Homeless Teen

June 5, 2012
Sasha scrounged through the garbage can because she hadn’t eaten in two days. Being a black teenager isn’t easy, especially in New York City. New York City is mostly all Americans. How is a homeless teenager supposed to fit in?

Sasha has been going around wearing the same clothes for two months straight. Since her mom found out that she got fired because she missed two days of work and didn’t excuse herself before not showing up. Sasha had gone to a party and lost her virginity to a guy she had just met. Pictures were send to her mom, and her mom didn’t even think twice about letting her go. Her mom didn’t want her daughter to lose her virginity at thirteen. She told Sasha that she had to leave for good.

It was June 1, 2008 when Sasha was determined to steal food from a grocery store. She had no family to help her, no job and no friends. As Sasha is walking inside Publix she saw a sign that said “singer tryouts June 3, 2008, all ages welcomed. Winner gets a 50,000 dollar contract.” Sasha had always been a good singe she just had no one to listen to her. She took the flier down and stashed it in her pocket. When she is fully inside she sees some of her old friends. Since she is wearing the same clothes from when she last saw them she turned around and ran to the food isles.

That night when she is sitting down under a tree in a park her arms were full of food. She certainly would be super full in the morning.

The next day as she’s getting up to leave she finds a twenty-dollar bill. This would definitely get her some new clothes or some more food. Lately the more her belly grew the hungrier she got. She doesn’t know why her belly is growing she barely even eats. It’s been 8 months almost 9 months since she left. In two weeks she would be homeless for nine months.

From the money she found she only has a quarter left. She is going to use that quarter to call to see if they let her try out. After she hung up she ran to the store to steal a proper outfit for the tryouts.

She was one of the first people to get there. She was number three in line. Today she’s been nine months without a home. When it’s her turn she chooses the song “Blue Bird” by Christina Perry. As she’s singing her lungs out she starts getting this aching pain in her stomach. Instead of singing she is now screaming.

When she wakes up she is in a hospital. There is a nurse in the room and tells her “hey. Honey, guess what? Well you are having a baby. You only need to finish dilating and you can have a beautiful baby girl. Sasha was super shocked and she was about to scream her lungs off, but all of a sudden she gets so sleepy that in 3 minutes she was already sleeping.

When she wakes up she sees the nurse and a doctor. They tell her that she’s giving birth.

After she had the baby the male doctor who was attending her tells her that she had a call that she had won the 50,000 dollar contract. Sasha wanted to celebrate but she was so sleepy that she couldn’t.

Ten years later she is a professional singer going on tour.

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