Change of Heart

June 1, 2008
By Shannon Argo, Hooksett, NH

I woke up with a pounding headache. Where am I? I look at my surroundings; why does this look so much like a jail cell? Than I remembered last night at the party. Of course I got drunk and wandered off, that’s what I do at every party. But for some reason at this one I thought it would be cool to wander into traffic on the highway. Not smart. Then of course the cops came and here I am.
“Clarissa Gooding?” a voice asked.
“Yeah” I mumbled

The lights flashed on and there stood Officer Scott Brading.
“Hello Officer Brading” I said
“Clarissa what a surprise seeing you here” he said not sounding surprised at all. “So you got drunk again, but you added a spin on it. Instead of just walking around the neighborhood you walk straight into traffic.”
“Yupp” I said smiling.
“It’s not funny it’s very serious you could’ve gotten yourself killed or someone else!’
“Well in case you haven’t noticed I don’t really care.”
“Well than I guess you won’t mind spending one more night in jail than” he said angrily
“What! My parents aren’t coming,” I shouted.
“No, they thought it would do you some good by staying here.” He said and walked away.

A couple hours passed and I was almost asleep when I heard the footsteps. I sat up to see Tony the night guard walking down the hall.
“Hey Tony, long time no see”
“Yeah I guess”
“What’s up you look kinda depressed.”
“I’m just having a tough time.”
“Why?” I said trying to sound interested.
“My son Jasper recently passed away”
“Oh I’m so sorry Tony I had no idea was he your oldest?”
“No, my youngest only five years old.”
“Do you mind me asking how?”
“Drunk Driver”
I was shocked Tony’s son was killed by a drunk driver. I always drive drunk. That could’ve happened to me. I don’t know what I would do if I hit a person.
“Clarissa, I want you to stop drinking. This could easily happen.” Tony said as if he read my mind. I didn’t say anything.
“Clarissa you could ruin your life and others by driving drunk. Don’t make other people suffer for your mistake.”
After he said that it finally hit me. Me doing stupid things effects people all around me. I don’t want that I thought.
“Will do that for me Riss?”
I nodded “Yeah I’ll do it for you and everyone else in the world.
“I appreciate it.” He said and walked away

Officer Brading came to get me the next morning.
“So you still going to get drunk every night?”
He looked shocked. This made me happy I wanted to put that expression on everybody’s face so they would see that Clarissa Gooding is a changed girl.

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