Joy and Sorrow

June 5, 2012
A romantic adventure

May 13, 2012
Linda had just left home she wanted adventure. She wanted to explore the world, see new things, and live life to the fullest. On her first day on the road she met Katherine. Katherine also left home for adventure, except Katherine had left years ago. Linda was twenty-three years old. Katherine was thirty-two and had left home at nineteen. To Linda Katherine was a personal guide.

Neither Katherine nor Linda really had a destination. They both wanted adventure, but were nowhere near it. They both love lighthouses. Also they both love to take pictures. Who knew you could have so many things in common with a complete stranger?

The next day they were both on the road to Portland. There they found a cheap apartment that could fit both of their budgets. Who knew Maine had so much to offer? Especially so close to the famous Portland lighthouse.

After they were all settled they went to the Portland head lighthouse to take pictures. As soon as they arrived Linda sets eyes on a handsome guy. He has low black hair, brown eyes, and he’s wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and black high-tops.

Before they leave the handsome guy whose name turned out to be Marc. He asked out Linda and she said “I’d love to”. Marc and Linda had a date on Saturday.

On the date Linda found out Marc was Mexican and she told him “I am 100% Puerto Rican and proud to be one”. They left it at that, Marc quickly changed the subject. Marc told her that he knew a lot about Maine. He told Linda “The area of Maine is 33,265 sq. mi, The capitol is Augusta, the nickname is the pine tree state, the highest point is mount Katahdin, 5,267 t , population 1,305,728 (2003 est.) .

Marc was a bit of a nerd but for some reason Linda liked that. They were now officially dating. When she got to her cheap apartment she found that Katherine was pretty mad that Linda had a boyffriendand she didn’t. Katherine wasn’t talking to Linda anymore.

Even though Linda still had Marc she still got depressed. When she left the house it was to get away from Katherine but when she was with Marc all she thought of was Katherine. How could she be mad at Linda? Linda didn’t start dating Marc to hurt her. She is going out with him because she likes him.

The day of her first month anniversary with Marc, Linda tried committing suicide. When Marc got there he found her trying to hang herself. Marc saved her life.

After she came out the hospital all she did was take photographs. A guy signed her up to become a famous photographer. On Monday she gets her answer.

Monday afternoon she got a call about the photography gig. She got the call. On her date with Marc she let him know.

Two years later Marc and Linda het married. Twenty-Five years of life and she finally found someone who loves her, under any conditions.

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