Those first three days of high school

June 5, 2012
By Autumn Baillargeon BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Autumn Baillargeon BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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It was the last day of summer; Jessica, Hunter and Kylie were all hanging out and talking about starting high school the next day. They were all nervous and scared. Hunter and Kylie were her closet friends she tells them everything. Jessica doesn’t really have a lot of friends so she just always hangs out with Hunter and Kylie. But this past month Jessica’s parents got divorced and it hasn’t been easy on Jessica at all. Since her parents don’t really talk to her cause her mom and dad always argue she only talks to Hunter and Kylie and she doesn’t even talk to her brother Andrew.
So all this is how it all started. Hunter and Kylie have braces, But Jessica’s teeth are really bad they have gaps in them, and they aren’t straight at all. She was planning on getting them two months ago but she didn’t get to cause her parents got divorced a month after the planning of the braces. Since braces are a lot of money Jessica’s parents couldn’t pay for all of that since there separated she couldn’t get them put on.

So since Jessica’s teeth were stuck they way they were she had to face high school with teeth like that. The first day of high school wasn’t so bad. But the third day she got bullied really bad and got hurt by all the bad comments. Each day it got worse for her she cried herself to sleep at night thinking of everything and listening to her parents argue over the phone. She finally just skipped school one day with Kylie and Hunter and just talked about everything going on, Kylie told her to go to school tomorrow and just see how it goes. So she did the next day and was even worse than before, She never felt this much hatred towards her before.

Jessica ran home that day and just left school in the middle of the day. When she got home she thought for about 10 minutes and killing herself… And then she tried she opened a bottle of pills and took six of them. When hunter found out that she ran home in the middle of the day he knew what she was going to do and he had to stop her from doing it.

Hunter ran to her house and ran through the door and asked Jessica’s brother Andrew where Jessica was and he said I don’t know and I don’t care. So Hunter ran up to her room and she wasn’t there and then he ran into her bathroom and she was in there and she looked like she was about to pass out. Right when Hunter saw her like that he called 911 and they came and picked her up and took her to the hospital. She rested there for about three days and then went to go take therapy. After that happened her parents stopped arguing and Jessica soon became confident of herself and went back to school not caring about what other people thought of her and just thought to herself that she beautiful no matter what anybody else says. Jessica made more friends throughout the year and Jessica was happy and happy about not ruining her life and not killing herself. Because her life is great now and she is happy and free!

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