The Perfect Love

May 29, 2008
By Kristian Cantens, Doral, FL

Dr. Adams spent countless rigorous hours working on her. Day and night he labored, adjusting little things here and there, everything had to be perfect; it was, after all, his most significant work up to date. Adams was highly acclaimed in the scientific community, having already won a Nobel Prize on his study of robotics, more specifically, the study emotions in robots. He was living his dream. He had the popularity, the wealth, the success, he had everything anyone could imagine, everything but love. He was never really deft when it came to women. They all just seemed to avoid and shun him, as he would often put it. Even with the overwhelming majority of women his field, he never really seemed able to connect with any of them. Of course, that was the past. Adams was planning to create a robotic woman to be his wife. This had been tried before, along with robotic house maids, caretakers and farmers, but they all lacked something essential, something Adam’s creation wouldn’t; emotion.

Adams’s plan was to combine the perfection of robots with the emotion and personality humans possessed, all being flawlessly structured to his own liking. It was a big risk he took but the thought of remaining lonely the rest of his life chilled his very soul.

This is so exiting! He thought to himself, not only will this completely revolutionize technology as we know it, I will finally attain my true love, a love designed especially for me. What a relief that is. Without hesitating he quickly inserted the last bit of hard drive into her metallic cranium. He then stood back and gazed at his creation, shuddering with anticipation. Something’s missing, he thought to himself after a while. He stood staring analytically at his creation that shined with perfection when a sudden realization came to him. She hardly looked human! He then circled the lab in frustration, furious that he hadn’t thought about it before. How could he love a woman who doesn’t even resemble a human in any way? He then irately sat in his work chair, furrowing his brows in deep thought… Of course! he thought after a while, I could use my own flesh, rearrange the DNA to my liking and have it grow over her metal body!
It was an insane idea, he knew. But motivation and the desire for love drove him to overcome such complicated obstacles that the idea provided him with. It also wasn’t a swift thing to accomplish, for this scientist would only settle for perfection when it came to his beloved wife. Eventually, when the skin, hair, teeth etc. were created and molded perfectly using Adams own flesh, the time came when he composed himself to bring his true love to life.
He knew her well by now, as he had created her memories, personality and all those things that made her human, himself. But even knowing all this he felt an overwhelming nervousness knowing he was finally about to meet his true love, someone who would actually understand him and love him for who he was. Some one who would attend to his every need without say and dedicate herself entirely to him. Oh and how beautiful she was. The resemblance to the scientist was there, but with the great skill of his hand and his vivid imagination he worked marvels on the woman.
It was time. He slowly went over to his work table were the activation switch was placed. He took a few minutes meditating about what to say once she awoke. The activation switch began to tremble under his hands and he decided to finish the act. Silence filled the room afterwards, as time painfully passed by for the professor. Finally, with a jot of excitement, Adams began hear a series of barely audible beeping noises, as if announcing her arrival into this world. She slowly leaned up from the table and when she saw Adams staring intently she said: “William sweetheart, what am I doing on this awfully cold table?” looking a bit dizzy and lost.
“Oh, let me get you down from there, Amanda.” He said unusually confident. He carefully carried her down for she looked fragile even though she was made of solid metal.
What now? he said to himself, not knowing what to say. Her deep innocent blue eyes stared into his as a small smile of anticipation touched her lips.
“Where do you want to go for our honeymoon?” Amanda eventually said
That’s right! The honeymoon! I almost forgot I programmed her.
“Right! Let’s go up stairs and I’ll tell you while you make me something to eat, I’m hungry.”
She kept silent and eagerly followed him up.

A week later
I think Paris is beautiful she said, of course, Adams already knew that. They walked down the crowded pavement, filled with elegant restaurants that all had chairs set up outside. They eventually settled on one that had direct view to the Eiffel tower; it was a magnificent site.
“Welcome!” a flamboyant young waiter rushed up to them, eyes constantly floating off to Amanda
“What can I get you two?” he said with a strong accent.
“The ravioli” Adams said after glancing at the menu
“I’ll have the eggplant” Amanda said in a soft tone
“But you don’t like eggplant” William blurted out, confused

She then stared pensively back at the menu.
“My love, why don’t you just get the ravioli, it looks real good.”
“I guess so” she then said as if convincing herself
That was odd, Adams thought for a second before ignoring the whole thing. He then noticed Amanda deep in thought and the same suspicions arose she’s not supposed to be too much of a thinker.
“Is there something wrong?” he asked curiously
“I was thinking…”
“What were you thinking about” he said kindly, knowing she had to obey him
“…about… our marriage” she said obviously uncomfortable
“Our marriage is spectacular, don’t you agree?” he said smiling
“ah…yes, of course-”
“Ah! Here’s the food! See, I told you the ravioli looked amazing.” He said optimistically
“Cheers, to our marriage” he continued
But she remained silent.
She’s becoming too dangerous, Adams then thought to himself.

“Finally home” William said letting go of all the bags “great trip, wouldn’t you say?”
“Yeah! It was fantastic” she said, attempting to sound excited

She then went on to unpack all the bags and organize the house, all the time thinking to herself. When she was done she sat beside her husband to watch television with him as she usually did.
After a while, Adams stealthily slid an arm over her shoulders as if an act of intimacy but Amanda knew better. There was an undetectable emergency shut off button behind her neck that could only be activated with a fingerprint. He quickly pressed it and extended the other arm as if to catch her when she fell unconscious. She didn’t, in fact she now felt completely liberated as if something had finally snapped in her brain changing the way it worked, like a bird flying from its broken cage.
“You can’t shut me off” she said with a smile, as she turned her head toward him
William cowered back a little in fear and confusion, thinking she was now going to attack him, having superior strength and all, but she just stood up from the couch and began to walk towards the door.

Adams, regaining courage and a sense of authority began to follow her shouting: “Hey! You come back here right now.”
“No” she calmly responded
“I created you! I own you!”
She closed the door on his face.

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