May 29, 2008
By Evan Laccetti, Albany, NY

Her cold crooked fingers clenched onto the word of god. Im unsure which corrupted which. I'm unclear which drew poison from the other. I'm aware of theconsequences of such an "unholy alliance". She sat calmly, a vogue pink hat perched atop her head. Beneath her
smiles lay sadistic intentions. Strangely enough the closer she came to death the more sinister and cruel she would become. I can find some comfort however. Soon she will tremble and groan for the last time, and her soul will ascend up the stairway to heaven. To her dismay she will find that the pearly gates have long been locked to her. I pray that the descent is a dreary affair. So perhaps I too have a sadistic streak, but wishing ill on this women is hard to avoid. But alas I must bite my tongue.

God works in strange ways, and to this I can attest. For this witches sole seed was the most beautiful woman i have ever layed my eyes upon. She sat across the isle, her blond flowing hair laying on her shoulders. A modest black skirt revealed her seductive golden legs. My quick looks stumbled into long awkward stares. Our eyes greet and her face turned cherry red. Lustful looks still maintained innocence. However love from a distance is a difficult proposition.

And so we patiently sat, wishing we were elsewhere. Gazing upwards at the marvelous paintings in a catatonic stare. The preachers slow, methodical speech oozed through our ears and mesmerized our minds. The occasional triumph of music and song would bring only temporary relief to the monotony. The preacher himself was a sleazy fellow. The greased back hair combined with the suit made him look more like a Capone henchmen then anything else. How our world would shatter like a brick through glass.

As is usually for every sunday morning the witch stares back at the thick oak doors and waits. Her evil eyes bulge and the veins on her neck explode. She knows that the bus
drops people off five minutes after mass begins. She cannot wait to see what poor souls she can mock today. The door creaked open slowly, quietly, but just loud enough so the most
observant of parishoners look back. Then of course the entire church followed suit, as is human nature I suppose. The proccession was a follows; first the modest father, then the
ragged but innocent children, and finally the beautiful mother. The witches face at this point is gleaming. She chuckles loudly just as she does every sunday, the voice echoing so
that everyone including the family can hear. However her appeitiate for cruelty has not yet been satisfied. She leans over the isle and lets her venemous words trickle out. They wrap a
tight grip around a the mind of someone who normally is a decent person. The effect is far reaching. Soon murmers engulf the entire church, and the shamed Father must quickly sit
down his children in the back. Everything returns to normal.

Abruptly the speach ended and I shot a glance across the aisle. The crowds would linger for hours, sharing stories and such. The beautiful young lady name Jennifer motioned towards the ceiling. The old church had a few floors, the attic being abandoned for many years was the floor in question. I stood up, and made my way over to the staircase. As i weaved through the crowd I made sure to keep looking back at Jennifer. Losing eye contact
could mean an end to our plans. Of course her mother couldnt not resist putting on a show.

All the women massed together, each putting on display their assets. Those that lacked in "prestige" sat in the back hoping that they would not be singled out. Whoever was
called out was immediately isolated, left to fend for herself. Soon even her friends would join the frenzy, verbal'y attacking someone who they had driven to Church with. The length of the torment varied on the womens cleverness. One must skillfully deflect the conversation to another even less fortunate person. And so the cycle continued until their was no
"lesser" woman to bother. Then the gossiping started.

Fearing that Jennifer would be pulled into this mess, which would occupy her for hours, I pleaded with my eyes that she think of some sort of excuse! And of course she did, with a few witty words she made her way through the pack of crows unmolested and slipped
over to the staircase. I grabbed her smooth hand and lead her upstairs, not even bothering to check if anyone had seen.

Each staircase loudly screached and so we had to move ever so carefully. Despite the fact that the church sounded like a schoolyard during recess we didnt want to risk some busy body hearing some faint noise. Soon a full investigation would be lost and that would be tricky matter to say the least. Small beads of sweat form a river on my head and splatter
onto the ground. My hands were sweaty and clamy, thought Jennifer did not seem to mind. I suppose She was just as nerveous as I was.

The higher we ascend the darker and dimmer it became. We could only vaguely hear the chatter below and it not longer concerned us. The attic had only one small gothic style window. The multi colored light slightly illuminated the rest of the room. Both of us slowly brought gaze from the floor to eye level. I held her hands and she held mine. She closes here and I close mine. She props herself on her toes and kisses me on the lips. My heart was hers and her heart was mine. The descent was quite happy affair.

Some 30 odd years later.....

I spin around and stare at red flashing lights telling me im late. I hurry downstairs and prepare tea, eggs and toast as my wife hurries in the shower. I take my showers the previous night. I always hate those late and I work diligently to avoid being one of those bums and must sneak in the way a thief would break into an elderly couples home. We devour dinner and change. I knot my new tie, and grab a pair of my newly polished shoes; Italian leather. My wife begs me to come to the bathroom. She is standing in fron the mirror poising like some sort of playboy model. She reaches down and places a beautiful pink hat atop of her and cutely asks "how does it look honey?. "Your look the the most beautiful woman in town", I say with a wink.

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