My Grades

May 29, 2008
By Danielle Lorusso, Brentwood, CA

As I stomped up the stairs after having to hear my mom scream in my face about my grades I quickly ran to my room in tears slamming the door behind me and throwing myself onto my bed yelling franticly into my pillow! About an hour had passed and I had finally cooled down, so as I quietly walked down the stairs to see what my mother was doing, I started saying things to myself in my head and daydreaming to the wall. So as my sticky feet walked on the tile, in our entry way my mother quickly turned off the T.V and just sat there slightly turning her head to see what I was doing. As I turned to the kitchen I saw the stove running so I looked in it to see what it was, and as I looked over my shoulder I saw my mom standing against the counter tapping her fingernails against the granite , so finally I turned around, and she looked at me with a hatful grin and just walked away, I tried to get her attention but she just ignored me, so then I just told myself to give her some space to cool down and not be so angry. So sadly I walked up the stairs into my room very, very slowly hoping that my name would soon be called in a delightfully promising type of toneā€¦but a few seconds had have passed and still no call, no holler, and no answer. So then I just sat on my bed wondering is she would ever just cool down and not be mad at me for the rest of the day, but of Corse that was just my hope dreaming in my sad little thoughts because turns out my mother was still very, very disappointed in me and my grades and never ever cooled down after that little argument that we had on my grades!

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DLorusso said...
on Aug. 7 2008 at 10:36 pm
i love it its one of my favorites...hahah BECUZ I WROTE IT!!


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