Larry the LLama

June 11, 2012
By Anonymous

Larry the Llama Saves the Loopy Llama Forest

Once upon a time there was a llama named Larry. Larry was a very lovable and laid back llama. He lived happily on a mountain called loopy llama mountain with all the other mountain llamas. Although Larry was very friendly and smart, others of his kind made fun of him and didn’t include him in their llama games. Larry wasn’t the usual type of mountain llama. He didn’t like to jump around and play with the rest. He just liked to sit on the top of the mountain and watch out over the trees and valleys and watch the bees buzz, the birds fly and the wind blow.
One day Larry noticed something strange as he looked out over the forest. There were some unusual people with loud machines and glowing orange vests, and to Larry’s shock they were cutting down the same trees that he watched every single day. Being the smart llama that he was, Larry knew that it was up to him to make a plan, but he was going to need some help to do it.
Larry started on his journey through the forest to gather all of his friends and put his plan in action. The first house that he stopped upon was Beatrice the Beavers house in the stream.
“Hello Beatrice!” Larry got Beatrice’s attention from chewing on a fallen log.
“Why, hello Larry! Nice to see you!” Larry told Beatrice about the people with their machines cutting down the trees in the forest.
“Oh no I use those trees to build my house! Of course I’ll help you!” blurted Beatrice. And of they went and continued the journey to save the forest.
The second house that Larry and Beatrice stopped at was Daryl the Deer’s.
“Hello Daryl!” Larry called over to his friend who was rubbing his antlers on a tree.
“Howdy Larry! What do you need?” Larry and Beatrice took turns explaining the story about the people cutting down the trees.
“This is horrible! I use the trees to hide from things that scare me! I’m with you!” And the three of them continued on to the next and final house on Larry’s long journey.

The next house that Larry reached was Sandy the Squirrels house up in a tree. Larry had to get on his back legs just to call up to Sandy.
“Hello Sandy!” Larry yelled into the hole in the tree with his mighty llama lungs.
“Nice to see you again Larry! Need something?” Again, all three animals took turns explaining to Sandy the situation with the people and their machines cutting down the trees.
“But if the trees are all gone, where will I live?” Sandy squeaked down from her hole. She skittered down and joined Larry, Beatrice, and Daryl on their trip.
On the long winding path to the people with machines, Larry and his friends called out into the deepest parts of the forest for all the animals to join them on their quest. At last, they had a huge herd of animals of all shapes and sizes, ready to help out. All of these new friends were somehow affected by the trees getting cut down, from the fish in the river to the bugs underground. The large group had to tip-toe through the forest so that they wouldn’t let the people know that they were there.
“Okay everyone! Listen up! I have a plan to stop our forest from being destroyed!” Larry told all the animals about his plan of running out towards all the people and showing them what the forest meant to them.
“So is everyone with me?” all the creatures cheered happily and let Larry lead the way towards the people and their machines.
As soon as the workers saw the huge group of all different animals, they stopped their saws, turned off their trucks, and dropped their cell-phones. The birds all flew towards a tall tree and started to make a nest, the squirrels scratched their ways up to the top of a tree, and the deer's lied under a trees cool shade. Everyone did their job perfectly and Larry was very happy. Larry pranced and danced all around the trees and around the construction workers. He knew that they had to give in because who could resist Larry’s buck toothed smile?
The men in their orange vests and yellow helmets all looked at each other and smiled. They nodded their heads left and right, packed up their tools, got into their big trucks and drove away down the winding road that led out of the forest. All the animals celebrated their job well done with cheer. It wasn’t long before even the other mountain llamas joined the party too.
From then on, all the other llamas looked at Larry for the smart and brave llama that he was and made him their llama leader for life. Larry continued to sit on the top of the mountain and watch out over all his new friends and his still standing, always growing, mountain llama forest.

The author's comments:
This is the most amazing childrens book ever.

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