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June 5, 2012
By ShelbyAlexa13 BRONZE, Lynn Haven, Florida
ShelbyAlexa13 BRONZE, Lynn Haven, Florida
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Once upon a time…is a whole bunch of…lame to me.
Normally people think the fairy tale always ends in a happy ending. Well, here is my story and well – you will just have to find out what happens.

This is the time of 1516 and I live in the city of Kath. I am a lord’s daughter about to become betrothed to the prince Liam. And let me tell you, this prince, is the most self-centered, ghastly, and ignorant person I have ever met. Not to mention - all he sees me as - is a girl who will carry his children. I’m only thirteen years old. Why in the world would I want to have kids at this age? I don’t even want to get married yet. But, that’s how it is here in the “Great City of Kath”. Blah, blah, blah…by the way, my name is Marguerite and this is my story.

Well you know how most stories start, but mine is different. My friends: Belle, Cinderella, and Rapunzel wanted to be put in the tower to wait for their handsome Prince Charming to come save them from the dreadful dragons keep. But, not I, my darn mother wanted me to be like my other friends. So she forced me into that stinking tower and locked me in there when I was ten years old. I know what you’re thinking – what kind of mother is that – well let me answer your question…MINE!

Well, while I was in the tower for three years I got tired of being there. So, I decided to call Hydra, the dragon guarding me, to come help me out of that thirty story building. I hopped out of the window onto her back. Yeah, that’s right, I saved myself.

Well, while I was gone apparently Prince Liam was planning and training to come rescue me from the tower…he took forever.

When I got back to Kath, I went to my house to go see my family…yes the family that put me in the tower for three years. But – back to what I was saying, anyways, when I got there Prince Liam was on his horse waiting for me. My things were packed up in the carriage. My mother, wanting what was “best” for me made a deal with the King. The deal was that if I because I was sooo self reliant (being able to find my way out of the tower and find my way home by myself) that I would have to go live with Prince Liam as punishment until we got married. She said “It was for my own good.” I don’t even see why there was a deal made because either way I would have to live with him anyways.

3 months later…

Now it has been three months and it’s my wedding day (unfortunately). I just wish that I had a fairy god-mother to come wave her magic wand and give me some wishing action. But, I’m just imagining things they don’t exist…or do they?

So that’s my story! Now you know why I said there was no happy ending in this story whatsoever. I ended up marrying the stupid prince and NOT living happily ever after, well, at least I’m not!

The author's comments:
It is a fairy tale, but it is not about your ordinary little princess.

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