The Forgotten Memory of Love

June 6, 2012
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“The last moment I have with you will be when you take your last breath, I will always be here for you no matter what” whispered Harry as he held Aria close.
As the last tear sheds from Aria, reminding her of what she’s been through, she lifts her head up from Harry and smiles slightly. Enough to show Harry that everything will be okay. The two of them get up from the hospital room chairs and leave Aria’s frozen mother in peace. Harry is all Aria has left. Now her mother is now gone, and her dad is in jail for abusing her. Along with that her siblings are all alcoholics that she doesn’t talk to, but Harry has always been there for her.
As they walk down the long corridor hand in hand not saying a word, Aria gets a phone call from her 22 year old brother, Spencer, who needs her help because he got in a bit of trouble. “Aria, I don’t know what to do, I’m at the police station. Ughh how could I have been that stupid.” groaned Spencer.
“Spencer, W-wait, what did you even do?” asked Aria.
“Last night, I was out, and I was drinking and driving-”
“Spencer” yelled Aria, “you know better.”
“Can you come by the police station and help me?” asked Spencer.
“Um.. N-no, I can’t i’m sorry Spencer but Mom, she- , don’t worry about it. I can’t come by. I’m sorry.” Aria ends the conversation there. There was nothing else she could say.

She can’t help him, she can’t even find the words to tell him that his mother is now gone. He had too much going on. She couldn’t make him more stressed out, so she decided that another time would be best. Harry and Aria continue walking to the parking lot. The world is such a blur to Aria. She is about to collapse. Harry holds her tight and carries her to the car. They don’t say a word the entire ride home. Aria just sits in the cold leather seat and ponders the idea of how her life will be without her mother, without her best friend! Aria’s mother was always there for her. Whenever she needed a friend, she always went to her mom. They did everything together!
Aria goes numb for days. She doesn’t leave the house, she doesn’t answer the phone. She just sits on her mother’s room floor with Harry and thinks. Thinks about how life will be able to proceed without the guidance from her mother. Harry sits with her but doesn’t say anything, for fear he might say the wrong thing. The emotionless face that lies on Aria never dies away. A few hours later Harry has to leave though. He gets up slowly and gives Aria a hug and kiss goodbye. He didn’t want to let go of her.
A few days later the doorbell rings and she mopes out of bed and answers the door. She was surprised to find Harry on her doorstep. Harry was supposed to have gone to New York for a trip with the band. He has that smile on his face that makes Aria smile even more than him.
“I thought it would be a good idea if you get your mind off of things and come to New York with us” stated Harry as the wind blew his brown curly hair .
The trip with Harry and his bandmates Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn made her take her mind off things in general for a while. Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling of having a horrible future without her mom. Harry and his friends are trying to make her feel better and cheer her up but they know the pain may never go away. The car ride to New York was a long and painful ride. She just couldn’t take her mind off of her mother. Not enough time has passed to be able to take her mind off of it! Tears streamed down Aria’s pale cheeks every now and then.
As the car pulls up to the parking lot that leads them to their apartment that they owned, Aria tries to perk up and wipe the emotionless look off her face because she didn’t want to ruin the trip for Harry and the rest of the band. Harry swings the door of their Mercedes Benz open for Aria to step out.
“Come here you!” whispered Harry as he saw the expression on her face change to make him feel better.
He held her in his arms and kisses her gently on the forehead.
“Thanks,” was all that Aria was able to say, because that’s what she was, thankful! Thankful that she had a boyfriend like Harry to come to the rescue and save her. They walk together inside the apartment to the living room. They plop down on the couch only to have the car keys thrown at them.
“Go for a ride around the city!” shouted Liam who looked like he needed a long nap. His hair was practically everywhere. He yawns and walks into his room and closes the door behind him.

Driving around the city there is lots to see. They weren’t sure where their destination would be, but what mattered was their journey. Harry keeps one hand on the wheel and the other is enclosed in Aria’s hand. As they blast the radio to their favorite song, Part of Me, he casts an overwhelming smile while still looking straight on the road. The way he held his head up high while he drove, the way that he mumbles the words to the radio even though it’s his own song and he can sing it better than anyone else puts a smile on Aria’s face for some unknown reason that she couldn’t put her finger on.
The radio changes the song and Wild One comes on. Harry cranks the volume up higher and starts dancing along to the song with Aria. Harry was trying to concentrate on the road but couldn’t help but look over at Aria once and awhile. He wanted to see the glistening smile on her face as they sing along to the stereo. As he looks over at Aria their eyes meet for a split second. But in that split second, Aria’s life became something she never wanted it to become.

Three days later, Aria finally woke up in a hospital room and with a steady beep ringing in her ear. She was in so much pain in was hard for her to move. Her crystal blue eyes were peeking through just enough for Harry who only had a few scratches and bruises because the oncoming car hit the passenger side not the drivers side, to jump to his feet and run to Aria. He cradles her in his arms. She felt captive, she felt safe. By why? She had no recollection of this man who was holding her. Just the fact of her in his arms made her feel protected. She starts to cry. As the tears stream down her face Harry hold her out in front of him.
“What’s wrong Aria? You woke up, that’s incredible news,” Harry said in the softest voice.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t know who you are, you must have the wrong person,” explained Aria in a worried and frantic voice.
“You don’t remember who I am? I’m Harry! We’ve been dating for 2 years now and you came to New York with me and my family and-”
Aria’s tears stop Harry in mid-sentence. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The car crash, that was all his fault, put his girlfriend in a coma for three days. That car crash knocked the memory out of his girlfriend. Harry starts to cry as well.
The doctor walks in and is pleased to see Aria awake but the happy expression on his face soon changes to a curiosity as to why the two of them were in tears. The doctor asks Harry to leave the room so the doctor could talk to Aria.
“That man was mental, he started hugging me and saying something was all his fault. I have no clue who he was. Can you please make sure that he doesn’t come back in here, he was scaring me.” stated Aria as she wipes the last couple of tears from her cheek.
“That man was your boyfriend, Aria. You two were in a car crash that put you in a coma for three days.”
“How are you feeling?” said the doctor, not waiting for Aria’s response.
Aria still didn’t understand what was going on. All she wanted was to see her parents because she knows that they will be the ones to explain this situation better and tell her why she was in a hospital in what looks to New York.
“Can you please bring my mother and father in for me. I need them right now.” Demanded Aria as she becomes more and more frustrated. Her head was beginning to hurt from crying and thinking to much. She wanted to close her eyes but knew she needed to see her parents first.

The doctor looked confused. He knew that no parents had come with them. He didn’t know what to do so he decided to go outside the hospital room to where Harry was waiting in the dark and gloomy hallway.
“She’s demanding her parents, but I don’t know where they are.” stated the doctor as he looked Harry in his eyes coldly.
“S-she doesn’t h-have any family l-left.” he said with every ounce of power he had. Harry started to panic. Pacing back and forth, he was trying to figure out how he was going to tell his own girlfriend who doesn’t even remember him that she has no family left. He couldn’t do it. Aria wouldn’t trust me. She thinks I am a total mental stranger, He thought.
He slowly walks back in, trying to not make eye contact with Aria, he sits down in a chair that he pulled up right next to Aria’s bed. He starts to tell Aria everything that has happened. The only thing is, he leaves out the beginning of the story, why they were ever in New York in the first place. Harry starts to feel like he is gaining some of her trust. But what will happen when he tells her about her family?

“Tell me the the last thing you remember!” said Harry in a very calm voice.

“Err, I don’t know I was in a car, apparently with you.” sassed Aria.

“Do you know who these people are?” Harry pulls out his phone, where he had a picture of Aria with her family.

“Is that my family? Where are they? Can you bring them in please?” Aria pleaded as she began to look frantically out the window searching for her family.
“Aria, I’m really sorry, but your family, see the thing is.”
You can see the tears build up in Aria’s eyes. By now she must have some idea of where they are. She takes deep breaths as she lowers her body back into her bed.
“Aria, I’m sorry, you don’t have a mother anymore, she died eight days ago, and your father, well he is in prison, I- I’m all you have left, and you probably don’t even remember who I am and how much I love you but-” Harry started to ramble on but got cut off by the sound of Aria’s tears.
“ Thank you!” Aria manages to get out. She pops up and puts her arms around Harry. “I’m glad I have one person here who will always be there for me. You seem like a nice person, I hope I can one day remember our time together.” said Aria with gratitude towards the fact that she will always have Harry, even though she may never remember their time together before her accident.

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