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Two Sisters

Chapter One

“Jamie we’re going to be late!”

“Emma, just give me a minute.”

“Ok one minute starting…now! 60…59…58…57…”

Emma and Jamie are going to their parent’s house for the first time in 10 years and Emma is freaking out.

“Jamie, we’re going to get to Mom and Dad’s at the time they are supposed to leaving, if you don’t hurry up.”

“Emma just chill out…jeezzzz.”

“I know, I know, but I’m really nervous.”

“I know, but you’re the one that let me sleep in, so deep down, I think that you really want to be late.”

“Jamie I know that you are a psychology major but stop “shrinking” me and get ready!”

“Fine, but if you want to talk, you know where I am.”

“Ok, but please just get ready!”

“Ok I will get ready… after we talk about it.”

“Really? You really want to talk about it?”


“And you won’t bug me anymore after we talk?”





Jamie went to the refrigerator and grabbed a soda, sat down on the couch and looked at Emma with a blank expression, but ready to listen.

“I’ll tell you, once you get in the stupid car!”

“Aww man…”

Jamie put the soda back in the refrigerator and went upstairs to take a shower. She came back down 20 minutes late, and said she was ready to go.

“Oh, no way are you ready to go!”

“Why not?”

“Because you are wearing a mini skirt and a shirt that is showing your belly button.”

“Ok, MOM!”

“Good girl, now go upstairs and change!”


Jamie went upstairs and came back down wearing the exact same thing.

“Jamie, I don’t see any difference.”

“There is a difference, I’m wearing a belly button ring now.”

“I don’t know you.”

Jamie and Emma got in the car and drove to their parents’ house very slowly.
Chapter Two

“You drive like Grandma!”

“Grandma died 5 years ago, you dorkwad.”

“Exactly my point!”

Jamie and Emma sat there in silence for a while then Jamie talked.

“Emma please let me drive.”

“Name one good reason to let you drive, because I can’t think of any.”

“We’re going to be even later.”

“Let me pull over right up here.”

As Jamie pulled off the side of the road to finish the trip her phone rang. Emma picked it up.

“Uh, hello? Jamie?” said the deep voice.

“Ya, what’s up?”

“Are we still up for our date tonight?”

“Depends, where are we going?”

“Bowling, like usual.”

“Ok, what time are you going to pick me up?”

“How does 7:30 sound?”



“Okay, Bye.”


The guy with the deep voice hung up and so did Emma.

“Jamie’s got a boyfriend, Jamie’s got a boyfriend!”

“No way that was him on my phone.”

“Yup and now you have a date with him at 7:30 and you are going bowling.”

“Emma, why didn’t you let me talk to him?”

“I didn’t fell like it, besides, wouldn’t you have done the same thing?”

Jamie stares at the road not saying a word and there is complete silence for a whole 2 minutes. Emma turned to talk to Jamie.

“Jamie, why don’t you ever talk to me? I mean aren’t you supposed to talk to your sister?”

“Because I always know what you are going to say about everything.”

“No you don’t.” they say in unison “That’s not fair, hey, stop that.”

“See Emma you are so predictable.”

“Whatever, talk a left turn up here.”

“Ok, hey, Emma, how do you know how to get to Mom and Dad’s?”

“I looked them up once and stood outside their house for 3 hours waiting for them to come outside one day when you were in school.”

“You actually mean the great Emma Torres skipped school.”

“It was only one day. Ok now you had your question, let me ask mine.”

“So now we’re playing 20 questions?”


“Can I not answer if I don’t want to?”


“Oh well, ask me anyway.”

“What is the dude’s name?”


“Nope you have to tell me.”

“Fine, his name is Noneya.”

“Noneya, as in none of your business. Seriously, Jamie you can’t do any better than that?”

“I could but I think we’re here.”


Chapter Three

Jamie and Emma got out of the car and slowly walked up the long staircase that lead to the huge house.

“Hey, Jamie, how about you ring the bell?”

“Hey, Emma, how ‘bout you ring the bell, besides, you’re older.”


As Emma moved to ring the bell, the door opened and there were Bob and Shirley.

“Hey Mom and Dad.” said Jamie.

“Who are you?” Shirley asks.

“Seriously, you don’t know who we are?” asked Emma.

“No, who?” said Shirley.

“Your daughters!” Says Emma, very agitated. “But it’s no big deal, we can leave.”

Emma turned around and walked away. Jamie waved goodbye to her parents and got in the car with Emma.

“Hey, Emma. Are you ok?”


Emma started the car and started home.

“So what’s his name?”

“Come on, Emma, not that again.”

“Yes, that again. Now what’s his name?”

“Fine, his name is Rolly.”

“Sounds like a “standup” guy.” Emma said sarcastically.

Jamie and Emma rode in silence the rest of the way home.

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