The Mistake

May 29, 2008
By Michael Richardson, Kasson, MN

Michael Richardson
If I could go back in time and fix it, my life would be easer. I was riding my dirt bike and when I ride I go fast. I like to do wheelies on my dirt bike, I am good at jumping. I don’t think when I ride, my mind goes clear and I just have fun.
Early in the summer I was riding and I got thirsty. I went to go drink vitamin water. It was really tasty. When I was refueled and ready to go I jumped on the bike and started it in gear. I wasn’t thinking at all. I regret it all now. It was one simple mistake.
The dirt bike took off like a rocket. It went right into the corner of the garage. My knee was bleeding everywhere; it was like a horror movie. My skin ripped off. Blood was on the ground, on my shoe, and running down my leg. It felt like a knife went into my knee. I felt stupid. I went into the house and got blood on our really spectacular carpet. I went in the bath room and blotted my knee with a wet wash cloth. I stopped some of the bleeding and then I wrapped it in gauze and rested. “What were you thinking,” my dad said.
“It was an accident,” I said. “Get well soon,” he said.
If I would have started it in neutral, I wouldn’t have this scar on my knee. I wish I would have played it safe. It would have helped if I wasn’t in a hurry. I wanted to ride as much as possible. Bottom line I should have been thinking and wearing protective gear. After that I was out for three weeks. It felt like forever, I hated myself.
If I could change it I would think before I do. I would not have bent the fender on the bike. The bars would be in the right place. I would not have gone through that pain. I could have been riding instead of lying around or slouching.
Life doesn’t work like that so now I have a story to tell. I wish I didn’t but one simple mistake changes everything.

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