1 Last Goodbye

May 29, 2008
By Katie Hackbart, Sussex, WI

It’s the only one that upsets us. We are the only ones who weep. One last goodbye with one painful word that breaks down inside of us. Goodbye. Everyone can feel it, but nobody shows it until that final day. Its strength is powerful. Its effect is ever lasting. It echoes throughout the halls, from the ceiling to the floor. This is how it spreads; like a disease. Let one try to deny their feelings, but it comes back, back, back. It haunts. When we are too sad and scared to go on, against the whole wide world, it is then we think about all the memories. When school is finally done. 1 last goodbye who comes even though most aren’t ready. When walking across the stage, poised and steady, one last goodbye that will last forever.

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