He had it coming....

May 28, 2008
By Erin Graham, Colorado City, TX

The kind of people who came to these parties were vicious. The kind of people who came to these parties would steal things, but only with money. It was one of the first things I had ever learned, if you have money you think it can buy the world. That’s what these people did if they wanted something, they bought it with their loads of money they always had on hand. Nothing was too big or small in their world of whims.
The problem for this perfect world of the Rich was when someone had enough backbone to tell them no. This to my advantage was what exactly had happened to Ms. Dena Hayworth. A room full of the world’s most extravagant jewelry and she couldn’t take her eyes off one necklace. Or the only necklace that Ms. Hayworth couldn’t have. I had already checked into all the jewelry being sold, the necklace in question was not only the most expensive but the only one already bought and paid for. I could tell it was driving her crazy. Her hand was held up to her face as if wanting to snatch it right out of the case, but in her head she was much too proper to be a thief. I could tell by the way she looked, or at least the kind of thief who actually went and took things. Well, nobody here would be that kind of thief; they all had too much money.
Except there was one man who had been put on the guest list as a favor from a former client, and I liked to think, as always, he looked very suspicious with a scar running along the side of his face. He had light colored hair and was wearing a tuxedo that didn’t look like it suited him. Sitting lazily in the third chair from the back wall I could nicely see the awed crowd and pick which one wanted one of these jewels the most. I could see greed peering through the mask that was trying so hard to cover all of her face. Ms. Hayworth was on the edge of losing her composure and it was time to act.
“Good evening. Ms. Hayworth, isn’t it?” I said looking her over and I could barely see the family resemblance up close. With her bleach blonde hair and very skinny body, Ms. Hayworth could have been said to be pretty. But he had seen what a pretty girl looked like and he could never stop comparing women to the one that always haunted his mind.
“Um…hello. Have we met before?” said Dena Hayworth looking at me make an effort to divert her attention away from the necklace.
“No but I have, met your father before. He is a very generous man!” as I was trying to emphasize every word, I could tell she was trying to figure out exactly who I was. Truth was I had only met her father once and I had met Dena several times she just didn’t remember.
“Oh, so you run one of the local charities that are benefiting from the jewelry being bought tonight?” she said looking up at me with a look in her eyes that is usually followed by a fluttering of a girl’s eyelashes.
“No, I would have to say I am much too greedy to give away my money to charity.”
“Well I would have to say we share the same secret.” Dena said walking around the case.
“Do you? I never would have thought one of the heirs to the largest fortune in all of New York would be so selfish.” I had gotten her with that line she turned to me any composure she had had was gone. “Oh don’t get angry it was a joke. But personally I find that I like the fact you’re selfish.”
“I would really like to know the name of the person insulting me.” said Ms. Hayworth with venom pouring into her words. She could have been bi-polar for how quickly her emotions changed.
“Let’s just say we have a mutual acquaintance.” I looked at her and saw I had to act fast I was losing her interest quick. Leaning casually on the glass case I said as she was turning to leave me, “So are you going to offer to buy this pretty necklace here?”
“No,” Ms. Hayworth said turning back waving her hand, “it’s not my type.”
“Really the most famous necklace in this whole charity fundraiser, not to mention the most expensive, and you don’t want it?” Arching an eyebrow I let my question hang in the air. Crossing her arms Dena walked toward me looking rather calm, she must have conned her father into some acting classes when she was younger.
“Okay fine I want it! I want it more than anything, but my friend Carmen has already bought my necklace.” Ms. Hayworth spat the word friend out most vehemently.
“So you aren’t going to get it?”
“Aren’t you listening I can’t have it!”
“But I thought the Hayworth’s were throwing this little fundraiser?”
“We are just my father won’t let me buy it out from under Carmen! He says it isn’t…”
“Right…well you see I could get it for you without you getting your hands dirty.”
“What do you mean?”
“What do you think I mean?”
“You’re a thief?”
“It depends what you need me to do.” she wasn’t catching on as quite as quick as he thought she would, but they were getting there.
“You’re saying you can get me this necklace right here so I can have it and Carmen won’t!” said Ms. Hayworth excitedly.
“Yes I could get you everything in here for a fee, but you couldn’t wear the necklace around your friend. Then she would know you had stolen them.” that seemed to put a damper on Dena’s spirits but only slightly.
“I wouldn’t have stolen it, you would have.” she said thinking hard.
“Now you’ve got it. We can talk about this more over brunch tomorrow at the Garden. You know final details and stuff.” I saw her nod as I walked off to look at some of the other jewels. Or to pretty much everyone else it looked like I was admiring a necklace far out of my price range, but I wasn’t. Minutes into talking with Ms. Hayworth I had heard her voice. I could have easily fallen to the ground being so weak in the knees; it had taken all of my composure to keep calm. I knew that voice so well but I hadn’t heard it in so long, she was alive! I wanted to get a good view of her so I hopped into a chair at a table populated with two gentlemen both could have been my grandfather.
“How are we my old friends?” in truth I had never met any of them before but they both looked like they wouldn’t remember anything tonight so it didn’t matter.
“Go away Meredith I am staying up as late as I want!” barked the more ancient of the two then he put his head down and went to sleep.
“Don’t mind ol’ Barry he just can’t hold his drink even after all these years.” said the man sitting across from me, “I’m Henry Collins and this is….this is…oh just call him Barry I hate formality. In truth I really can’t pronounce his last name.” This man didn’t look that bad in his old age. The guy looked uncomfortable and kept messing with the emerald cuff links on his jacket. Even old guys liked to get dressed up I suppose. Henry wasn’t necessarily old, his blonde hair was graying and his blue eyes had a certain look of wisdom in them, nevertheless he was at least forty years older than me.
“This is a really odd place to be if you hate formality.” I said to keep the conversation going. I looked to my left out of my peripheral vision and saw her sitting now three tables away.
“Well these days I’m lucky to get an invitation to go anywhere. Even if it is a charity fundraiser. Most people think I’m either too busy or dead. At sixty-six I guess that’s the only thing you can expect from young people.” said Henry looking at me stretch and lean back in my seat. I had the feeling that he knew who I was looking at. “Ms. McGregor is engaged you know.” he said looking at me very intently.
“I…Who?” I was really confused. He knew who I was looking at but that wasn’t her name.
“Ah, so you don’t know…I get it, most men get that way when they look at her. She is something I have to admit, but stay away from her. Her fiancée is not one to be messed with.”
“Who’s her fiancée?” I asked trying to sound casual, it didn’t work.
“Kyton Hayworth,” Henry held a dramatic pause to look at my face and continued, “it doesn’t seem like I need to explain to you about New York City’s short tempered golden boy. He runs around with some of the worst scum in New York City. If his father didn’t have a hand in pretty much every business in this state that boy would be in jail and so would all his friends.”
“I guess you’re right.” I didn’t know if I liked being referred to as scum but it does usually come with the territory. I of course was one of those friends who had more than once been caught with Kyton in my younger years. Now that I think about it Kyton is the one who gave me my first referral to a man who needed a job done. I had done pretty much any crime related to theft or extortion in the last ten years and I could always count on Kyton to find me a job that need to be done if I was stuck between jobs. I guess you could call Kyton a friend. I really considered everyone who knew I was a thief a friend so I wouldn’t get on their bad side. I hadn’t seen Kyton in a year and we had always kept our friendship as discreet as possible. Now days I tried to stay away from Kyton, he seemed more and more like he just wanted money and didn’t care who got hurt in the process. I looked back to see Kyton’s fiancée but she wasn’t sitting down anymore.
“Speak of the- Hello Young Mr. Hayworth it’s a pleasure to see you again.” said Henry with a fake smile plastered all over his face.
“Mr. Collins? You’re still running around at this hour?” mocked Kyton standing behind as I turned to stand. He was standing in front of me now looking laid back as always even with the formal suit he was wearing. Kyton always looked dark, his hair and eyes, and there was always a certain expression on his face that made him look preoccupied. Kyton had his arm on the waist of the woman next to him and she had her arm linked in his. Ava Thompson had never looked more beautiful to me. Even though I always thought she looked that way.
“You’re right, what was I thinking, I must be out past my curfew! I’ll just take Barry here and be on my way.” said Henry sarcastically, then he got up from his seat yanked Barry out his chair and started marching towards the door.
“Someone not to invite next time I suppose,” said Kyton laughing, “I just don’t know what I did to deserve his attitude. Anyway, David Harris how long has it been? A year? More? I have missed you, a lot has happened while you were gone! Hence the lovely young woman here on my arm. This is the beautiful Miss Ava McGregor soon to be Misses Kyton Hayworth!”
“Hello. It’s so wonderful to finally meet you! I have heard so many things about you I feel as if I already know you!” said Ava; it made me smile to see what a good liar she was.
“Well please do not believe everything Kyton has told you Ms. McGregor because between you and me he is an excellent liar.” I said this and only hoped I would get to see her alone.
“Now David let’s not bore my future wife with tales of our “adventurous” adolescent. What are you doing here?” asked Kyton looking at me knowing full well what I was doing.
“Oh just looking around, you know me. By the way your sister has a business proposition for me. We were going to talk about it tomorrow over breakfast, I’m sure she would love for you to join.” I said looking at Ava but she was turned towards Kyton looking at him or somewhere other than me.
“Well if I have to deal with my sister any time soon I’m going to need a drink.” He laughed looking at the drink already in his hand gulped it down and looked back at us. “Would you like anything David?”
“No I think I’ve had my fair share of whatever they have here tonight.” I said hoping that Ava wouldn’t go with him to the bar.
“And would you like something?” said Kyton turning towards Ava leaning in to kiss her.
“Whatever you’re having.” said Ava smiling as Kyton drew away.
“See David! This is why I’m marrying this girl.” Kyton turned away laughing at this heading towards the bar across the room. It would take him two minuets at the max to get the drinks it wasn’t long enough, and I had so many questions. I looked at Ava and she was examining something on the ground, avoiding my eyes. It hurt me and I couldn’t stop replaying the kiss that had happened moments before.
“Don’t look at me like that David.” said Ava lips barely moving still looking away.
“What am I supposed to look at you like? You’re a ghost, or did you actually come back from the dead?” Her dark hair was covering part of her face. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. That was the first thing I had ever really liked about her, she could control her emotions and never let them show.
“I never died you know that.” she was still speaking lips barely moving. She was looking at me eyes bright and shining. I had only seen her cry once and that was moment he didn’t want to relive.
“Well if you were never dead tell me what happened. Please I need to know that if you were never hurt why didn’t you come back?” I said that as quickly as I could because Kyton was walking up with freshly poured drinks. “My number is still the same. Please call me.”
“I…Kyton I’m awfully tired and I have so much to do for the wedding tomorrow maybe I should leave." said Ava taking her drink from him but still looking at me.
“Okay I’ll drive you home. Go get the car and I’ll meet you there.” said Kyton suddenly serious giving her his valet ticket. “I just need to talk to my friend here; we have a lot of catching up to do.” Ava smiled at us nodded at me and walked towards the door. Then Kyton said, “You’ve missed too much. I need to talk to you.” We walked over to the table I had previously been sitting at with Henry and Barry and sat down.
“She seems like a great girl Kyton. You’re lucky…” I said trying not to sound to withdrawn.
“Really, how lucky am I? I know you’ve met her before I could tell.” He said staring at me arms crossed.
“What are you talking about?”
“I figured you had probably met her doing one thing or another she did tell me she worked one of the big jewelry robberies you were a part of. But to try to hide the fact you know her is even more interesting.”
“I didn’t know you knew she used to be a thief.”
“Oh, is that it? Is that the only reason you don’t want to admit you used to know her?”
“Look, I used to know her I met her when I was in London and yes I’ve worked with her before.”
“Good so what do you know about her?”
“That’s it! That’s all I know.”
“I was the only person you could never really lie to wasn’t I David? I know her real name is Ava Thompson and I know she was a jewel thief for about as long as you’ve been.”
“So what do you want to know?”
“I used to know her but that was a long time ago. Why did she come here so unexpectedly?”
“I’d tell you that if I knew Kyton.”
“Okay so I believe you. Has she ever worked with Derek?”
“Derek who?
“Who do you think? Derek Kensington.”
“As in the drug lord?”
“The drug lord with a very extensive jewelry collection.” Kyton finished saying this as if he had proven that Ava worked for Derek. Ava wouldn’t work for Derek, he had nearly killed them.

“You look happy.” I said smiling at her from across the table at a little corner café in Paris.
“Maybe because I am happy.” said Ava beaming at me.
“If you’re so content with life does that mean you can’t take anymore happiness?” she looked puzzled when I finished saying this, and then I pulled a little black box out of my pocket.
“What is this? Something else you’ve stolen?” she said laughing at me.
“No this is the only piece of jewelry I have actually ever bought.” I said this while I opened the box and Ava gasped.
“David! If you were ever going to propose I thought you would have at least picked a diamond with a better cut than this.” she said laughing at me.
“So does this mean your answer is yes?” I said trying to sound like I didn’t know what her answer would be. She looked at me like she always did when she was exasperated but then laughed. “I do believe that was a yes.”
In twenty minuets they were walking hand in hand down one of the many streets of Paris. I was so happy that I couldn’t think everything was just a blur of delirious joy. Then I saw him, a man in a brown coat, a block down. He shifted so his coat turned and I could see his gun. I quickly turned throwing Ava off balance then we were walking faster down a more heavily populated street. There the man was again, but it was a different man, he had on a black white shirt but he was looking straight at me. I saw him, I squeezed Ava hand and we ran. We ran for five maybe ten minuets then we had to stop. Ava sat on a nearby bench trying to catch her breath.
“Did we lose him? Or are you just paranoid?” said Ava panting. A car pulled up next to us with two men in the front and my heart sank.
“Get in the car.”, said the driver pointing a gun at us.
“Why?” Ava breathed.
“It seems you ripped Mr. Kensington off.” said the man with a chuckle. I dreaded what we had supposedly done the whole way over to wherever it was that we were going. When the car finally stopped Ava and I were both dragged out, and into a giant empty warehouse. It wasn’t necessarily empty because Derek Kensington was standing in the middle of the place with two over-built bodyguards on either side. Derek was an unusually good looking guy as Ava had described him. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes to me he looked a little intimidating. The two men who had made us get in the car led us to in front of Derek and made us sit in chairs facing him.
“Who knew we would ever be seeing each other again and so soon too.” said Derek, while his two body guards came to tie us to the chairs.
“Well it seems you’re the one who wanted to see us.” I said trying to analyze the situation.
“What do you want Derek?” said Ava. They had known dealing with Derek was not going to be easy but they had done everything he had asked.
“Now Ava I just wanted to have a nice civil chat about what you gave me.” said Derek. Something wasn’t right he could tell this wouldn’t be happening if everything had gone right.
“Civil chats don’t involve guns.” said Ava pointedly looking at Derek.
“You’re right where are my manners?” said Derek waving his hand and his thugs lowered their guns. Derek started to mess with his emerald cuff links on his jacket, “Yeah there pretty nice, huh? I bought some for my father but I don’t think he ever wears them.” Then as casually as he has spoken to me he walked straight at me and punched me hard on the side of my face. I hadn’t even had time to brace myself for the impact. My face was swelling and I could tell it wouldn’t be the last time I got hit tonight. “Where are the rest of the diamonds?” I could hear the anger in Derek’s voice but I couldn’t understand what was going on.
“We gave you everything Derek, what more do you want?” yelled Ava at him. She was looking at me and I could tell what was going through her mind.
“Did you really?” said Derek now backing away from me towards Ava. “How sure are you about that?” said Derek making a motion with his hand. I knew what that meant and I braced myself for impact. One…two…three…four….five times I was hit. One of the times I could feel metal scraping my face. I couldn’t feel my face but I could feel warm blood washing over it.
“Stop please! Don’t hurt him anymore I’ll do anything.” said Ava crying. This kind of thing had happened to them before but it had never seemed this bad.
“Good, that’s what I always like to hear. Take her to my office.” said Derek as he got up and started walking towards what was his office. One of the thugs untied Ava and yanked her out of the chair with a gun to her head and started pushing her towards where Derek was going. When they got there Derek turned opened the door and I could see the go inside through a large glass window on the wall. Then the thug turned the lights off and all I could see was a glass mirror. I knew what was going to happen next so I got ready for what was coming.
Darkness is what came next for what seemed like a long time. My entire body ached from the beating the other three thugs had given me. I don’t know when I blacked out but it hadn’t come soon enough for me. I tried to open my eyes but one was swollen shut and the other I could just barely get open. I was lying down on a bed I could tell that much by not opening my eyes. The room wasn’t lit but by a single window. The room kept shaking and there was an occasional wail. I knew where I was now and wondered where Ava could be. I got up with pain shooting al the way through my back up to my head. I put my feet on the floor and sat there for a few seconds thinking. I was in my hotel room and I wondered where Ava was. Was she the one that brought me back here? Or was she dead? I stood up and stretched, what hit me was a sudden spell of dizziness that sent me lying back down on the bed. I hit the bed just as the door creaked open.
“You’re awake,” said Ava, “I was beginning to think you would never wake up.”
“Ava what happened?” I said looking at her from the bed.
“It doesn’t matter, we need to get out of here as quickly as possible.” said Ava walking towards my suitcase and began throwing things in it.
“Yes it does matter! What happened?” I said pleading with her. Something wasn’t right, what had they made her do?
“Listen, go take a shower and be quick. Our train leaves at one.”
The French countryside was always pretty this time of year. It was my fourth time in France and it was supposed to be my happiest trip yet, even though it was a business trip. I looked across to see Ava staring out the window. She seemed troubled I could tell, about what, I didn’t know. I was sure it had something to do with what Derek had said or done but I had no clue what that might be. He couldn’t stand the awkward silence that had settled between them.
“I’m going to go to the bathroom.” I said getting up.
“Okay.” She said quietly not even looking at me. I turned and headed down the aisle. “Hey, I love you.” said Ava still not meeting my eyes but I knew she had said it. I smiled at her and kept walking down the train.
“Hello, is anybody out there?” I yelled banging on the bathroom door. I had walked to the bathroom at the far end of the train to find that that cabin hadn’t even been occupied. I had gone to the bathroom and as I had finished washing my hands I had heard a slight bump against the door. When I had tried to open the door I had found the door wouldn’t budge. I kept trying the knob with no avail. I had been stuck in there about five minuets when I was thrown back against the wall by an enormous shockwave. The train had come too a screeching halt and I could feel heat radiating everywhere. There were screams coming from every direction and now smoke was coming under the door. Then for the second time that day I blacked out.

“His ticket says his name is David Harris. He’s an American visitor. I found his passport too.” said a woman in French to my right.

“Well he looks beaten up pretty bad put him in the helicopter.” said another woman in French to my left.

“What do you expect, he is the lone survivor of one of the worst train accidents in history.” said the woman on my right.

“That’s what there calling this? A train accident?” said the other woman helping the other lift the stretcher I was on into the helicopter.

“Not much else to call it is there?” said a man walking up to get on the helicopter with them. The helicopter became airborne and started to gain height. I opened my eyes just barely sun blinding them. I could see the train billowing smoke and see the remains that the flames had left behind. The train wasn’t even intact most of it was gone and they said I was the lone survivor.

I told Kyton what had happened leaving out a few parts I didn’t think necessary for him to hear and waited to see how he would react what I got was a long silence.
“What does my sister want you to steal?” he said staring at his empty glass on the table.
“Uh…the ruby necklace from India. Her friend has already bought it or something.” I said taken aback from how way off base Kyton was.
“Take it tonight.”
“I said take it tonight! Take all of it tonight!”
“That’s crazy I can’t take everything here I don’t know anything about this place.”
“Don’t try to lie to me! You never make an offer without doing your homework first. Leave now and come back around three in the morning. I’ll make sure none of the guards are still here. Now go!” said Kyton as forcefully as anyone could speak in a whisper. I got up walked right out the door and didn’t even speak to Ava I couldn’t think straight. I got outside to find Mr. Collins standing waiting for a cab. Then something in my head clicked.
“My wife took the car home.” he said looking at me hands in his pockets.
“Oh where’s Barry?” I said knowing what Henry was thinking.
“Home by now I hope unless he convinced the taxi driver to take him to some bar, but I think I paid him enough to not listen to him.” said Henry taxi now pulling up.
“I know what you’re thinking but I wonder if I ask for your help.” I said opening the taxi door for Mr. Collins. You could see the resemblance.

I walked up to the back of the Hayworth Building where the fundraiser had taken place just a few hours before. I set my bag I had been carrying on the ground. Now it looked deserted. I wondered what I had gotten into, but I knew I couldn’t say no to Kyton. He wasn’t just a trouble maker like Henry had thought before; he was a full fledged crime boss, trying to get on the same level as Derek Kensington.
“Finally you’re here!” said Kyton behind me dragging Ava with him a gun to her head.
“What are you doing?” I said realizing how drunk or insane Kyton must be.
“Oh, you know I thought you might have needed a little incentive to get the ball rolling. And besides I checked my pretty fiancée’s cell phone she seems to be making a particularly large amount of phone calls to France as of late.” said Kyton pushing Ava towards me. “Now let’s go make some money.”
Kyton gave me his key card to get into the back entrance of the building. I used it to open the door and Ava walked inside. Then I sprang back and knocked Kyton to the ground, dropping the key card and trying to grab the gun in his hand. Unfortunately even being drunk Kyton still had the upper hand on me in a fight and he kicked me in the stomach, got up and got the gun in one simple motion.
“Now that playtime is over…MOVE!” yelled Kyton grabbing my bag. We walked inside door slamming shut behind us and Ava and I went to work. She grabbed the paint and started painting the cases and I went down the hall to disable the silent alarms I knew were in the glass cases. When I had disabled it I went back to help Ava with the cases the paint had dried. The regular alarm system wasn’t up thanks to Kyton, so all we had to do was worry about tripping any alarms inside the cases. I had disabled the first one that went off if the case was broken but the second was another problem. If the case was exposed to air coming from outside for more than ten seconds it would go off. That’s where the paint came in, Ava and I had done this once before when we had first teamed up. First Ava would paint a square of the clear lead paint on top of each of the cases, and when it dried I would cut around the top. Then I would put a magnet on top and lift the “lid” to the case and Ava would grab what ever she could in the case in what time we had left.
It was difficult because the cutting, lifting, grabbing, and putting the lid back down all had to be done in ten seconds. It would have been easier if Kyton hadn’t been breathing down my neck. When we were finally done and had gotten everything I put all the jewelry in the bag and gave it to Kyton.
“Kyton, why are you doing this? Have you gone mad? What did you do to get Derek Kensington so upset?” I said taking a few steps away from him.
“What makes you think this is about Derek? What are you working for him too?” shouted Kyton a little too loudly for being in a deserted building.
“No Kyton, David was never working for me. I thought he was dead until tonight when my father gave me a call, but David never did know what was going on. Only his girlfriend knew that you had stolen what they had brought to me. David didn’t know that you were the reason he has that ridiculous scar on his face. Honestly David is taking this betrayal rather well.” said Derek walking out of the shadows and holding up Kyton’s key card. “I found this outside so I thought I would let myself in.” Derek walked farther towards Kyton two body guards following behind him.
“Thanks for the breakfast Henry. It was just what I needed.” I said getting up to put my plate in the sink.
“Well breakfast is one those meals I just can’t seem live without,” said Henry, “and it’s the only meal my wife can actually cook.”
“Did the package get delivered?” I asked walking back down the hall towards the room I had slept in the night before. I looked into another open door and saw the Collin’s laundry room and on top of the washer two tiny cuff links.
“Yes it’ll get to her.” said Henry as I set down the cuff links on the tabled he had worn before.
“You really do look like him.” I said.
“That’s about all we have in common, he even changed his name.”
“Well he’ll come around eventually.”
“No, more than likely he’ll end up like Kyton.”

After I left Henry’s house I hopped in a cab to the airport. I found my gate number and waited for my plane to be called. Flight 247 rang on the intercom and I got up and a man in a brown coat bumped into me.
“Excuse me sir you dropped this…” as soon as I said this I looked at the piece of paper. It read,
I guess I owe you a favor after last night. But for now I hope this will do.

At the bottom of the page was a bank account number and the figure. I whistled and thought about an early retirement, or maybe a really big wedding.
“Hello, gorgeous!” I said as I sat next to a dark haired beauty on the plane. I kissed her and I murmured, “I heard the French countryside is beautiful this time of year.”
“Ms. Dena Hayworth?” said the young blonde haired and blue eyed criminal.
“Yes?” said Dena not being able to look away from the handsome stranger.
“Is this seat taken?” he said flashing a charming smile and not even waiting for an answer.
“I was actually supposed to meet somebody here but it seems like they aren’t going to show up.” said Dena batting her eyelashes at the man across the table. He was certainly something not everyone could afford that designer suit or those emerald cuff links.
“Well actually I know who was going to meet you and they told me to give you this.” said the man handing over a small package looking across the room. Dena opened the package and gasped.
“Oh it’s even more beautiful now,” exclaimed Dena, “how much do I owe you?”
“Don’t worry your brother took care of it.”

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