How to Beat General Ram on Insane: Gears of War

May 28, 2008
By Hayden Seidel, Galesville, WI

To defeat General Ram there is two ways. One way is if you are in co-op, you or your partner should have the Torque bow. The other person should have the long shot rifle. When you shoot General Ram with the torque bow the kryll should go flying away. When that happens your partner should (who already has active reloads) shoot General Ram in the head. Then the birds will come back and at the second they do you should shoot the general ram again and they will go flying away again. This will allow your partner to have an open shot and his head. When I killed him on my last Torque bow shot it killed him. It might very throw different people.

The second way to kill General Ram is to again have you or your partner get the Tongue how. And the other person should be used as the runner. What you got to do is while you or your partner shoot at General Ram and when the kryll go flying around the other person should start running for the Trikia. The person with the torque bow should keep on shooting General ram to get his attention away from the guy who is running. Now with the person near the trikia this is when the guy with the torque bow should be very good. You have to keep shooting him so the kryll don’t go for your own guy. Then when your teammate gets on the trikia he should just start blasting away at general ram. This should kill him very fast.
Doing the first one is easy but it takes awhile. The second one is a lot faster but it is also very risky. Each one will take a couple times to do it. Unless you are really good and are able to do it on your first time. It took me 3 times to do it the first way and 5 times to do it on the second way. Each got very frustrating at times and screaming at your teammate but in the end it was worth it.

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