A Fallen Angels adventure

June 5, 2012
Ella awoke lazily with fluttering eyelashes. She yawned then slowly sat up without noticing her surroundings. After rubbing her eyes she was frantically looking around at the empty meadow she somehow landed in. Ella finally noticed Jared snoring next to her. She squealed with delight and pounced on top of him.” Jared! Jared! Jared!” she wailed, all the while he was in shock and trying to push her off. “For crying out loud, Ella! Get off of me already!” he cried, as he sat up also. Ella embraced Jared in a loving hug and soon calmed down(With the reassurement of Jared).”So, where are we?” Ella asked. “I don’t know. But what I’m wondering about is the fact of how the heck we even got here” Jared replied, looking wary. Jared, by the way is a tall, slender(but muscular) sixteen year old boy with long messy grayish-looking hair that’s always in his face. Let’s not forget he also has glasses. Ella, by the way is also sixteen and is of average height. She has long, silky black hair with bangs resting gently on her forehead. Big, dark brown eyes gleam innocently with no help of glasses.

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