Magic Mountain

May 29, 2008
My trip to Los Angeles was one of the best trips I have ever had. We went to Magic Mountain for the first time. We also went on a cruise ship to Mexico, which was very fun.
It started off when we were at the dinner table during august and my dad brought up October break. We usually go somewhere for October break, like go to Lake Tahoe. My dad was talking about a cruise ship.
“We could go to Magic Mountain on the way there too,” My mom explained happily.

“Don’t we pass right next to it on the way, too? Right?” I said

“Yes,” My dad said.
My sister and I were like “yeah, yeah let’s go,” we were very excited to be able to go on a cruise ship. About a month later we left for LA. It was a boring car ride as usual, its not very fun going five hours in a straight line. We made it fun by playing the ABC game, where you look for the letter on the road and keep going up from there. I slept most of the way. So we got there at about five o’clock. We stayed at this nice hotel right next to the park. It was interesting because they had a T.V. series being filmed there, so we were watching that for a while.
The next day we went to the park. The parking lot was huge because this park gets a lot of people a day. They had this can deal were you would take Pepsi cans in and get half off tickets. So we bought a six pack of Pepsi for our family. We then got into the park. It was what we didn’t expect, there was absolutely no one there, well at least barely any people. We could walk onto any ride there was there. At Magic Mountain they have really big rides. Their biggest ride was the Goliath, it was like three-hundred feet tall. I thought it was awesome and fun. One of the fun and kind of scary was the chain lift hill, the chain lift hill is the thing that pulls you up the hill. Anyways at the very top of the hill it would just barley make it over, so it would seem like you are stuck. But you would be just gradually making your way over the top. It scared me being that high for that long. Another thing that was scary was the restrain, the restrain is the bar that keeps you in the seat. You would think that it would be the one where you pull the restrain over your head and into your lap. Not this one, this one was a lap belt, on the biggest roller coaster I‘ve ever seen there is a lap belt that you can’t even hold onto. The ride Goliath was overall a great ride.
There were a lot of other fun rides, but only one that really stuck in my head. It was called the X, its slogan was Xperience The Xtreme. We went on this ride at the end of the day.
My mom said “I think I will sit this one out.” My mom had just been diagnosed with breast cancer so it was hard for her to do all this.
So we said “Okay,” So this ride was not an ordinary ride. It was a crazy unusual ride. It looks like a dangling feet or a suspended roller coaster. What you would do is go up on the lift hill and go straight down. But the trains would swing with gravity, so you would be going straight and be flipping at the same time. So that day was a fun day.
My mom said “I really feel like I should have gone on that ride.”
“Oh well” my dad said.
“Can we take one last look at that ride” my mom said as we were leaving
“Sure,” my dad said. We probably waited for ten minutes watching the roller coaster go over and over again. That night we went to my cousin’s house at UCLA and spent a night at his house.
“Were are we staying tonight?” I asked.
“Long Beach,” My dad said.
“Is our hotel nice?” I asked
“Yes,” He told me. He was right it was very nice.
“We have four days to stay in long beach,” My dad told me. The next day we went to the beach. There was a boat show going on, it was mostly sail boats and yachts. In the day we rented one of those four person bikes, it was more like a golf cart but manual. At night we went to this Greek restaurant that had shows every twenty minutes. We spent another day on the beach. I went swimming and bogey boarding it was fun. Then we went to a arcade that was huge it was fun because I won this inflatable hammer that would squeak every time you squeeze it got annoying. Then the next day we went on the cruise ship, and we were going on what was to be the best trip ever.

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