Asia Susan Daylight.

June 13, 2012
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‘‘I’m Maria Jackson reporting from landslow in okalia. Today we see that a major incident has occurred, a large amount of cattle have died. Scientists say that theses deaths may be connected to those that happened earlier and that they are mostly caused by the severe heat of the earth which although we as humans can bear is not bearable for animals. Mr. Leed can you please explain to us what has occurred?’ said the eager reporter from news 24. ‘‘As we can see these animals have been dying out and not in small quantities but in millions, if this goes on we humans would not be able to survive as we need theses creatures to survive even if we diet on vegetables. we think that the heat is the major cause but we will keep on doing research to find a solution lets hope theses deaths will pause till then.’’ Replied the disappointed scientist. ‘‘That’s all we have, until next time. I’m Maria Jackson bringing you news 24.’’ Said the reporter finishing off the news. ‘‘That’s enough Joey, lets go before we die of heat too!’ ordered the impatient reporter. From the other end of the okalia in a small cottage there was a young girl watching the news and she had heard everything the reporter and scientist had said. The small child was about thirteen years old and she was terribly disappointed at the incident so she took the phone book and started to look up the name leed. She found it and she dialed the number and she said ‘‘hello, is this Mr.leed the scientist? My name is Asia .Asia Susan daylight and I think I have a good solution for what is happening.’’

‘‘Tell me child, anyway at this point anyone’s ideas is important.’ replied Mr.leed. ‘‘It’s this. I think that if we plant trees; create a gas which cools down the heat, we can also build things which are gas free. But first we need to talk to the president. Do you agree?’’ Asked Asia. ‘‘Yes, I do.’’ Replied the scientist. Afterwards Asia and Mr.leed went to meet the president but were told that he was in a meeting Mr.leed convinced the guard that they must go in and that the president wouldn’t be offended so they were allowed to go in. Once inside the meeting room Asia and Mr.leed found themselves being led to another room in which all the legal decisions were taking place. There they saw the president seated at a big chair near a very large table just like all the other scientists, reporters, mps, and important decision makers of the society. Mr.leed had not been invited despite him being one of the most talented scientists. This made him a little annoyed but he focused on what he came for. ‘‘Leed, May I say what a surprise this is seeing you here. Tell me what brings you to this meeting I don’t think you were invited; it was a mistake we were very disappointed at not seeing you and then one of my secretaries said you weren’t invited. But here you are and I am very pleased.’ said the president gleaming with joy like a child who has found his lost parents. “Mr. President, this young girl, Asia Susan Daylight and I have found a possible solution to this heat problem, she has tried to explain about this to you once but wasn’t much noticed. Please, let us do everything necessary.’’ Replied the scientist. The president refused to trust a scientist and a 13 year old girl and take such a risk but after much explanation he agreed.

Soon everyone was planting trees and doing everything possible to help the scientists.

FOUR YEARS LATER.............

I’m Maria Jackson reporting to you from Okalia; it’s been four years since we started to work against this heat but nothing has changed the heat is still increasing. Oh, Mr. Leed can you please tell us what is happening? What are you planning to do? Do we have any hope?’ questioned the desperate reporter who was sweating because of the heat and she felt as if the heat was draining out all the moisture in her body and trying to evaporate her blood also. “Maria, I would like to tell my fellow beings this serious situation. My brothers and sisters do not loose hope but we scientist do not think that we can do anything to stop this heat but we are still trying to save our mother earth. So live the rest of your life in peace and please the lord for he is the only one we can keep hopes on now.’ answered the disappointed scientist to the microphone he was holding and to the camera kept on a high desk as the cameraman and Maria had been taken to hospital because the heat had made an serious effect on them. People all around the country had been watching the news and were very terrified and had lost all hope and started praying to the lord. The scientist tried everything they could but failed so let go of trying and went home to leave their last hours with their families. Maria and the cameraman had died while in the hospital and so did many other people who were there witnessing the incident.

ONE YEAR LATER.................

The last source of food died out and very last drop of water that was left out evaporated into the air, millions of people died and there on her front porch sat Asia, her parents, Mr. Leed and the president.
They all sat in silence watching the world die and awaiting their turn. Suddenly the president drew in his last breath and said “Asia, my child now I understand that I should of listened to you when you told me that the world would be destroyed if I didn’t do something .I’m sorry and I hope that you will forgive me and that we meet again in heaven. Farewell mother earth and all my people, I’m sorry I really aaaaaaaaaammmmmm.’’ Those were his last words and he dropped his head on Asia’s lap and died. All the others followed him as they said their prayers and fell onto Asia’s lap dead just like him. At last the whole world had died all except Asia and she said “dear mother earth I tried to warn them about this disaster but they didn’t listen and now you and I are both suffering .I apologize for what happened to you because of us. In a little time I will die and a minute after then you will die too, for without us there is no you and without you there is no us. Just as Asia said she died after 3 minutes and the world silenced and went into a deep sleep a minute afterwards. For as she said there is no mother earth without us and no us without mother earth so we should learn to protect it and take
care of it.

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saumyadeepa said...
Jun. 23, 2012 at 2:35 am

Thank you so much for publishing my story.

Read this,write comments and rate my story


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