May 29, 2008
By Madina ghafar, Discovery Bay, CA

I had just gotten back from a long day at work. When I heard this loud bang from my brother’s room. At first I assumed that he was playing video games. But then I heard a loud scream and kicking on the door. I ran up the stairs as fast as could to see what had happened. As I reached to open Mikey’s room door; it was locked! I quickly went to go get the key for his room and unlocked the door. There was no one there; I immediately dialed 911.

Suddenly I felt woozy everything went blank! I woke up in the ambulance truck; there was this nice nurse in there with me. She whispered to me, “Everything is going to be ok Angie we are almost at the hospital.”

I replied nervously, “Is my brother Mikey going to be ok?”

She replied, “Hunny take it easy I think it is just a little early to discuss that with you.”
Her voice became very faint and I fell back in to a deep sleep, I had barely woken up when somebody was calling my name, “Angie! Angie! Angie!”
I woke up frightened I was finally at the hospital.
I screamed, “Where is Mikey! I want to see Mikey! Before I could get an answer my mother broke down into tears. Finally she pulled it together to say, “ Mikey came home when he was supposed to be at the Robinson’s house but he never went. The police said he was most likely kidnapped from his room. They think they know who kidnapped him and where they are headed.”

I broke down in tears and all I could think was why Mikey? Why not me? Why not some other person? My parents finally could take me home all I wanted was to go home and get some sleep! But I didn’t think that would happen until Mikey was back home.

The cops called early the next morning; my mother picked up the phone saying, “Hello Officer Joe how is the case going?”
There was a long pause then he replied, “Umm ma’m I’m sorry but Mikey isn’t going to make it home. We found his body earlier this morning.” I heard what I should not have heard. My mother and I sat there and thought we did not talk but we just sat there and talked. I is a day I will never forget and that will never be forgotten R.I.P Mikey your soul still lives on with us.

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