A Good fishing Trip Gone bad

June 4, 2008
By Nick Kamis, Woodburn, OR

Mayday! Mayday! Were going over board! It all happened on the treacherous Detroit lake in the summer of 89.Our boat was filled with to many fish and the 12 foot boat started to flip. It was a summer to remember.
It all happened on a beautiful summer morning. The birds were chirping and the cool summer morning breeze blew through my soft brown hair as I fastened down our 12 foot aluminum boat.
“George” my mom’s fiancé was making his starbucks brand coffee, and without that he would not survive.
This is a boy’s only trip. My mom is in Palm Springs, California, so we really did not have a choice even if we did want to take any girls. Were better off not taking those whining creatures.
We took Demitry and Dennis. Demitry is George’s best friend, and Dennis Demitry’s nephew. He is eighteen.
We were off on our exciting trip, and nothing sets the mood better than some old rock and roll. We blasted the music so loud that the birds outside were chirping our tunes.
At the exciting and noisy boat ramp, the boats shined as brightly as a 69 mustang would at a Dragstrip.
The wait was so long I was beginning to think we would be unloading longer than we were going to fish. It was a nightmare I couldn’t bear.
Finally, it was our turn and we unloaded as quickly as we could. George went and parked the truck. When he came back, we were off not expecting the worst.
We caught fish every fifteen minutes. Then something strange happened and that’s where it all began. All our poles started to jerk down. We all jumped up with excitement and pulled our poles. All of us got snagged. It was too strange, so we pulled and pulled until something freaky happened. Dennis’s line started to go ZZZZZ… he almost got pulled in.
People around us were screaming “wow! What kind of bait are you guys using?”
Everything was going so fast he didn’t even bother to reply. All of a sudden all of our poles started to go down.
Dennis took one hour to pull his up and it was a fifteen pound lake trout. We kept catching fish we were happier than ever, until the twelve foot aluminum boat started to sink.
All of our excitement jumped out of the boat. Wee only had two life jackets. George said “Nick gets one for sure” George was not sure who to give the other one to so he, so he threw it out.
I waved to another boat to come help. They were all trying to hang onto that one life jacket, but it didn’t look to good. Another boat came and pulled me up, but the waves were to big it put all the others into the water. I was screaming, but it was too late.

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