Basketball Dream

June 6, 2012
By Juan Martinez BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
Juan Martinez BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
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The loud buzzer winning shot astonished his eyes, and then he realized it was the alarm clock that woke him up. It cut through the quiet Friday morning. A long, tired arm reached out into the distance pounding on the desk beside the bed, guessing where the clock was. After several more tries it finally hit the clock, stopping the loud morning alarm. The arm retreated back into the red, thick, cozy blanket where it laid by the body it was attached to.
“Get your lazy butt out of bed Chris!”Mom shouted from downstairs in the small brown kitchen where she was cooking breakfast.
“I’m out mom!” answered the boy wrapped in his red blanket. He staggered out of bed and drew all of his morning energy to get dressed and ready.
“You done up there yet?” asked the mom impatiently.
“Yes mom,” Chris replied while running down the stairs, his feet making thumping sounds every step he took and before he got to the last couple steps, hoped off and landed on the floor in front of the stairs.
“Okay baby, go on to school, and be careful, I love you”
“I love you too mom.” Chris said and with a kiss to the cheek of his mom as he headed out the door and headed to school.
He waited at the corner of his street every day for a ride from his best friend who drives to school. As the car pulled up into the end of the street, a voice from inside called out, “Hop in bro!”
“What’s up dude?” Chris said when he got into the passenger seat.
They exchanged their routinely handshake and drove off to school.
“Did you bring your uniform J?” asked Chris.
“Yeah bro, it’s in the trunk. I put it in there last night so I wouldn’t forget.”
“Cool… I’m so excited for today’s game. I heard these guys are real good, like really good but remember if the scout from the Chicago Bulls likes how I play I might get drafted to Chicago and maybe play with Chicago Bulls bro!” said Chris anxiously.
J, calmly and cool as ever, replied back, “They may be good and win every state championship, but not this year, what’s important is how our team plays today and bro, you got this, we both have the chance to do it big!”
“I pray to God if I get that opportunity, and of course thanks bro,” says Chris with a huge smile that makes him feel like the happiest person alive.
“I want to go out there and run plays and make shots already!” Chris said, letting out a deep breath.
“Me too G, sucks that we have to go to lame school “J said annoyed.
“Well, at least we’re here.” Chris stated, as the car parked into the parking lot. Both teens got out of the car and headed towards the school.
The day went by fast. Hours seemed like minutes. Everyone in the hallway was talking about the championship game during passing periods. Next thing Chris knew he was in the locker room with his team getting ready for the big game. The team runs out into the packed gym hearing the chants and screams of fans. Both teams got on the court. Chris walked on doing his pre-game ritual.
“You ready all star point guard?” J said smiling with enthusiasm.
“Of course, just be ready for my passes,” he replied.
“Don’t trip I got you,” said J and walked away to his position.
The jump ball was tossed and the rival team won the jump. The point guard dribbled the ball down and tried to pass the ball, but Chris read the play and jumped towards the ball and stole it. He broke down the court for a lay-up. As he jumped to lay it in, he was pulled in mid-air by the other team’s post. He let the ball go in the air as he fell to the floor. The ball bounced off the back board and drifted into the basket. The crowd cheered with amazement. The refs blew their whistles as Chris walked toward the free-throw line. He sets up his shots, fires, and cashed it in.
“Money” J said with a smirk.
The starting score of the game was 3-0.Minute after minute baskets were going on both halves of the court. First quarter 25-20, second quarter 43-39, third quarter 55-53, beginning of fourth quarter the score was 56-55. The rival team made a lucky three pointer to take the lead. Chris fought back hard, but the other team was coming back with more ambition. It’s close to the end of the game. The rival team was up by 2. The score 71-73 and the game was intense.
“We only have enough time on the clock for one more play!” screamed the head coach.
“What we have to do is inbound the ball to Chris. J, I want you to run the pick and roll and be down in the point and be open! Chris! I want you to pass the ball to J if he’s open. Hopefully they foul him and he gets to shoot the game winning free-throw.! Got this!?” Said the coach.
“Yes coach!” the team screamed with determination.
Chris shouted, “Gather up guys, this is the last play we got. We got to make the best of it. Do you guys want to be winning champs or what?!” Chris yelled out with pride.
“Yea! “The team screamed.
The team took the court with only 23 seconds on the board. J headed to the referee and received the ball. The referee blew his whistle and J threw the ball into Chris. Chris was pressured hard, he couldn’t get enough space to pass. He looked for J, but J was nowhere in sight. He was blocked behind two players not being able to get the ball. The clock was running down, 4 seconds left, Chris had to make a quick decision. With 1 second left he pulled up for the three-point fade away. The ball flew through the air with the buzzer beater ringing, showing that the game was over. The ball went to the backboard and fell into the basket. He scored, the team won the game, and the crowd screamed like there was no tomorrow and ran to the players like a stampede.
Final score 74-73, Chris and J were astonished and excited, their very own first place winning championship.
“Bro we did it, our dreams have came true!” Chris yells out.
“Didn’t I tell you?! Bro, trust you’re going to make it in the NBA, something you always wished to come true, and it’s going to happen no doubt about it.” J replied relaxed.
As they kept conversating, Chris’ basketball coach was talking and signing a contract that would allow Chris to tryout with the Chicago Bulls. The coach called Chris up, and introduced him to the scout.
“Son you have talent, dedication and luck, everything I was looking for. How would you like to try out with the Chicago Bulls?” The scout said.
“I am more than thankful for this opportunity sir and it’s a yes, but I would like you to consider my post, he is really good. He and I make the best match, I would have not made it this far if he didn’t help me out throughout the whole season sir.” Chris replied with a smile.
“Well only one of you two will make the team, but of course you both have talent, and yes he can tryout too.” The coach replied.
Chris was confused and sad, but he convinced himself that the better player would make the team.
“Yes sir.” Chris replied
“Perfect, tomorrow tryouts at 10 am in Madison Square Garden. You and your friend will have two tryouts, and on Friday I will let you know who made the team.” The coach said.
“Thank you once again, and we will be there.” Chris replied.
The next morning Chris and J left to Madison Square Garden in their favorite basketball clothing, ready to try out. They both were amazed by meeting all the professional basketball players from the Chicago Bulls. The both had nothing but a huge happiness , they tried their hardest, sprinted every sprint like if it was their last. Aimed and shot every shot with accuracy and made every play a point. The coach was shocked of how they worked out with the other basketball players, it was as if they had been on the team for a while. The next morning was the last day, the moment of truth and Chris didn’t know how to tell J what was going to happen. He thought if he did it would be competition between them and that would cause them to lose their friendship, so he decided to play his best and let the coach decide who he would choose to stay.
“Bro it’s our last day! I can’t wait to become pro!” J joyfully said.
“Well, I wish you good luck bro…” Chris sadly responded.
“Okay good luck to you too...” J replied.
A tension grew between them and they kept doing drills. They both had determination for the love of the game. When the coach called both of them in, it was time to tell them who made the team.
“Okay guys I want you two to each shoot two free throws with your eyes closed, and whoever makes more shots than the other stays.” Coach said.
Chris was up first, there was a dead silence, and he bounced the ball three times and shot with his eyes closed. Swish, the ball went in. J was next, he kissed the ball twice and aimed, and then the shot bounced off the backboard and went in. Chris was next and was so nervous that when he shot, he missed terribly. He fell to the floor and cried. J was next and he remembered that his best friend always wanted to become a professional basketball player, it was his dream. He made his decision, walked to the free throw line and missed on purpose. The coach was confused and told Chris if he made the next shot he would make the team. Chris was fulfilled with hope again and shot with his eyes closed and made it in. He shrilled in excitement and hugged J.
“Didn’t I tell you, you would become pro bro, huh?” J replied with a smile.
“Thanks bro you’re the realist person I’ve ever met” Chris said.
“Well congrats Chris, I will be contacting you soon and hopefully see you play when season starts.” Coach told Chris as they shook hands.

The author's comments:
My bestfriend inspired me to write this true story.

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