A Short Story

May 29, 2008
Once upon a time there was a girl named Ruby who had long pretty brown hair. When she was born her parents decided to lock her in a dark small room in their basement. All she had was candle, blanket, drawing paper, and pens and pencils. One day she wanted to draw but she didn’t know how so she just started to doodle little pictures.

Later Ruby was drawing bigger things and adding details to them. When her mean mom came in to give Ruby food she saw all the drawings and took them that night and sold them on the street. Her mom became more rich than she already was. She spent all her new money on thing’s she doesn’t even need like: a fountain, 6 maids, a jet, a second house, and she also got a new room built. She was so proud of what she has bought but Ruby was not. One day Ruby was sick of her own mother stealing her drawings and selling them. One night she ran away with all her things. She stayed on the street and one day the prince of the city came through the town and saw her. Everyday he went pass her and felt sorry for her. So one day the prince took her home. She was very happy to see a bed and eat real food.

The price and Ruby spent all there time together. One day the prince proposed to Ruby and she said yes. The news got out fast and as soon as Ruby’s mom found out she went straight down to the castle. When she knocked at the door Ruby answered her mother screamed at her. Her mother came in and asked where all her drawings are. Ruby said that she don’t draw anymore because her mother would steal them all again. Her mother said that she was very sorry and will never do it again. They both made up and then lived happily ever after.

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