Alicia and Jessica

June 2, 2008
By Allyssa Harmer, Hastings, NY

Alicia and Jessica are considered to be the prettiest girls in the 11th grade. Alicia is tall and skinny, with beautiful, long black hair. While Jessica is a short blonde, with the most welcoming smile you have ever seen. Together they know they could do whatever they want. On Tuesday, Jessica went over to Alicia's house for the night. They decide that in the morning they will get up early and look their absolute best. Everyone at school will notice how gorgeous they are and do things for them; and that is exactly what happened. People did whatever they asked as they walked through the halls. They soon learned that the better they looked the more attention they got. But, one day, Jessica and Alicia caught mononucleosis and were put on medicine that made them very tired. Eventually, they had to go back to school, though. They obviously didn't feel well that morning so they got ready quickly and dresses in sweats. Nobody paid any attention to them as they made their way down the halls. They couldn't figure out what had happened. It was weird that whole week while they were still a little sick because no one followed them around or tried to wait on their every hand and foot. When they finally felt better and were back to their old, pampered selves, they got their popularity back, and were of course quite happy. They would always remember how they felt, though, when everyone ignored them and they just felt like a nobody in school. It wasn't fun... Yet, they still treated everyone the same because, unfortunately, that's just the way Alicia and Jessica are...

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