said; “do you have any identification?” This was Christy’s way of stalling for time to come up with an answer. “As a matter of fact, I do. And, you know I do.” I pulled out my card and read it to her with no mistakes.
“Madison Johnson, Ma’am. DOB, which stands for date of birth, which is October 8, 2001. Height; 3ft 6 inches. Weight; 63 pounds. Hair color; brown. Eyes; blue. Most importantly my Agent ID# 2 5 7 0 9 3 6.”
“Okay, okay… ask away Ms. Secret Agent.” I never knew if she was kidding or being serious when she said that to me. “Where you were last night somewhere around the time of 10:00pm?” She thought for a minute and then responded, “I was on-line, where I usually am and 10pm on any given night.” She had me there. “Is it possible that you took a small, little break and helped yourself to the last cookie out of the cookie jar without Mom’s permission?” “Yeah. Are you going to tell Mom on me?” Sarcastically, I said; “no, are you kidding? Us sisters have to stick together.” I left the room, having solved the mystery. “There are no further questions.”
Not being able to reach my mother quick enough to share the news, I tripped over my own shoe yelling “Mom, Mom… Christy took a cookie last night. Mom, Mom” as I rushed down the stairs and out of breath. I stood before my mom telling the story and finally I said; “another case closed. Time; 9:30am.
“Honey, I know. All morning I’ve been trying to tell you I have more cookies.” I felt like I had just been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. “Oh.” I said.
So, to wrap up this case, I got 2 cookies instead of one that day, probably for being such a great detective. The lesson learned; Always listen to your mother (at least let her speak).
I will always be the best detective, but I think I need to put together a really good plan of action. Until next time; This is Mystery Madison saying that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Madison out!

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FOFOFO said...
Oct. 5, 2010 at 7:39 am
I LOVE THIS, you are my bffl
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