One Fear

May 29, 2008
By TJ Bahr, Hartland, WI

There is only one reason that condemns me. I am the only one who condemns it. One fear holding me back. One fear keeping me down. From visions I see fear in my mind, but I can’t quite reach.

The fear’s intentions unknown. It stays in my mind at all times. It reaches me wherever I go, whatever I do. Coming out at the worst of times. It withers my body and makes me weak. It grows by itself, feeding off my mind.

The fear takes over; I can’t control it. Turning the point of interest of one to another. Playing tricks on my mind to feel as if I’m not good enough. Never, never, never they say to my mind. They scream.

When I am at my best, when I am feeling good without worries, then it is when the fear come out. Soon the fear will take full control. One fear to keep me down. One fear to keep me out. One fear that I must overcome.

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