The Redhead and the Taratula

June 3, 2012
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I was in a deep sleep and in an even deeper dream. I have never had one as realistic as this before. I found myself in the middle of a forest, walking slowly and curiously through the woods, unsure of where I was going. The place was quite big and scattered with dozens of tall and thick trees a lot of them were missing a majority of their leaves. I was clutching a short and evenly curved wooden black bow with a black wooden arrow tipped by a sharp steel arrow-head. I wasn’t sure why I had it or how I even got it but I didn’t care too much about it. I have always been handy with a bow and arrow as a good archer. I was entered into the fine sport and art at the age of twelve and it came to be a very great talent and skill of mine that I had quickly developed over the years. I have gone through competitions and recreations of archery events. But as I continued walking I began to ask myself “Do I really need it?” this isn’t even my bow and arrow. I haven’t heard or seen anything and I don’t know how long it’s been now. The only awkward part of this situation was that all I was wearing was a pair of jeans. No shirt, no shoes, and not even any socks, just a pair of jeans that were lightly worn and torn. As I began to question things further I finally decided that it would be better to hang on to the weapon and stop concerning about what I was wearing. I began to focus fully on where I was, after all I have never seen these woods before and I don’t know what may be out there waiting for me.
It was very cool around here and a strong cool gust of wind breezed by once in a while that made it even cooler sending a tense chill through my body and causing my hair to rise. I walked on as my feet made light crumpled sounds as I stepped over the thousands of colorful leaves that were scattered and stacked throughout, covering the ground. I suddenly heard a noise coming from my right as if a large branch was snapped in half. I reacted quickly and ran to a log that was lying nearby to my left. I leaped over the log and hid behind it, taking cover as I clutched my bow and arrow firmly. Once there, I peeked over to catch a look where the sound came from. There was nothing but silence and for a brief moment I thought it was nothing. I prepared to step out and move on until I heard another noise different from the last one, this time it sounded like a huge animal shrieking. My heart leaped and my ears tensed as I ducked backed down even further behind the log now. Whatever was out there was big and more likely dangerous. I continued waiting and looking over the log every few seconds, until I heard yet another noise, this time I was certain that it was something walking. Each step that was taken had a thunderous reaction making the trees nearby lightly shake and the leaves fall even more now. My fingers shook, my muscles tensed, and my teeth lightly chattered, I couldn’t tell whether it was from the cold or me being scared. I began to feel a slight vibration within the earth, which only meant that it was coming my way and that it was very close now. After a few moments the sounds of the footsteps was followed up by another shriek even louder than before. I knew by how clear the sound was that whatever this thing was it was no more than fifty yards from me. Despite how nervous I was, I became curious and eager to see what this mysterious thing was, so I shook off my nervous tension and slightly peeked over the log once more ready to assume and expect the worst. But once I finally caught a clear view of it, even that wasn’t enough.
It was the most gruesome and hideous thing I have ever seen, truly horrific and awful. It was an enormous tarantula, bigger than any that I’ve ever seen before. It stood about 12 feet tall and must have been at least 8 feet long. It had 8 long legs as wide as flag poles and 8 piercing yellow eyes. Thick, bushy, and stringy brown hair covered its entire body, even the two thick long pincer fangs that were heavily dripping with yellow and slime-like saliva. The tarantula hissed and screeched loudly causing me to flinch a bit, judging by how it sounded, he was very agitated. He was hungry and he wanted something to sink it’s fangs into and devour with savory. I was completely terrified, I clutched my bow tighter as the tarantula came closer. I wasn’t sure what to do. Should I act now by taking aim, firing, and run? Or do I wait until the hideous arachnid spots me and then take action? The tarantula is searching the area for food right now, but he doesn’t know I’m behind this log and I want to keep it that way. I only have one arrow which means I only have one shot, so I have to make it count and use it wisely. So I decided to lay low, keep quiet, and hope for the best. After several long moments the tarantula finally gave up his search and set off for another course. I finally exhaled out slowly. I don’t think I breathed at the whole time the spider was looking for me because I felt short of air. After my breathing and heart rate normalized and my nerves calmed I stood out from behind the log and double checked to see if the coast was clear. After seeing and hearing no sign of the hairy arachnid beast, I took off in the opposite direction. Moments later after nothing but silence I heard the tarantula make another screech from afar that caused me to jump. It was so loud, I thought for a second that the tarantula was right behind me and the jolt of fear forced me to take off running for a short while until it felt safe to slow down and walk again.
I must have been walking for quite a long while and I eventually decided to take a short break for a little bit and think about my next move. It had been perhaps four hours or longer since I’ve spent in this forest and so far nothing has changed in it. The top of the trees were clustered together as several thin rays of light shot through the gaps of the colorful and crowded leaves from above. It was still the same cool temperature as before and the sky was still grey and foggy, I didn’t know exactly how to get out of here. I didn’t even know which way to go except forward until I find something or someone. After a short while I looked up into the cloudy gray sky then to the tall monumental sized trees and thought what I would be able to see from atop. I decided to climb up a tree and hopefully if I can see a lot farther and higher from a good view, maybe I can find a better direction of where to go. I walked right up to the first tree I saw and observed it for a second. I felt the trunk and lightly knocked and kicked at it accidently jabbing my bare toes causing my teeth to clench, it seemed to be strong and sturdy enough to hold me. Wrapping the bow and arrow around my shoulder like a backpack, I then looked for the closest branch above me and reached up to grab it. Pulling myself up I lifted my feet off the ground and I began to climb up.
I pushed and tore my way up to through the trees as I endlessly climbed grabbing and pushing off one branch after the other. I was deeply buried in between branches and bushes of leaves ripping larger holes in my jeans. I was only able to see small areas of the ground whenever I looked down. After just a few minutes I must have been at least seventy feet high. After many moments more of climbing I looked up and saw that I was only a few feet to the very top, so I cling on to the highest and final branch and pulled upward bursting through the top of the tree. Managing to get the entire upper half of my body out, I now had a clear and wide view of the vast, beautiful forest that took up the entire land and the majestic horizon of the sky that surrounded it. Balancing myself on the thick branch, I was completely shocked by the absolute beauty of the entire land. I was surrounded by tall and thick trees that were heavily coated with sheets of large leaves that formed a sea of colors that varied from green, red, yellow, and orange. The sky was covered by long thick clouds appeared in a bluish- grey tint, despite the lack of color it still appeared very radiant. A thin and misty fog engulfed in between the massive trees almost appearing as a second layer of clouds except I am able to see through them much better. This view was so beautiful and striking when you see something this extraordinary it needs to be admired. I decided to embrace it all in by closing my eyes, balancing myself on two branches, and raising my arms up to the horizon as the wind flowed and caressed against my bare face, arms, and chest. All I could think of is how much I wanted to hold on to this experience over and over for as long as I can. Not only that I wanted to witness it, I wanted to be a part of it all, this powerful feeling was so embracing, so overwhelming and seductive that I almost forgot that I was asleep and I didn’t want this dream to end. I yelled out a loud “WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” and listened as it echoed throughout and eventually dimed out.
I finally got a hold of myself and opened my eyes and at first I was oblivious to everything until I heard a loud and gruesome screech of the giant tarantula. I couldn’t tell how close he may be but it sounded like it came from my left so I began searching the entire area within my view for any sign of movement or activity. Suddenly I caught sight of the tarantula he was way closer than I thought. He was in the wide open on a tall hill. Its grotesque body suddenly made the gorgeous view a lot less radiant. Amazing what the presence of one hideous thing can do to something so beautiful. Why was he this close by? I went the opposite way when I last saw him and it obviously didn’t know I was around. Or did he? I then saw the tarantula turn direction towards me and without a doubt I knew that it saw me. Both of our gazes locked together for one long brief moment but it felt much longer. The tarantula stared endlessly at me, he may not have been able to see me but he knew I was around, it has been hunting me. I could clearly saw all eight of its yellow awful eyes as they stared at me with vile hunger. When I looked into its eyes all I saw was pure ugly monstrosity. I felt a creeping chill graze up my spine as it continued to stare with green saliva drooling from its long fury brown fangs. The fear sizzled in me as the tarantula turned its gaze away from me and walked off shrieking diabolically as it itched for our next encounter. I hope I never have to deal with that gruesome monster ever again. I then shook off the tingling feeling and pushed down my fear and began to focus on observing the area for a safe route.
While zooming around, I noticed a slight movement coming from the corner of my right; I quickly fixed my gaze there and managed to catch a glimpse of something moving through the woods. I only saw it for a split second but it was enough to tell me much about it. It was not the tarantula, it looked nothing like it. Whatever it was it was small, lean, appeared in bright white colored body, and if I wasn’t mistaken, it had a red colored head. It was also very close too, probably no less than a hundred yards from my tree, so I decided to follow it. Without any delay, I pushed back into the tree leaving behind the great scenery. I slowly and carefully stepped down branch by branch and began climbing down.
Other than the fact that I nearly racked myself on a branch, it was a pretty easy coming down. As soon as I was on the ground, I made a quick accurate assumption of where I saw the mysterious red and white figure, after that I immediately set off continuously looking around for the tarantula. Even the slightest sound made me flinch as I traveled expecting to see it stalking me, I might be a bit paranoid but I need to be careful and stay alert. As went on I began to think of my reason and plan for this mysterious thing I was tracking now. Whatever it was, I am extremely curious of it. I wasn’t sure though if it was a very good idea to search for this thing. I mean whatever it is, is it good? Can I trust it? Will it hurt me once I do find it? I don’t know. I mean God knows what could happen in here and what else may be in here. I saw a giant and hideously grotesque tarantula, something that obviously doesn’t exist but then again I need to remember I’m in dream where anything can happen and anything can exist.
I have always had a huge terrifying issue with spiders since I was about five years old when a small creepy-crawling black spider about the size of a nickel had bit me on the leg and made me fall off of a table that I had climbed on top of outside my home. When I fell I landed on few sharp-pointed pebbles that inflicted a lot more pain than the spider did but I got the pains mixed up which triggered a little phobia. Ever since the event I have been afraid of spiders and always avoided them. The very appearance of spiders is ugly alone but after learning of their nature through my perspective on how that spider attacked me for no reason it brought it out even more. I know looks are deceiving but as soon as you see something do an ugly act, that person or thing will always appear ugly and there is no way to conceal it. Anyone or anything that harms other living things for their nature or pleasure is something that is truly ugly. That tarantula that lurks in this forest is ugliness in its true form. But I can’t assume that’s all there is, just ugly and bad things in this forest, especially after the majestic view I had just seen. Just like the real world there must be true good and beauty in this forest that is worth making self-sacrifices and facing your fears in order to pursue and fight for those good and beautiful things. Fighting those battles and overcoming corrupt horrors does make you good but it doesn’t just make you exactly beautiful and it certainly doesn’t make you ugly. When I think about it, it makes you great.
I was immediately taken out of deep thought once more when I came close to a steep hill that angled down to a valley. As I walked toward the edge, I began to observe the valley beneath me. The pathway angled down the hill and led to a large flat area that had a river of clear cool water that followed horizontally to my view and spread down for miles across, extending to my left and right. I thought that it may be a good place to rest for a while so I started walking downward. But I quickly stopped as my eye caught on to some movement from my right. I quickly crouched low and clutched my arrow with both my hands ready to use it as I watched carefully. At first I lost sight of the movement until I focused and caught a glimpse of it again within the trees. I kept my gaze fixed on it as it drew closer and closer, I wasn’t sure whether it was the tarantula or the mysterious figure but either way if it comes out I’ll be ready to decide what to do. The sound of the movement told me that it was getting closer but it couldn’t have been the tarantula, the sound I heard with these footsteps weren’t loud at all. These footsteps were light and the only reaction I heard were a few leaves crunching lightly. But I still kept my guard up. Suddenly the figure stepped out of the trees and it began to casually walk towards the river……or should I say she?
The mysterious figure that I saw earlier from the trees was a person, a young woman. I stared wide eyed at her as she flaunted to the river. By the very looks of it she must have been about my age and all she was wearing was just a thin white blouse that exposed her arms reached half way down her thighs. I continued to watch as she knelt down at the river and began to sweep up the water from the river collecting it gently in her hands and drank from them. There wasn’t much light to see much of her despite the fact that it must have been midday. But from what I could see is that her expressions and fluent movements where so calm and graceful. It turns out that the red part that I thought was her whole head was really her hair. Red hair that was perfectly straight and it curtained down her head and past her shoulders and by the look of her body, it was very feminine. I didn’t know what else to do other than to just stand and watch her. But then I decided that would be just a little bit weird. I figured it wouldn’t be so bad to go down there, introduce myself, and maybe find out a sensible direction to go through this forest. “Very well” I thought. As I stood up and began to walk forward I then heard a loud disgusting shriek, followed by repeated sounds of roaring footsteps charging and trees snapping and crashing down to the floor violently. I immediately whipped my head to the right again and knew what that was and quickly turned my attention back toward the redheaded women. She was still kneeling by river oblivious to the noise, I couldn’t understand why though especially if it was that loud. I then saw the giant and hideous tarantula smash through the wall of trees and land firmly on the ground with a thunderous boom appearing several yards behind the redhead. I then reacted instinctively and yelled as loud as I could at the redhead. “RUN!”
The redhead whipped her head up and immediately had her eyes directed straight at me, as that happened the tarantula heard the sound of my yell and his sight was now on the redhead. Once the redhead saw me, I pointed out the tarantula for her, forcing her to look behind. As soon as she stood up and turned around, she made eye contact with the tarantula, with a nasty and hungry look in the ugly creatures eight horrific eyes, the tarantula shrieked ferociously and began to charge at her. The redhead reacted quickly and made a run for it with lightning speed. The redhead sprinted across the valley, following down the river, and dashed away. The tarantula started after her and the two quickly vanished out of sight from behind the trees. With my bow and arrow in hand, I then started down the valley and followed the tracks down the river following the redhead and the tarantula.
I continued running as fast as I could even though they were too far for me to see now. As I was running so many things began to go through my mind. One half of me was telling me “Save her before it’s too late.” But another part of me was thinking “No, Just walk away from this and worry about yourself, you don’t even know this girl”. I know I don’t know who this women is and I don’t know whether she is good or not or worth saving. I only have one arrow to use and if I use it to try to save her I might end up missing and wasting my shot and that could cost me my life. If I fail I will suffer and the tarantula will tear and rip me to pieces and devour me alive. “But that thing will kill her, it will rip her apart, I can’t let that happen.” Said my one side until my other part said “At least it won’t be you. Better her than you.” Right then and there I felt a sick twisted twinge in my stomach that caused me to stop. Thinking of something selfish and cruel like that made me sick to my stomach I hated what I just thought of. Abandoning and deserting that poor girl and leaving her to the mercy of that hideous and monstrous creature to be slaughtered so inhumanely. I hated the very idea of that happening it made me feel awful inside. “If that thought and feeling makes me feel so bad, then why did I even think that? Why am I considering it for God’s sake? I then got very angry with myself. That’s not me. Only a bad and wicked person would do such a thing, sacrifice another for their own benefit. What could be causing me to think such a way? I then finally realized what it was fear. Fear is what was making me question myself, the best side of myself. It’s what fills a person with guilt, doubt, anger, aggravation, bitterness, cruelty, and hate, all ugly things if people act on it. It makes a person think and feel things that they are not familiar with and it just makes them feel worst and lost. There comes a time to walk away from things but it was NOT this time to even take that into consideration. If I abandon this girl all of those bad and ugly things will build up in me and make feel so much worse than I do now. And when that happens, all it will do is just turn me into something I’m not it will make me something ugly and bad, just like the tarantula. “That is not me!” Without a second more of a pause I directed my sight back down the river path where the two have ran and started down there again, breaking into an all-out sprint I was faster than before now. “I am going to help this girl and that’s final!”
As I ran all I kept telling myself “I am going to try and save this girl or die trying, even if I fail at least I tried and did my best, I would rather be a dead hero trying to do what’s right than a live coward filled with regret.” I am not a coward or an ugly psycho. I then threw away the cowardly impulse and rid myself of all those dark thoughts and began to think more positively. I am going to take a leap of faith and hope for the very best, that’s all I can and will do. I am a good person. I am going to be what a good person is, a fighter, a helper, a warrior, a chivalrist, a defender, a guardian, a protector. Now I need to plan out my strategy on how I am going kill the tarantula. As I was running I saw a long and broad sharp stone by the river and quickly snatched it up as I ran, it could be useful, a possible dagger. After a half mile of running I began to think I was too late which sort of frightened me. I continued running, keeping my eye on the tracks on the ground to make sure I was still going the right way. I noticed that the river had run out and the tracks continued on. After what must have been a mile or two now I saw a small line of blood trailed on the ground and my heart twirled. It had to have been the girl’s, she must be wounded or even dead. As I began to assume the worst I continued forward in a light jog hoping she might be still alive. I then felt a rush of anger surge through me. I swear if that gruesome monster has hurt that girl, I will kill that god-awful creature from hell. Even if this girl is dead and even if I can’t save her then I promise to be sure that her killer pays with his life, I’ll make sure of that. As they anger rose in me I then suddenly heard a loud screech coming from my left and I quickly took off in that direction.
The sound led me to a thin wall of trees that had been smashed through by the tarantula which allowed me a view to see through. I saw the giant tarantula was trying to furiously cling and claw fiercely at a tall giant mound of rocks and rubble and at the top of the mound sitting as far away from the edge was the redhead. She was scooted away at the top center of the mound with a nasty red cut bleeding out on her right leg. The tarantula must have scratched her during the pursuit and caused her to go limp, therefore she couldn’t run anymore and she must have managed to find this mound of rocks to climb on top of to evade the tarantula, the poor girl was desperate now and she needed help, my help. The tarantula was aggravated he was either to heavy or not agile enough to climb up the mound no matter how hard it tried. That brought me some time but I have to think quickly, I’m not sure how strong that mound is and I don’t know how long it will take until the tarantula reaches up there and drags the girl down. I went to planning right away when I saw a round cylinder shaped rock and an idea immediately ignited in my mind. It wasn’t a great one but I was short on time and options, I had no choice, it was now or never. I then picked up the rock and winded it on the string of my bow like a slingshot and took direct aim at the rampaging tarantula. This it is, after this there is no turning back, it’s time for the tables to be turned, I am no longer the hunted it’s time for me to become the hunter. Without a moment more of a thought I trusted my instincts, took a deep breath, and fired the stone.
The stone shot through the air and struck the tarantula at the back of its head with a hard thwack causing the creature to jolt. The tarantula then whipped around and turned his gaze toward me, his eight piercing yellow eyes were fixed on me now. We locked gazes once more just like the last time. At first the tarantula was staring at me looking furious with aggravation from the stinging pain of the stone but as soon as it realized it was me they became bright with a pleasing and ravenous hunger in his eyes, he looked very sinister and even more hideous now. It almost looked like he was smiling wickedly at me. I felt a chilling flow of fear creep in me, this creature will kill me slowly and enjoy to, but I will not let that happen, I cannot. It’s either me or him and I have no plans on dying, so I shook off the scared impulse and positioned my arrow on my bow. I backed away further about a hundred yards from the line of trees to give me more distance to aim my weapon, I was ready now. The tarantula looked at me with a ravenous appetite in his eyes as his fury huge fangs were soaked in yellow saliva that drooled profusely and endlessly from its mouth. Without a second more of waiting the tarantula became oblivious to the redhead who was still on top of the hill watching with horror and the awful creature charged at me with overwhelming speed.
I raised my bow and arrow, pulled the string back with a quick tug, and took aim at the charging beast as it lunged continuously. As I aimed I then began to recall my training from my previous lessons in archery, it will come useful in this now life or death situation. Everything felt like it was slowing down as I took a deep breath. What was actually only about five seconds felt like an entire minute. The shaking in the ground from the tarantula’s feet, his banshee-like shrieks, all of the pressure on me became oblivious and only one thing flowed through me…..focus. During that short time I positioned my feet equally parallel to each other, expanded my chest, stretched out my shoulders as I pulled the string back further, and straightened my back firmly into a perfect posture. When I was unable to pull back any further I took one big deep breath and held it in my lungs. My whole entire body was one big flexed muscle as I stayed in a firm archer stance with zero movement but I still felt calm, steady, and relaxed. I lined my right eye as straight as I could with the arrow and I searched endlessly for an accurate and deadly kill shot on the tarantula. It only took a few seconds for me to find a lethal weak spot as the tarantula readied his own weapons by opening its mouth very wide, his fangs dangling around as I saw the disgusting and horribly repulsive fluids and chunked fleshy pieces of its last human prey. Consumed and deformed limbs and organs swirling around in black and yellow saliva-like slime, but I was unmoved by it. With the tarantula about forty-five yards away I then exhaled my breath and as I did I released my arrow and the tarantula positioned himself to jump the remaining distance towards me and kill me. Without a seconds more delay the tarantula made its move but it was too late…………I got him.
The arrow zipped through the air and disappeared with supernatural speed whistling through the air as it streaked in a perfectly straight line and appeared out of nowhere striking the tarantula right in the center of its head. I lowered my bow as the tarantula’s raging shrieks was now cry of agony and its thunderous footsteps were replaced by staggers followed by a loud stumble as the creature collapse to the ground and slid towards me. The massive impact of the tarantula falling made me stagger a bit. I felt like I was in the middle of an earthquake. But I quickly regained my footing as I saw that the tarantula was still sliding towards me and he was still alive. “It’s time to end this” I said firmly. I pulled out the sharp rock that I found earlier. I stared at the tarantula and then sharp knife-like stone and as I did anger surged up in me and I began to run towards the sliding monster. I closed the distance in an instant as I jumped into the air, evading the collision of the tarantula, and I landed perfectly on its massive head where I shot it. I slammed my foot down hard sliding the arrow further into the monster’s head. The tarantula kept sliding slower and slower as I positioned my balance and began to stab savagely and endlessly at the tarantula’s face. I was like a brutal animal, gouging its eyes out, making them pop like water balloons spraying disgusting yellow puss all over my legs chest, arms, and face. It was the most horrible thing I ever smelled, I kept my teeth clenched and fought off the urge to puke as I endlessly continued to hack, stab, and slash at the tarantula splitting its head open, ripping its fangs off, punching, kicking at it like a raging beast.
After over a minute or so the tarantula stopped sliding and twitching as it took its last dying breath. I stood over the creature baring my teeth and flexing my muscles tightly looking as intimidating and as scary as I could as I lifted my head up for a few brief moments and began to calm myself. I slowed down my heart and breathed the last of the raging fires out of my lungs until I was calm again. I then jumped off the tarantula and stared into the yellow gooey punctured holes that were now his eyes; despite that I knew that it could still somehow see me. As I stared, all I sensed in this tarantula’s face was monstrous evil and unnatural cruelty, and this creature relished in it. But now all I saw in his face was nothing but horrific fear and agonizing terror. It was afraid of me. Good. I felt a flame of power and pride rise in me; I felt like I have just accomplished something noble and achieved something just and honorable. But then again I didn’t feel too good of acting so monstrous myself sorrow began to settle in but not for long. I felt out of control and that sort of spooked. But at I still stayed calm and focused so I wasn’t really out of control at all. I just unleashed my fear and anger onto this awful creature. I felt independent and all out mighty and I think I was right to feel good about killing this creature and for a good reason as well. After all the wicked and horrible things that this creature has done, he deserves this, everything that he had put into me, the redhead and any other victim I had now put into him. I avenged them.
My mind finally snapped back into full focus as I remembered the redhead who was probably still posted on the mounds. The anger in me vanished completely and I was now worried about her. I had to make sure she was alright. I then wiped the stinky yellow puss from my face and made my way back to the line of trees leaving behind the giant corpse of the slaughtered tarantula. When I reached the line of trees I entered through where the tarantula had smashed through and I immediately shot my gaze up to the pile of mounds and saw that the redhead was gone. I didn’t know where she could possibly be, she must be alive. Should I go find her to check if she’s O.K? I don’t know whether I should or just let her go. I decided to rest for bit and decide my next move later.
As I began to look around the area, I found myself in field. It was bright with sunlight due to the fact that there were no trees blocking out the sky from above. The sky was clear of all clouds and it was no longer dim and grey, it was a perfect bright blue color combined with the golden rays of the basking sun. I was surrounded by small white flowers that scattered all over the place. I guess I could say they were kind of neat, but what really caught my attention was thin brook ahead of me. I quickly ran toward and saw a deep streak of water streamed throughout it. I couldn’t stand being drenched in this awful pus smell. I dropped to my knees and threw my hands and arms into the cool, clean, and refreshing water and began too splash myself wildly washing the nasty yellow goo from my entire body. After a few minutes of splashing, washing, and drinking from the stream, my body was clean and my thirst was quenched. I took a relieving and satisfying breath and smiled. I felt so refreshed and calm, I was wide awake. I had my eyes closed and the gross yellow puss stink was gone. The only thing I could smell now is the nice aroma of the flowers that filled my senses with a relaxing herbal scent and all I could feel was the bright warm sun soothing my skin and muscles clearing me of all stress. After taking in my fill of this great sensation of nature I slowly opened my eyes and I saw standing before me was the redhead.
I was shocked by the sudden presence and I quickly leaped to my feet with my bow in hand, “Where did she come from?” I thought. She was about twenty feet away from but thanks to the light of the sun that was being given off I now had clear view of her much better than before. The wound in her leg that she sustained from the tarantula was now gone. I focused my sight on her and right when I was about to call out to her my mouth closed instantly when I finally got a clear sight of the girl and of how beautiful she was. She looked like a woman in her prime. She was of tall height about the same as me. She had the most elegant figure that I have ever seen on a woman, her body looked as if she was built like a swimmer or gymnast but at the same time she seemed quite lean and petite. The short and thin white blouse-like gown that she wore barely reached her knees but I didn’t mind at all, the silk cloth beautifully complemented the sexy curves of her body. She filled it out perfectly with her nicely voluptuous hips, her flat and tight stomach, and her well-round proportioned chest. Her tone legs were long and lean as was her arms. Her scorching red hair draped over her head and showered over her shoulders. If I had to compare her natural hair color to anything, it would be that of the color of flames or blood. She had piercing green eyes that produced more color than the leaves that covered the very tree tops. They looked like a pair of emeralds that were now looking directly at me with such curious focus. The skin of her face, arms, and legs, was bright and clear as the day. There wasn’t a single mark, blemish, or freckle on her. It was clean, clear, and flawless.
We observed one another very curiously but a little cautiously. The gorgeous redhead looked at me breathing heavily, probably still overwhelmed and tired from running. She then noticed the bow I was holding and the look on her face went from a frightful concern to a pure gratitude smile, she quickly realized what I did for her and she knew that I had killed the tarantula to save her and in putting my life on the line to insure her protection. I took my eyes off of her for a split second to look down at my bow that was no longer in my hand. My eyes went wide as I began to search the ground for it, I had no idea that it was missing I continued looking until I heard the redhead whistle to me. My sight instantly went back to her and I saw her still smiling her pretty smile while holding out my bow in her left hand. “How did you…….?” I began to ask bewildered and wide eyed once more as she raised her right index finger to her lips to silence me. My shock and amazement grew as she held out the weapon and I watched as it turned from its pitch black color to pure white followed by a long white arrow with a red and sharp arrow-head appearing right before my eyes in her right hand. All I could do was watch as she mounted the arrow onto her new bow. She then pulled on the string and drew the arrow back, raising the bow and arrow, she took aim at me. “Wait” I said becoming extremely nervous. “What are you……..?” before I could get another word, the redhead released the arrow and fire at me.
I tried to scream but as the arrow struck my chest all I got out was a yelping gasp. I immediately thought that this it for me. After trying to do a good deed I get murdered. But suddenly I realized that I wasn’t dead, I wasn’t even in pain. I looked to see here the arrow had struck and found nothing. No arrow was protruding out of me and there wasn’t even a wound where there should have been. I was completely unharmed. Breathing heavily out of relief I searched behind so see where the arrow had gone and still I found nothing. I immediately returned my gaze to find the redhead right in front of me, only a couple inches away from my face starring right into my eyes. I suddenly felt something different in me now as she gazed at me with a seductive look upon her face. I felt warm, numb, and frozen still as she fluttered her eyes. I felt like I was now in a spellbinding trans, I was under enchanting spell. She then placed her soft hand on the side of my head and slowly worked her way down my neck. I was completely compelled by how beautiful she was. Her eyes reflected the light of the sun as her eyes appeared even more piercing and bright with green. With the wind raising her dark red hair swayed gracefully with it appearing like a flame. Her hand continued caressing downward until she stopped and now had her hand placed over my chest. She observed my entire body head to toe and then she looked back at me and I quickly realized were the arrow had gone. It was inside me, inside my chest, inside my heart. This captivating feeling I now felt that she had struck me with, I knew exactly what it was……. Love.
She quickly knew what I was thinking and she smiled at me. I smiled back at her and I couldn’t help but slowly raise my hand towards her. I lightly placed it upon her cheek and felt the smooth caressing feeling of her skin. She grabbed at my hand with her other hand as well and kissed my hand. With last look at each other, we both came closer and closer to one another. Closing our eyes she wrapped her delicate arms around my neck as a wrapped mine around her waist, feeling her entire body. I felt her warm breath against my mouth as she spoke in a beautifully soft and angelic voice. “Thank You” she said softly. We embraced one another and kissed. Her soft and warm lips light opened and closed while still staying pressed to mine as I ran my hands around feminine, lean, and curved body. She was warm, soft, and almost weightless. This was beauty at its greatest, my reward for my heroics. I then thought back to the beautiful horizon I saw earlier and remembered how beautiful that was as well. This moment was easily more beautiful than the view but still I felt there was something missing from this. The great horizon I saw seemed to be at its full potential beauty because I knew what it was that beauty was complete. I didn’t seem that way with this girl and I realized that the way this beauty would be complete was if I knew who she was. “What was her name I thought?”
I snapped wide awake and found myself in my bed. What a dream that was, I remember every minute of it. I then sprang out of bed in shock when I saw on my clock that I had overslept. I was late for school. Without any delay I washed up, got dressed, and grabbed my items for school as I ran to my car and drove off to school. Several minutes later, I had reached the parking lot and was already out of the car walking towards the front door. As I approached saw another woman in front of me entering the door but as she was I noticed something cling to wall above her. It was a brown and ugly spider, bigger than a quarter that was slowly approaching her readying itself to jump on her. I felt freaked out by the very sight of it but I didn’t want to go near it but I couldn’t let it hurt that girl, it’s a big enough size to do that. “Watch it” I said as I ran toward the door and with one quick swat from my hand I knocked the spider from the wall and it fell to the floor before it could jump on her. The girl looked and saw the spider and gave out a light shriek as I raised my foot and stomped on the spider, reducing into a small puddle of yellow liquid. I then turned my sight to the girl. “You alright there?” I asked politely. “Yes” she replied, “Thank you very…….”
We both paused and looked at each other for a moment and I was shocked to find the redheaded woman of my dreams standing. It didn’t look like her it was her, dressed differently but I was certainly her, the hair, eyes, body, and voice. I also couldn’t but notice that she was as interested and astonished as I was. “Hi” I said to her lightly. “Hi” she returned back and she became more interested in me. “You look familiar.” She said to me. “Have we met?” she asked. “No, I don’t think so.” I answered. I then reached out and grabbed the door holding it open for her. “Thank you” she said smiling. “No problem” I replied as we both walked in. As we walked together I began to recognize that she still had the same rare and flawless beauty of my dream but I didn’t know who she was. “What’s your name?” she asked me. “John.” I answered. I then thought back to my dream of her and to what was missing from her and me and our moment. I knew what was missing now and all I had to do was ask. “What’s yours” I asked back . She looked at me and with a stunning and glamorous smile she answered. “Rebecca”. Her name is Rebecca.
“Rebecca.” I repeated. “Nice to meet you” I said. “My Pleasure” she replied. The greatest beauty in the world was now complete and that it was, nothing else can compare to outstanding and remarkable beauty of this women before me. Rebecca smiled at me last time, she looked intrigued and captivated by me. We continued down the halls as I caught vision of her and I back in the same forest , holding hands and walking together as the sun shined upon us. I don’t know if this is love or not but whatever it may be I know it’s both beautiful and good, and I’m ready to explore it. I then repeated the beautiful woman’s name one last time in my head. The most beautiful thing in this world is called………..Rebecca.


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