NYC marathon

May 29, 2008
By stefan rankin, Beaverton, OR

The warming sun slowly dissolves behind the towering sky scrappers of New York. Far below the rising moon, the neon lights shine brightly on anything that wanders by sometimes reflecting to get his attention. Just like every other time he has been to this jungle, the light never seems to go out or even dim. Even though the smog below covers up the fine details of the ants racing by he can still make out most of what is down there. He slowly gets bored with the busy city and looks out across the horizon to see the jagged contours of the landscape. He has been here many times before wondering to himself if he should have ever come back to this place. He merely shrugs this thought off because he knows that he must continue on with what he has come here for. He sluggishly makes his way to his bed but is soon hit with a large wall of heat. He quickly makes the hard decision of turning down the heat. He slides his five year old slippers against the soft, recently vacuumed carpet in his three bed room suite. He reduces the room temperature to a comfortable setting, one that would make his thrifty mother proud. He now makes his way back to his first destination, sleep. He knows that when he gets into bed he will surely sleep, although it is still early in the night he doesn’t mind going to sleep. As he lay in bed, he thinks deeply and very intensely about the next morning coming up. He knows that he must run the furthest and hardest he has ever ran before. When he fades into sleep he visualizes what he wants to accomplish the next day. Through out the whole night he uncomfortably tosses and turns in his bed thinking about the next morning. He wakes a few times to get a mouthful of water or to use the restroom. Early in the morning, the alarm clock screams talk radio at hi so he groggily smashes it until it eventually snoozes. After a few more times of smashing the alarm he decides to get up. He knows that today is the day to prove himself to the world and that he must do well or else he will go home and his one true dream will be gone forever. He puts on his running suit and jogs down the hallway to catch the heavy packed waiting elevator. When he reaches the elevator after his short jog, he gets a strong smell of cologne and some musk. He made himself hold his breathe all the way to the ground floor incase the person wearing all of the cologne was still on it. The first thing that he noticed in the lobby was that it was much bigger than he remembered from the night before. He looked up to see a 20 foot high vaulted ceiling with large marble columns strategically placed around the lobby to support the high rise above. He makes his way over to the continental breakfast but resists the cup of coffee before he starts the NYC marathon. On this eighth attempt, he is more determined than ever to complete the race. He quickly runs out of the marbled lobby and down the street with the longing of a good cup of java.

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