Remembering-part 1

June 5, 2012
“I’ve been watching you.” The redheaded stranger said.
“Gee, that doesn’t sound creepy in the slightest.”
He smiled.
I liked his smile…I think.
But…that could be the alcohol talking.
He seems sweet.
But I don’t like the way he keeps looking at me like I’m some sort of snack.

We talk some more.
Leave the bar together…and then it’s all blank.
I don’t remember anything.

It’s been two years, and I still don’t remember.
But I have figured out something.
That beautiful redheaded stranger…was far from human.
After that night I never saw another dawn.
He stuck around long enough to teach me.
What I should avoid, what’s dangerous to us…how to hunt.
His name was Dimitri…at least that’s what he told me to call him.
But I’m sure it’s not his real name.
I’ve heard him called others.
Marcus, Jonathan, Caleb, Nathaniel…Dimitri.

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