Powerless beginning

May 29, 2008


The light danced across the worn maple desk as President Michael looked out his office window; which overlooked the front lawn and held the distant glimmer of the old sand stones that made up the Washington Monument. His eyes darted to and from the outside world as he studied his favorite view from the White House; then the peaceful moment was ruined by another wave of anticipation that bubbled up from his gut and spilled through his veins. The impending event that was about to take place drew closer to it’s awaking with each passing minute. The mechanical echo of the chair groaning under it’s master weight could be heard, as he swiveled around in the chair to face the now empty shell of the oval office. Everyone had been shooed outside to set up for the press conference only a few lingering minutes before. The chair let out another depressing cry from the Presidents weight as he slid out of the chair to begin his journey to exit through the office door. Before he got very far though he realized he was standing on the presidential crest which contained the nation symbolic bald eagle. His mind became lost in thought once again as he began to ponder the symbols meaning to him. So many citizens had told him once that to them it meant the freedom to speak out about what was wrong with there government, and to be free citizens in a country they loved. Hah, these were the answers of people who hadn’t really looked at the country. How many people where there in the world who were afraid to say what they thought, because of what they were afraid of how other people would view them. The symbol differently meant more to him; it meant that in order to soar higher you had to take a leap of faith, and hopefully make it a little father then were you had started from. That also in order to make a difference sometimes you made other people angry with your ideas.
Then he gazed around at the walls of the office, all the pictures stared back at him with there timeless stern looks, remembering all his history lessons from childhood he wondered if he was making a terrible deed today or a truly good one. The words twisted in his mind as he grew deeper in thought, but he slowly pulled himself back to the room and the present, away from his past Only time would show if his work would be something good, or just another wrong committed by the government, either way it was happening shortly.
To win the game of politics and he remembered his fist term were he had to became a neutral leader, and take a chance. In the end though all had paid off as the game moved forward and allowed him to be elected a second time. Now he knew was the time to really play the game; when all the pieces where in place he would make his move during the beginning of his second term, or he would never accomplish what he had wanted since boyhood.
With these thoughts the memories of his youth took him in their grips once more. Fishing with his father on the crystal clear lake in Colorado, learning to bike by falling off every time he tried to peddle, even once laughing so hard milk spilled from his nose and got the dog wet, and of course his happiest memory when he first kissed his sweetheart; he gave a little chuckle at remembering the milk memory. These were only lingering memories though from before he turned sixteen and than his world was twisted upside down, and hung out to dry on the clothes line. His gaze strayed back to his favorite window, where tourists gazed up at the attraction, trying to sneak that inch closer shot with there cameras. He pondered what his life would be like if it’s course had been that simple, a life were he wouldn’t have to worry about his nations hidden problems; how many people actually suffered because they were so closed minded.
Once again his tore his thoughts back to reality, and from the window. His hard shoaled shoes slowly glided over to the mirror beside him, on the wall, he gave himself a quick check. His little thirteen year old daughter would be proud, she had picked out his clothes for the occasion, his navy blue suit had only one small wrinkle, and his tie only needed a little adjusting. He remembered how his wife Lulu always laughed at Winn for trying to find that perfect outfit that was just right for the special occasion. These thoughts made him smile, then he remembered his other child. His son Cod who was Winn’s older brother; time was counting down for him as came closer to his fifteenth birthday this year. Taylor Michael smoothed his salt and pepper hair into a printable look. No, he thought this was not going to be a speech made for vain, this speech would one day help to change lives. This speech is what he had worked up to his whole life to accomplish. This is what it meant to be a President of the United States of America, it meant making tough decisions for the greater good hopefully. He chased these thoughts away again, as the words his daughter Winn had told him filled his head, for a middle age man he really did have a lot of worry lines, he laughed at the remark is daughter had made only this morning. He stretched his arms up on an impulse trying to send away his nerviness; life certainly took unexpected twists he thought.
“Its time to make your way to the conference room, everything is set up for you.” said a intern in his early twenties, wearing wrinkled Dockers and a blue button up shirt. His own body language and facial expression gave away the nerviness that came with inexperience.
President Michael Taylor gave a dismissive shake of his hand, so the intern could scurry back to the conference room. The President pulled himself into a more formal posture and raised his head back like he was taught in military school. Then he slowly made his way toward the door with one foot in front of the other just like the military had pounded into every new recruits head. His fingers extended toward the gold doorknob on the old wooden door, the anticipation hit him with that one touch. So many other people had felt the same he reassured himself , that what he was feeling happened all through history. This gave him a chuckle so much for all the presidents having confidence in their decisions. This made him glance at the hanging pictures on the wall once again.
“Well her I go,” he said to no one in particular, but the echo of words comforted him none the less.
As he pulled the door shut behind him, he caught sight of the workers swarming every where like bees, and his secret service agents take there positions beside him. He slowly made his way down to the escalator, that was his son idea, and entered another carbon copy brown door. Hundreds of eyes drilled into him, as he stepped toward the podium and nearer to his fast approaching future. Camera’s blinded him as the media frenzy took shots of his no expression face. Then he came to stand behind the millions of microphones that wear forced into his face. The President took a deep breath to begin the speech that would defiantly change the future that would turn the awaiting world upside down for at least a hundred years. Michael was never aware of this though, as he placed his reading glasses on, or that he would utter a phrase that through the future would be quoted for a least a thousand years. He exhaled out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding in, and began to recite his opening line that would have everyone re-listening to his speech out of disbelievement, and would play over and over again on news stations for up coming weeks. The words he had practiced over and over in his head, left his mouth with hardly any effort.
“Every great accomplishment starts out with beginning ….”

Chapter 1-Saden’s escape

Solar powered street lambs cast their glow through the gloomy street, with little effort a boy slunk between the self occupied nightly travelers. No one paid attention to the almost grown boy, but he still avoided eye contact with the variety of people passing him along the street. Growing up in California had if nothing else accustomed him to the differences in people, some looked all to common their powers hiding on the inside showing themselves only when needed. Other people’s abilities flaunted themselves, people like the women in a black dinner dress who briskly walked past Saden, one minute with flame red hair, then with a quick glance back her hair was the shade of the night sky.
Just as expected the nightly partiers of L.A. worked well into Saden’s plan, it kept him mixed in with the crowd of unsuspecting people that separated into there own groups, sticking together like clumps of flies on the back of a dead skunk, Saden moved from group to group letting all the attention be directed at the flamboyant leaders. So far all was going according to plan, no one had recognized Saden or pointed to him like normally happened, weeks of preparation had gone into figuring out this expected loose end. With a quick check of the surroundings he turned the corner and reviewed the plan once more in his head. The first part of the plan had already been completed, when his parents left the mansion for the annual governors dinner. After tripping up the security camera’s inside the mansion, he preceded to sneak out of the house he made it past the security in front of the mansion, then all that had been left was climbing over the old twentieth century stone wall. After a thirty minute trek through a golf course the city was the only thing between Saden and his yacht down by the wharf. The yacht was stocked with food, and had preset coordinates to the escape route.
Saden had been sailing with his family since he was three, then on his twelfth birthday he received is own boat the Hoping Star. If anything could bring the ambitious seventeen year old to his destination it was going to be the boat that he had grown up with. There were downsides to the plan though, even if traveling by his personal boat there was still the dilemma of the harbor watchers tracking the boats unscheduled departure. Then with his family being part of high society, the media would come up with some story that he was partying out on the high sea.
Being known in society wasn’t so bad though, Saden had taken care of the watcher problem quickly with some of his connections he had made sneaking away from charity functions. By calling in a favor from his friend Kiele, who had developed his own powers at the age of fourteen, disabling the control rooms tracker would be no overwhelming issue. Leaving Saden to handle the timing allowing twenty extra minutes to arrive at the boat and get everything setup for its launching. If he arrived late though the escape would go noticed, maybe even drawling security to inspect the situation. Feelings of uneasiness overtook him again at thought of security drones inspecting the scene. Saden’s worry soon turned to regret though as he passed another block closing in on his final destination.
Within the past few months Saden world had turned upside down. Forcing the decision of sailing towards, what the old maps in the historical society archives called Hawaii. As far a the information went it had disappeared off the map sometime after the power cause had begun. The looming hauls of the powerful well maintained yacht’s towered over the smaller fishing boats, the ramp running down to the wharf emitted the echoes of the engulfing emptiness covering the wharf in a feeling of uneasiness. With a few more steps Saden reached the old wooden walkway leading to the Hoping Star, and set to work preparing it for travel. In a matter of minutes everything was ready, all that was left was waiting for eight o’clock when Kiele would do his part of the plan.
Nearby Kiele was preparing for his part in the plan, he didn’t understand why he needed to disable the tracker. Saden had always been there for him in grade school, even when he lost control of his powers and crashed the comps and made a flake weather message blaming it on abnormal lightening. Ever since then the two, along with a other boys had been almost inseparable. When Excel disappeared though everyone seemed to drift apart. At first Kiele was kind of iffy about helping, but if this was what had to be done at least it would be a clean break for Saden.
Kiele climbed the stairs to the upper floor of the watcher building at the end of the wharf, everyone had left for the night leaving the computers in charge of the system. With a flip of his index finger the key pad that operated the control room panel flicked to life opening the door. A shiver flowed down Kiele spine as he stared at the cold chrome on the tracking room.
“Let’s get this over with,” he said talking to himself.
Making his way over to one of the padded chairs, Kiele checked his Cellp 7:59. With a flick of his finger the tracker system shut down, he gave the system some final instructions to tell the workers there had been a solar power faller. Kiele lifted himself out of the chair to cross the room, gazing out of one of the big windows that overlooked the harbor below. In the distance Kiele saw the silvery glimmer of a ship reflecting as it made its way across the tranquil water. He stared at the communicator that contacted ships at sea, automatically its power switched back to life.
“So you okay from here,“ called Kiele with the communicator.
“Yup, thanks for everything,” came the voice of Saden almost at a whisper, “I won’t forget this.”
“You better not,” retorted Kiele, “ When I’m old a wrinkled I except to have my own private mansion.”
With a sigh he moved his hand in a silent wave to the passing ship, as the cummunicator switched off again. A groan left his mouth, as he leaned back against the wall with his shoulder, Kiele turned his gaze back towards the automatic door he had entered through. The pad jumped back to life as he flicked his finger once more, then shutting behind him the door closed out the uneasiness of the chrome room. Kiele’s unnerving gaze swept the room one final time before he retraced his steps down the emergency stairwell. The night air held a certain collected calmness, as Kiele crossed the wharf heading back to his city apartment. Then as if it had almost slipped his mind, he flicked his finger once more sending the message to the tracking system to reboot. Saden boat had made it out to open sea, but the night air shifted quickly around the boat as it headed towards the unknown future.

Chapter 2- Just add a little splash of fate

Isabel soaked in the clearness of the summer morning, the sky was clear of clouds and shown a light blue that matched her glowing eyes. The excitement building up inside her like a bubble as she hurried to tie her old worn out leather hiking boots to her feet. The pent up energy had reached its limit for the energetic teenager. The days before had worn thin as she waited for the spring storms to reside, and she could escape her dual home. feeling of guilt preside this thought though, because she knew all to well that the rain was needed for the islands life, and her families crops, but that didn’t help her boredom any.
“Don’t forget your Rad when you go outside today,” shouted Isabel’s mother Tina Ivory.
“Fine but it’s so big to carry,” replied Isabel with a sigh.
“Listen Missy,” teased Mrs. Ivory in a high in tatty voice like the rich billionaires wives used, but her brown eyes showed her care and devotion to her family. “We used to have to carry umbrellas, your lucky they invented these rain adverting devices.” she said with a small chuckle. Then she happily turned to head back to there modest kitchen to finish setting the washer instruction. “Oh, and due find your way back here by supper, honey” Tina said from the kitchen with a wink and a imaginary swish of her tied up brown cruelly hair.
Isabel resumed the task she had started and pushed the wooden frame open of the families old screen door. With one foot out the door she quickly turned to grab the almost forgotten Rad out of the ceramic bowl the family used to keep there keys in. The device was a deep black in color, but had a smooth icy coolness to it, it was about the size and shape of the old lighters from old movies she saw on Com Vision, which replaced TV as more people began to watch videos from there computers. Dello Corporation decided to infuse the internet with television to create Com Vision or CV for short.
Isabel made her way over the rocky path that lead to the hilly area that contained her favorite part of the ever extending forests that surrounded her. How funny she thought how civilization can be just over the hill, but yet seem so far away. She continued climbing up until she started to fill the pine trees shade and smell the yellow flowers with the suns morning burst; that always came when earth thawed from it’s winter slumber. Isabel detoured from the manmade path and followed a animal worn path till she came to a clearing. Thus she entered her hide away from the world, unharmed by noise, and unappreciative people, were only she came and could become lost in her thought without anyone sneaking up on her and disturbing her peaceful reflection.
Isabel made her way to her favorite rock by the clearings quaint pond, she loved the old rock, it was tall but flat on top with a little groove in the back of the rock to lean against. The water reflected the bright rays of light, and the water was mildly warm. A smile crept across Isabel’s face as she viewed her special place; nothing could upset her as she began day dreaming of places on the other side of the mountain. Where she knew the grass was defiantly greener.
Her gaze strayed back to the water surface and to her reflection. Using her index finger she traced the outline of her dirty blond hair, that took after her mothers unruly hair. Once she became bored with that she started connecting the dots of rocks that shone through the crystal clear water. A amused laugh escaped her lips as she stared at the blob she had created from her dots, and turned back to her reflection. Her face had always been a mirror image of her mother from her youth, with the dad’s bright smile; but her eyes had always puzzled her they where strikingly beautiful. Her eyes were a light green, with a blue outline; most people noticed her eyes more than the girl they belonged to.
The course of her day belonged to her many thoughts as the sun slowly sank into the sky and left purple waves lingering with it’s decent. Isabel stretched and loosened her numb legs as she began to get up from her rock. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a bush at edge of the forest quiver, she turned quickly around only to hear a stick snap somewhere among the undergrowth at the edge of the clearing. Becoming silent as a mouse she turned to look at the noise maker, but nothing appeared to have been there. She chided herself for letting her imagination runaway with her again. Words her mom so often lectured her about popped into her head though, there’s big animals on the island, but if you stay calm all will be well.
Isabel took several deep breaths to calm herself, and compose her tiny structure into a bigger braver form on her rock. Out of the bushes darted a quick footed squirrel; Isabel let out a long relieved laugh, it had only been a squirrel chided the girl to herself.
With all the tension leaving her body, she plopped back on the rock for one last glance at the purple and red mixture of light that came with the sun’s departure for the day. Isabel’s view was not long taken in though, as she gazed at her face riddled with the sunsets colors. When she glanced back down beside her own face was not a face belonging to her, and not to any one she knew; it was the face of a strange man.
With a stumble Isabel tried to stand to see who the figure in the water was; instead with one false step she sent herself sprawling into the pond. The water swirled around Isabel as she tried to reach the surface before her breath gave. No matter how hard she tried she never seemed any closure to the surface, but instead to a water grave. Isabel opened her eyes to see her booted foot stuck between two rocks, she pulled at her leg but it wouldn’t come from the rocks. The pressure began to intensify with each passing second, then an idea popped into her head. Isabel felt for her jeans pocket were she pulled out the Rad, the smooth container was slippery and Isabel almost lost her grip on it. Without a second to spare Isabel pushed the silver round button on the side. She let out a long breath and took in an oxygen filled one as the water was displaced from her head by a clear force of energy. She sighed with her uncanny turn of luck, in such an unfortunate turn of events. Her problems were not over yet she soon realized what precise time she had in this world before she would begin to breath in her own carbon dioxide as the oxygen ran out. With one last prayer she turned to look out her clear shield at the underwater world she had so many days dreamed about, where fish swam and the light created a ripples in the other wise dark place.
A beeping began to emit from the device that was keeping Isabel alive, soon the power would give out and with that Isabel’s life line. Isabel concentrated on all her happy family memories from when she was a little kid to recent events. The beeping quickened more, ten seconds left, till it was time to leave and visit her dead older brother.
Slowly Isabel counted down, five seconds left. With her last breath she said farewell to her family with a wave of her hand through the surrounding water. She watched the sun sink into the sky, and she let out her breath that she held onto with her whole body. The water rushed to fill the space in her lungs the water had left, as she closed her eyes, and let the lifting sensation she felt take her out of this world.
Ch.3-Telling a Story

Isabel bolted upright, spewing water over the cold brown muddy ground beside her. The trees spun in her hazy vision, as her eyes tried to focus on the dark blob sitting beside her. Her lips parted to form words but no words would form to leave her chapped lips. She opened them once more but the blob stretched moved what Isabel assumed was a finger to her lips, shushing her. The blobs arms gently slid around her and pressed her back against the coolness of the ground.
The trees slowly came to a stand still, as the colorful dots that danced in her eyes faded into the surrounding darkness. Gently turning her aching head Isabel stares at the space where the former blob had been, it was the strange man from her reflection. She studied his face; he defiantly wasn’t an adult though, he had to be around her age, maybe a couple years older thought Isabel. Is eyes drew her immediately upward; they carried a look of passion and courage; with hints of deep concern in there hard stone gray depths.
“Do you think you can move?” he questioned the startled looking girl.
Isabel thought hard of a perfect answer that would explain her gratitude for the stranger, and her growing annoyance crawling in her insides, that he was the reason she fell into the pond in the first place. Nothing seemed to come, so she just shook her head up and down, hoping to stall time. Slowly she turned her eyes back to his, only to find there way to a stray lock of his brown hair that fell in his eyes. Isabel suddenly burst with emotion. A laugh left her lips, and the teen leapt back in sudden astonishment. Slowly Isabel ended with a deep breath; everything was okay, somehow she would be fine.
“I think I’m okay now.” Isabel eventually replied.
The man didn’t move though, he seemed to be studying her, as if she was a wild animal that had just walked out of the woods. She held his eyes not wiling to give the stranger the satisfaction of looking at her without a look in return. They held each other’s gaze for what seemed minutes, till the boy stepped forward with an outstretched hand. Isabel gladly took it and pulled herself to her socking wet feet.
“I’m Saden,” spoke the man, “Do you know where I am, I‘m not from around here?”
“Yes, but don’t you know?” shot back Isabel finding her voice.
Isabel looked Saden up and down; his cloths were dirty and wet like her, but they held a look of a long travel. Even holes sprouted here and there in his jeans. His body seemed to be exhausted , but even she was a little tired.
“Well, I think you kind of owe me a favor, the least you can do is tell me where I am,” he said with a little shrug.
Isabel shivered, Saden defiantly could take her out in a movement, from what Isabel saw of his arm muscles. The muscles didn’t really scare her though, somehow she felt right being here with him; like this was exactly what was supposed to happen.
“Well you kind of startled me in the first place”
“Yeah, I’m sorry about that,” he grinned half heartedly.
“How about this you tell me what you were doing out in the woods, and you can uhm…,” Isabel scrambled for something, did this boy have a family, house, what could he want from her.
“You could get me something to eat I’m starving.”
“Okay, I can take care of that.” she replied with her own shy grin.
Isabel started toward the opening in the forest, the lights had faded into almost total darkness. Isabel started to stumble along the path when a light appeared from behind her, then it gradually came to rest beside her as Saden came to walk beside her.
“So do you want to know my wonderful adventures now or later,” he spoke quietly.
“Well we have a half hour walk so how about now,” replied Isabel thinking if this kid turned out to be a nut job, she could make a brake for it in the woods.
I guess I should start from the beginning, back home in about fourth grade, that’s when we first learned about President Michael’s speech which as you probably know lead to the signing of the Power Bill.
“Yah, I know all about,” sympathized Isabel all to knowing of what he said.
Well before that that I thought every adult had a talent, I didn’t realize it use to be different. I mean of course you read about people with out powers in comic books; but for a long time I thought that was make believe. Something to scare kids so they wouldn’t do stupid stuff with there skills, and land in jail with restrainer bracelets on for life. I guess you can say I grew up sheltered, my dad tried to keep all the horror stories away from me. He had that kind of power; you might have heard of him, his name’s Mix Carter.
“No way, your Mix’s son; he has to be one of the most powerful guys in the world.” Isabel stuttered awestruck. “He created the solar power cells that all the big corporations use.”
“Yup, that’s my dear old pops,” Saden replied with a hint of bitterness, “ I’ll get to what he did later one.”
So of course I didn’t realize some people didn’t develop powers, not till my friend Excel disappeared. He was about a year older then me so he turned sixteen about six months before me. When he just vanished I got worried; so I used some of my dads resources and found out what happened to him. He didn’t develop powers so his parents shipped him off. I kept researching non-powers secretly, and found out that he had been sent to what used to be called Hawaii. That was long before the new Islanders changed the name to Causa Vera. I couldn’t believe what all I had found out, not only that non-powers were shipped off to Islands, but about the Power Bill itself.
“It was actually interesting in a sick sort of way,” he added with sad smile
I found out some disturbing stuff that I said I wouldn’t repeat but; her it goes. When the President proclaimed he had a power, or talent whatever you want to call it. The whole world was shocked, they thought he was crazy, then he showed his power on National Television. He said he could tell what a person was thinking by touching them; then he pulled three reporters out of the audience and accurately read there minds. On that day he drew up the Power Bill, as you might know it said, it would protect anyone with powers; and would create an underground agency to work to advance powers, and provide funding to enhance people naturals abilities. More and more people confused to having gifts, but there still wasn’t that many. More still hid pretending to be powerless, so they could be normal.
Then the underground agency or F.E.P ,Further Evolved People, can out with that drug that would enhance people natural abilities. Over hundred years it became mandatory, and everyone developed some gift. The government kept it secret though that some people just wouldn’t develop powers, so as one big cover up they converted the Hawaiian Islands in a place to send non-powers to live out there lives. Otherwise they would ruin the perfect world F.E.P. had worked so hard to create.
I knew I was going to find my friend to a least make sure he was safe, but I started having my own troubles. My parents were never really home in the first place, but when they were they began studying whenever they saw me; like they expected me to sprout wings or something. I began to worry, but I brushed my concerns aside. Then my sixteenth birthday came and went, and the gazes seemed to intensify. a few months later, my mom surprised me by taking me from school to see the doctor. It was a horrible experience, where they tested me and kept asking me if I had noticed my talents yet. In the end they gave me pills and sent me on the way. Mom watched to make sure I took them, but I pulled the old trick of putting them under my tongue. Another couple a months went by, and I still hadn’t developed a talent.
One night I overheard them talking about how bad there image would be if it got out there son was a non-power. They were actually talking about how they could plan a murder so it would look like an accident. That when I knew I had to leave my home, I packed at once and headed to my boat.
“There are some advantages to leaving in California” he added giving a faraway look at the mountains surrounding them.
Then I headed for the Islands hoping to find my friend. So ere I am you know the rest of the story; I was wlking in the wood when I saw a girl.
“Then she fell into a pond and I saved her,” he said with a wink.
Isabel’s body was hit with jolt like electricity, when he said this. The two walked in silence for some more time, then Isabel turned to Saden.
“Your on the Island of Causa Vera,” she spoke quietly.
Saden didn’t reply he just gave a nod of his head and kept walking forward. The cickets chippered there peaceful melody. then the spell was boken.
“How old are you?” questioned Saden.
“Sixteen, why? answered Isabel.
“So you don’t have powers?”
“Nope know one here does.”
“Good,” said Saden breathing a breath of relief.
Isabel noticed it looked like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
“Here comes my house.”
As the pair turned the final corner towards Isabel’s, could make out the silhouette of the old tan house, the roof sent out an earie glow from the solar panels reflecting the moon light in the distance. Isabel could almost smell the sent of her mother cooking waiting to be sampled. Isabel had tried to avoid contact with Saden since the end of his story, but she risked a glance at his face to see his expression. Instead of the scowl she thought she’d find, Saden mouthed twitched in a half smile.
“Is that your house there,” said Saden pointing to the nearby house.
“Yup, that’s home sweet home.” answered Isabel with a little smile herself.
As the duo entered the worn path that lead to the house, the screen door burst open sending streaks of light; making them advert there gazes. Tina burst towards her daughter with dagers showing in her eyes.
“Where have you been, “ shouted Mrs. Ivory stopping suddenly; seeing the stranger for the first time, “and who is this she?” she said gesturing towards Saden.
“Um, well.” Isabel stutured, but was saved for anwering by Saden cutting her off.
“I’m sorry if I’m inconvincing you mama,” saden replied with a political style smile,” I’m new to the Island and your lovely daughter was telling me about the community.”
“Oh, was she she,” stated Mrs.Ivory with a stern eye towards Isabel, and a small smile towards Saden. “I’m sure you both hungery,” she added with a scowl, “ why don’t you dine with us tonight Saden.”
“If it wouldn’t be imposing I would be very glad to; I certainly can’t reist the smell.” he added.
The group contuined towards the house, when they entered Isabel’s father was already sitting at the stanless stell table.
“I see you decided to grace us with your prence tonight.” he added, lughing at his own joke.
Isabel’s father never chided her often, he liked to look on the lighter side of things. An attuide he had adopted, after years working on the farm.
“Hello,” he added when he noticed Saden.
“Um, nice to meet you,..”
“Mr. Ivory,”
“Well nice to meet you to,” he finshed shaking Saden’s hand. “So what brings you to our little home.”
“Um, I’m new here and Isabel was showing me around.” said Saden with a sort of new saddness in his voice.
“Oh, are you a non.” Mr. Ivory stated outright.
“Yes,” replied Saden saddly.
“I thought they had an area designated for the newbie’s,” he asked raising a questioning eyebrow.
“Well I have a friend who’s been here for a year or so; I was looking for him when um.” he looked towards Isabel sheepishly. “I kind of got lost in the mountains.”
“Well considering its dark why don’t you us the sofa tonight,” replied Mr. Ivory swatting away his gesture.
“Thank You,” replied Saden.
“Now let’s eat,” cried Mr.Ivory.
The group settled into seats around the table, devoring the steak and potatoes that were prepared. The whole time Mrs.Ivory looked around, her stress linea around her eyes tight. Isabel got up to clear the table, and Saden followed behind her with more disheds into the kitchen. As soon as the door was shut behind them, Isabelse the dishes on the counter and turned to the boy. His eyes shown bright with light, sending a tingle through her body; but she brushed the feeling off like a pesky fly.
“Thanks for not saying anything about the lake, if they found out they may not let me leave the house again.” she said in a hushed tone.
“Your welcome we wouldn’t want you stuck here,” said teasingly.
Saden handed the dishes to Isabel, and left the room leaving Isabel to finsh the dishes. Soon Isabel finshed and headed towards her room; it was small compared to the others but it was all her own. Saden watched her from the living room sofa. The house quieted and the crickets sound could be heard along with Mr. Ivory’s steady snoring. Isabel slowly fell asleep to the steady rythem of the house, but as she dreamed she couldn’t shake the feeling Saden gave her. That tingling sesation stayed with her through the night as she drifted into a light sleep.

Ch.4-No sound

Isabel shot out of her deep sleep and into a startled sitting up position in her bed. A cold shiver caressed through her body as she remembered the dream she had just escaped from. Steadily she let her body relax back on her bed, the sensation of uneasiness wouldn’t depart her. The dream she had was so clear it seemed she was actually there. She recalled entering a house; there was a red haired man about her age sitting at a dark worn out table. He had a charming smile that gave her a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, he stood up and crossed the room towards her in a couple long strides. His clothes were of the Island style, but had a certain look of money to them. Then she noticed someone had been standing beside her, whoever it was moved forward to embrace the man coming towards them. They acted as friends, but then a sincester look crossed the red head’s face. Though it had to have been whispered for only the other man’s ears, Isabel could hear what the red head spoke.
“They offered a lot of money for me to get rid of you, I’m sorry but its enough to pay the power snatchers.”
The other person stepped back with shocked body language, but it was to late. Isabel screamed at the sight of the laser pistol in the red head’s hand. The stanger turned and faced her at the sound of the ear piercing scream. Only the person really wasn’t a stranger she relized, it was Saden. Then a red light appeared leaving Isabel in darkness.
Isabel took some calming breaths then slipped on her jeans. It was just a silly dream she chided herself nothing to worry about. Deep inside her though a nagging feeling wouldn’t go away, so she picked up her hunting laser. It was designed to be small so it could easly travel when her father took her hunting. She stashed the mini pistol into her shoulder bag along with another shirt and pants on impulse, and left the room feeling only more slightly at ease.
“Good morning,” greeted Saden as he left the next door bathroom, “I leaving today, you’ll be happy to know.”
“Oh, goody,” replied Isabel sarcastically, “and where would going, be.”
“You dad gave me directions to my friends house, it’s actually really close.” he said smiling, with his eyes gleaming in happiness.
A wave of emotion hit Isabel, she didn’t know why, but the words popped out of her mouth before she could halt them.
“Can I come,” then she added, recovering from her traitorous mouth, “so you don’t get lost.”
“Suit yourself,” he shrugged.
After a heated discussion with her father on the safety of the mountains paths, and final directions the pair headed off. It was ten in the morning, but the sun was already out shining and the sky was a bright blue. The way to Saden’s friend wasn’t horrible, they had to folloe several paths and weave in and out of the forest to reach there destination.
Isabel could feel the excitement begin to radiate of Saden as they neared their destination. The sun was sinking ito the sky as the entered the woods to take the mile. The path was well worn, but was overgrown with tropical plants on either side of it. Then they both spotted it at the same time, a well worn shack. It was small but it looked lived in. With lights allumating it’s door from the inside, and the smell of fish signaling the pair to come closer. As the last rays of the sun disappeared Saden climbed the steps to the shacks front door, Isabel hung back. The pair stared at the door for a few minutes, until slowly it began to open up. An eye in the crack examined the pair. Then the door flew open, and A redheaded man embraced Isabel’s traveling paterner.
“Saden it’s really you,” screeched the readhead.
Then for a long minute they looked at each other and broke into laughter. Another few minutes passed until Excel finally notice Isabel hanging back behind Saden.
“Who is this little bueaty,” joked Excel.
“Oh, this is Isabel,” apologized Saden when he remembered his manners.
“So have you come to stay, or just stopping through,” said Excel with a mock jab at Saden.
“Well I was hoping to stay,” smiled Saden,” but Isabel here is only here for the night.”
“Fine with me,” answered Excel eying Isabel. “Hope you don’t mind the couch though.”
Isabel nodded and Excel started giving the grand tour of the shack, and sat the pair down to have supper. After playing cards for awhile they all went to there beds for the night, Isabel couldn’t get comfortable, and ended going outside to sit in the lawn chair she had seen upon arriving earlier.
As the sun stretched into the sky Isabel opened her eyes, she could feel the pattern of the chair where she had fallen asleep. For being in the woods it was eerily absent of the sound of birds. Isabel brushed away the concern though as she stretched and reentered the house, to find Saden and Excel eating without her.
“Well I’m going to take off,” yawned Isabel.
“I’ll walk you back,” said Saden with a yawn of his own.
“I’m sorry but no you won’t leave Saden,” interjected Excel.
“Whatever,” said Saden then gave a look to his friend saying that’s not very funny.
“She can’t leave Saden, and either can you,” replied Excel, “I made a deal to finish you and its her misfortune that she knows you’re here.”
Excel extracted the pistol laser, Isabel stared stunned the laser looked exactly like the one she’s seen in her dreams. Isabel eyes went wide with fear as the knot in her stomach finally turned into out right panic.
“I’m sorry, your parents contacted me saying you might come here and that they would pay me handsomely to make you disappear.” he said with a sadness in his eyes. “It’s enough to pay the power snatchers and get my old society life back.” he added apolitically.
He slowly raised his pistol towards the shocked pair. Saden stepped defensively to be in front of Isabel; as if the change in position would save her short lived life. Isabel gasped as she remembered the laser in her bag. Inching her way backwards step, by step she closed the space between her bag and where she’d left it by the door. Saden hid the noise of her silent steps as he began trying to talk sense into his old friend.
“Come on bud don’t be like this,” stuttered Saden trying to give the words a light happy tone.
“I’m sorry bud, I’ve got to get out of this place,” yelled Excel letting the tears stream freely down his pale face.
Isabel’s hands sweated as she frantically tried to locate her only hope, the pistol hidden in her bag . She knew if she was caught there were no second chances, no do overs like in her old childhood games; this was real. Finally feeling the smooth metal she lifted the pistol concealing it in the palm of her hand. Isabel stepped as close as she could to Saden, resting her hand on is elbow to steady his shaking body.
“I‘ll be fine make a run for it.” she whispered urgently.
“Hey don’t talk, I don’t want any heroics,” whined Excel.
Excel finger flinched as if it hurt to hold the laser
, then his finger slowly started to put pressure on the trigger.
“Please you don‘t deserve to die for that reason,” whispered Isabel.
A pale yellow light shot over Isabel head as she was slammed into the floor by a crushing force. She breathed in on instinct but the air stung her lungs as it re-entered; the fog lifted as she relized Saden had pulled her to the ground just in time to avoid the pistol shot. With a motion that was almost to quick to be human, Saden grabbed Isabel and lead them crawling behind the table.
“You never were good at hide and go seek,” taunted Excel, pointing the pistol at the table.
Saden’s head turned in search of an exit, but no windows were in sight. Isabel gave a shake of her head indicating the pistol in her hand.
“If you distract him maybe,” she let the sentence trail as Excel closed in on the table, like a cat stalking a mouse.
Saden gave a shake of his head, then with one quick squeeze of Isabel hands he stood up. Excel wasted no time as he unleashed rapid shots at Saden. Isabel heart stopped as she watched Saden dodge below the table with lightening fast reflexes, his head narrowing avoiding his death. Then at the end of the table he rolled across the old hardwood floor to crouch behind the sofa. Isabel let out the breath she had been holding, then creeping around the other end of the table she stood to face her death.
“Over hear she!” she shouted.
Then in one quick movement Excel crumpled to the floor holding his bleeding leg. Saden stood standing behind the sofa holding Isabel’s steaming pistol. With only seconds to spare Isabel grabbed both her bag and Saden exiting through the door. The pair ran deep into the forest never stopping when leaves smacked there faces, and they stumbled over rocks almost losing there balance. A couple of times Isabel couldn’t even see ahead of her because of the stinging sweat that fell in her eyes, drip by drip. After running for what seemed like a life time neither could take another step. Saden clasped to the ground pulling Isabel with him. Neither spoke for along time, all that could be heard was Isabel fanning herself with a fallen palm leaf.
“I can’t believe he would do that to me,” cried a shaken up Saden.
All Isabel could do was nod, then the words came out of her mouth without knowing a before thought.
“You can’t stay here, we’ve got to leave this place.”
“We,” Saden stammered.
“Yah we,” sighed Isabel regretting her decision, but something else inside her blocked her brains normally rational thoughts.

ch.5-running away

Fruit flies swarmed around Isabel and Saden as they trampled out of the mountainous forest. After some long discussion the pair had decided if they were going to make a run, they had to get supplies. Isabel forcefully refused to go any where before she told her parents what was happening, and get there advice on the matter. Flatness stretched ahead as the pair walked down the dirt roads that littered the country side.
Wondering over took Isabel’s mind as she stared at the farm land, thoughts of her father’s favorite story of the Island crept into her conscious. The beginning of the story always had began the same whenever he started the story, sometimes he would leave out some of the middle though.
Back when they were known as the Hawaiian Islands, and right after F.E.P had started taking control of the government. The biggest island had been a big tourist spot, with eye wrenching hotels, and enough tourists to make the beaches a sea of bodies. This was where Mr. Ivory’s eyes would glaze over from memories of better times.
Then it became apparent some people wouldn’t, or couldn’t develop powers. That’s when operation Relocation took place, and Hawaii was torn from its cozy world. The military came one day and turned the hotels into housing, leveling any unneeded buildings to create farm land. Duplexes were put up to house hundreds of people at one time till they could be relocated to other islands, or if unfit to live in the community shot on the spot. Isabel cringed at remembering the graphic detail her father conveyed at this scene of the story. The grotesque detail of blood splattering the walls in the ally, and bodies dragged to large ditches to be buried in unmarked graves.
Life eventually became easier for the first Powerless as the military slowly left, but more Powerless arrived everyday crowding the docks waiting for there judgment. Scientists eventually determined that normal powers developed from the ages twelve to sixteen. Eventually allowing laws to be passed that teens who reached age seventeen were sent to make a life on the island if they were determined powerless. If you happened develop a power while on the island you could prove it to an administer judge, and go live back on the mainland. F.E.P slowly spread false media and propaganda about the Powerless, turning the beautiful idea of the Hawaiian islands into a false image of a holding place for the diseased and unwanted.
Slowly the shockwaves of the new turn of events subsided from what Isabel now considered little of the real world. Having never left the island, Isabel finally realized how limited her foresight of what the world contained really was. Then an idea emerged from the fogginess engulfing her brain, Isabel’s father had explained of a place on the border of the European countries where Powerless people were not out casted. “Well maybe she should go to Switzerland first,” suggested Isabel.
“Uh, uh,” nodded Saden looking tired and disoriented, “they were always neutral, on the subject.”
Finally the road cleared of potholes and ruts as the pair drew nearer to Isabel’s home. Isabel let out a long sigh as she glanced the tip of the roof over looking the tropical trees that hid its main structure.
“So you decided to finally bring my daughter back,” called a distant voice.
“I swear sometimes I think she’s physic the way she acts,” blushed Isabel shyly.
Saden shock his head at the situation, but quickened his pace all the same. Mrs. Ivory stood in the doorway of her house letting the smile she held out as a greeting, hold her disappointment at the same time.
“Something happened didn’t it,” she echoed the thoughts that filled Isabel’s head.
After a lot of explanation, and many reviews of the situation at hand the family hushed letting the tale sink in.
“Well your going have to leave with him Isabel,” Mr. Ivory spoke with a sad tone, “if they knew the boy was here I’m sure they know your with him.”
After the family agreed on some aspects of the plan of escape, the teens settled in for the night waiting for the time just before sunrise to leave. Isabel began to doze before the light from the hallway peaked through a crack in the doorway, stirring her back to life.
“Honey we need to talk,” spoke the soft whisper of Isabel’s mother.
With a sleepy yawn Isabel slid into a sitting position making room for her mother to sit.
“You need to know some things about the outside world before you go, not to mention some things about me.”
“What?” stuttered a now wide awake Isabel.
“Well I’ll start out at the beginning with how I came to live her.” sighed Mrs. Ivory beginning to remember those days so far past.
Back when I was eighteen, I signed up to be in the Peace Corps, my first mission sent me here to the islands. Everything was very funny from the beginning, the team coordinator told us about the environment and the people that lived there, explaining that they were the powerless of our civilization. According to the guidelines the team was supposed to help the people by using our powers to help these less capable people. Of course, the way all the specialists talked the people we were about to encounter were stupid, and diseased. They didn’t share in the normal people of society privileges. Part of the training beforehand was to see which members powers combined best into groups. I was chosen to go with group Samba, because of my abilities to see the future. We finally reached our dentition by chopper, then by convoy our two groups were sent to different villages. What we saw at the villages was completely opposite of what we excepted. There were gardens and kids running around completely clothed, there was no apparent marks on there laughing faces of being any different then the kids back home. Then I had another one of my visions, I was walking through field falling forward. Then a hand reached out a grabbed me, next thing I know I see a man smiling down at me. He looked about twenty years old, but that smile was sweeter then honey. When you develop your powers your sent to extra classes at school to control your powers. I had heard of physics with premonitions seeing there true loves, but I always thought it was a load of cheesy physic chrap; but I knew who ever this man was he was the one. I had know idea where to find him at so I waited for him to come to me.
A couple of months passed there was still no sign of my mystery man, but I was busy with other things. There were new teens arriving daily, needing to find places to live and work in the community. Part of our job was to relocate the teens to areas were they could be best used. It was hard work some of the kids were from high society families and couldn’t believe that being a powerless could happen to them. These kids received are special attention, we usually stayed with them in there new area for a week making sure they didn’t try anything idiotic under stress of there situation.
That’s how I met your father, I was traveling with a girl to a mango shop were the couple was going to take her in. First thing she did when our truck came to a halt in front of the store was bolt towards the nearest forest. This was one of those glamour girls, so naturally I toke off after her before she became lost. We were half way through a field when I fell in a rut on the ground, I hit the ground hard and couldn’t move my leg. I just laid there, thinking no one would know I here since the only people in the isolated place was the older couple. Then I felt the ground move away from my body as someone lifted me into the air. Strong arms engulfed my pain filled body, but when I looked up all I saw was the sweet smile from my vision.
The rest is pretty much ancient history, when I didn’t report back to check-in they sent out a search group. Your father was the only one to see me, and he said I ran into the forest. It was assumed I was lost in the wilderness, and with not that many people available they never sent out a proper search party. I changed my name and appearance, eventually the term was up and the group left without me. Eventually I had you, and your father and I decided not to tell you had a chance to develop powers. I telling you now though that I’m going to give you my old pass modified, that way you can say you’re a physic. Were working on one my old friends in the underground to get Saden a pass too. Right now though you need to know the basic rules of pretending to be a physic. Don’t make willy nilly predictions, if someone questions you say you don’t control when they come. Your father and I were talking, we think you and Saden should pose as a couple. Your father somehow got hold of one was his transporting buddies, there going to smuggle you onto the mainland.
“Honey I love you be safe,” cried Tina, “trust your instincts.”
With a quick hug Tina laid an object on the table, Isabel stared at it silently before she reached out with her hand. Isabel stared wide-eyed as the green light scanned her eye like any other ideaer. The scanner looked like the Rad in size and color, but where it was rectangular the scanner was round. A small beep emitted from the device before it opened into a credit card sized screen. The dark black screen reconfigured itself into an image of Isabel, however instead of her name it showed a new identity appeared.
“So I’m Ivy Keller now,” smiled Isabel.
“Yup, sorry it was the best I could do on such sort notice, but it should do.” sighed Mrs. Ivory.
Reaching down Mrs. Ivory gave her daughter a long tight hug, making Isabel tense with pain. With a quick kiss goodbye, Tina exited the room holding back the tears that threatened to break down her calm guise. Isabel waited till the door closed behind her mother to look closer at her new identification. According to the ideaer she was a resident of town in California where she was a premonition physic. With a sigh she shut down the ideaer and turned in for the night, dawn was fast approaching and Isabel had a feeling she would need all her energy just to make it out of bed in a couple of hours.
Slowly the dimness of dawn stretching before its climb into the morning sky woke Isabel for her sound sleep. With her aching muscles protesting she swiftly gathered what belongings seemed right to bring along on the expedition. Nothing could be heard but the soft laboring of the families breath, the normal rooms where empty as Isabel stepped through her rooms threshold. With a quick glance to found Saden sitting at the worn kitchen table studying an idaer of his own.
With a silent nod the pair moved towards the kitchen to gather what food they could handle on the unpredictable journey. After silent arguing about certain foods the pair finally agreed on what would be chosen for there food sack. Isabel noticed a pale white envelope bearing her name on the kitchen counter, the hand writing was unmistakably her mothers. Isabel quickly pocketed the private memorable that her mother had left for her, choosing to not find out what it contained just yet.
Once quietly existing the house Saden explained to Isabel what he had been briefed on by Mr. Ivory early that morning. According to Isabel’s father there was a friend of his willing to use there cargo chopper to transport them to mainland. Then to keep Saden from being immediately detected he would use a idaer that labeled him as a power speed connector, someone who could connect information inhumanly quick to solve a problem. Along with the secret of his phony powers, he would also pretend to be Isabel’s fiancée.
“What hold up, I know we were supposed to pose as a couple, but nobody mentioned fiancée,” stormed an agitated Isabel.
“Oh, you just wish it wasn’t a semblance,” Saden smiling sweetly at Isabel.
Then with a little poke Isabel gave a secretive smile back at Saden. With playful lounge Saden raced after Isabel down the road and into the newly awakened horizon.
Ch 6-Transportor

By time Saden and Isabel finally made it to the east side of the island the normal everyday routines of its occupants had already begun. Saden stared awestruck at the sorry state of the city around him, medium sized building lined the streets on either side of the black topped road. Only a few of the building he passed looked mildly new, all the others showed spots were patches were patching patches. The people running around looked normal though in there own powerless way. Some kids were playing soccer in a side lot of an apartment, while a mom sat on the ground pulling weeds from a garden. People of all ages roamed the streets, some carried bags or tools while others looked about the pairs age. Eventually the streets shrunk into allies and houses turned to warehouses. The sound of choppers could now be heard as they landed or took off into the sky. Near the docks the group passed the registration building, it looked like all the other office buildings except for the solemn feeling the hung like a curtain around it. The beige outside just screamed sad, there was no sign labeling the building but, there was no need for any. The cries of sadness and the sunken eyes of people entering and leaving it said everything the building stood for. A group of teens trudged into the building ; Saden reached for her hand and gave it a little squeeze.
“Let’s go try to find our ride,” said Saden, slightly pleading.
The smell of salt hit Isabel’s nose before she saw the boarding stations, and runways, a stretch of land was lined with a variety of crafts. In the water were some cargo ships, while over by the hangers was lift choppers, and planes. Isabel checked her directions, the hanger where they were supposed to meet up with the contact was on the far side of the landing strip, hanger number thirty-two.
Dusted floated into the air and old scraps of metal sent out a low metallic ringing, as the pair avoided spare pieces of old transporters. Hanger thirty-two was small a cluttered, looking more like a shed than a resting home for planes. A small old fashioned door marked the entrance to the hanger, with a hefty push Saden managed to get the door open. Heavy darkness clung to the inside of the building, then brightness singed there eyes as the sensor jumped to life.
“State your name and purpose,” rang a robotic voice.
Saden and Isabel exchanged glances, then with a slight shrug Isabel cleared her throat, “We are looking for transport of the island.”
“I do not give transport unless it is to certified travelers,” answered back the voice, “ Are you certified with official passports?”
Grabbing her idear out of her pocket she held it up in the air, “Is this good enough?”
“Maybe,” came rough accented voice, as someone grabbed Isabel’s wrist from behind. “Don’t look back or I blow your brains out.”
Where’s yours,” gruffed the voice gabbing Saden in the back with a cold pointed object.
Fumbling with his own pocket Saden held out his own idear, to only have it snatched from his hands.
“Well these seem to be secure,” mused the voice, “you can have them back; hold out your hands.”
The cool metal of the idear slipped into Isabel’s outstretched palm, with a silent prayer she turned around. Standing in front of her was a skinny middle aged women, her hair brightened with red streaks stood out against her skewed black glasses.
“It’s so good to finally meet you,” greeted the women with a tense smile, “it’s good to meet the kid of Ivory sorry it’s under such bad circumstances.”
Saden was struck by the women heavy accent, but what stuck out to him more was her demeanor. Her body had a sense of pride about it, like she had been born to strive in a hard life.
“So I guess you know why were here then,” whispered Saden.
“Yup, you’re here to get transport to mainland,” smiled the women, “ but first off we need to change Saden’s look here.” “He sticks out like a soar thumb, no biggie though well just alter your idear to look like the new you,” added the lady seeing Saden squint at the idea.
“Can you do that,” questioned Isabel.
“Sure can,” assured the women getting a wicked glance in her eye. “Follow me please,” waved the women motioning with her hand. “Oh, by the way you can call me Bond.”
The duo followed Bond through a doorway in the back of the hanger, it took two glances to disguise the door from the metal wall.
“Welcome to my home away from home,” sighed Bond gesturing to the metallic room filled with electronic devices of all shapes and sizes.
With quick determined strides Bond started rummaging through a stainless steel cabinet off to the side of the room. Things began to fly as she eyed the stuff in the way as worthy of her attention, then with two bottles in hand she ended her search. Gesturing with her index finger Bond pointed to Saden, “First were going to change your hair color, then we’ll pigment your eyes.” reaching for a small eye drop bottle.
When Saden didn’t respond Bond pulled him into one of the cold metal chairs, then quickly squirting out one of the larger bottles contents Saden’s hair transformed into red locks. Next she pulled back Saden’s head and dropped the liquid brown into his eyes before he could even struggle against her Amazon grip.
“Now, I’ve also added some of my gene mix into it, so if your tested it will show up as your real hair color.” Bond quickly gestured for Saden idear, then with a determined expression she set to work at one of the glistening counters. After a couple mild sparks and several switching of color she tossed it back at Saden. Opening it carefully like a bomb about to explode Saden assessed the updates. The picture now contained a red haired Saden, and Isabel added with a little gasp of surprise.
“How did you do that,” Isabel questioned.
“Oh, just a little bit of pixie dust,” responded Bond with a little wink.
Moving towards another cabinet Bond pulled out two thermo sleeping bags, “You guys are going to be my crew tomorrow so bunk down and get some sleep.” Switching off the lights behind her, she left Saden and Isabel with there mouths opened in astonishment.
The room had been dark when the runaways had finally fallen into a unsettled sleep, but that was soon interrupted by someone yelling.
“Get up and get these worker suits on,” shouted Bond letting the bright lights bear down on the grumbling adolescents.
Bond Tossed a green stack of material at each person, Isabel let the material fall over her lap not even bothering to try and catch it. Saden caught his immediately and got up to dress, “You have twenty minutes to get out of here for briefing or I’m leaving your butts on this island,” grouched Bond not even bothering to look over shoulder as she left the doorway. “I’m doing you a favor, so don’t take advantage of my hospitality.”
“Uh, that what she calls being nice, I’d hate to see her when she’s mad,” yawned Isabel gathering her cloths into a heap.
The cold floor sent chills through her body, as she stumbled over her sleeping bag looking for a place to change. After some outside of the box thinking, Isabel opened one of the cabinets door so it covered her body if she stayed in the corner. After a series of orders for Saden not to look and several failed attempts at him peaking behind the door, Isabel was finally suited up. The green jump suit held a green shimmer indicating that it was water proof; after searching through some of the suits big pockets Isabel found a GPS and hand held laser pistol.
In the hanger of the building a major transformation had occurred within the few hours the group had last been there. Where once empty space had been, now contained people in green jumpsuits hurriedly moving supplies outside onto the

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