Growing up

June 1, 2012
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Rumor has it this is the time, the time stop crying over silly things: scraps, getting yelled at, the worm you saw die on the sidewalk. The time to realize whats right and whats wrong. The time you start making goals and think everything through. This time now is for you. For you to start dating, get hurt, cry a little, and move on. Time to fail a test, and pass a class by one point. Time to accomplish the impossible and make a miracle happen. Time do something once and stack the skeleton in your closet. To have a best friend and lose one. To stop dreaming of a life you would like to have and make that dream into reality. To realize nothing is impossible as long as you really want it. Time to wake up earlier than usual and work harder than you did last year. The time to look at your mother and see gold, look at people and see hope. To not bring anyone down and treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Love with no regrets, dream with no boundaries, make mistakes and preserver. Do you hear it? Its here the time to grow up with no fear.

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