Modern Fairy Tale?

May 29, 2008
By TJ Bahr, Hartland, WI

Two years older, but so much in common. Only reason they aren’t together is because of the distance: 600 miles. They wish they could be together but the chance is small. Their love grows because of the constant conversations. All day for hours on end. And hopes. That one day they might be able to be together. They can see each other through webcam and it lights up their faces. They stare into each others eyes without knowing what is happening around them because all they know is that they want to be together, just hold onto each other and never let go.

There are talks of visiting. We share our ideas. We always talk that it can really happen – just need hope. She talks of how no one has ever made her this happy but now she finally is.

One day she lets me know that she can’t wait any longer. We are both excited that this could actually be happening. Love, hope, desire. All bound into one encounter. They can’t hold their feeling in much longer. They need to be together. In each other’s arms. Neither will let go.

This summer she is coming to see me and we both can’t wait. Could this be the start of our fairy tale? We need to see if we can make it.

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