Death in the Words of Jenny and Jaime

June 5, 2008
By Jemma Bean, Hubbard, OR

As Jenny and her twin brother Jaime were doing their homework on the front porch of their house, they saw the most horrifying thing in the whole wide world. Down the street a gigantic car crash happened. In one car there was an elderly couple, and in the other car a drunken college kid home for the summer. When Jenny went inside to dial 911 she saw a picture of her grandparent on the fridge. She said, “Wasn’t Nana and Papa coming over at five for dinner tonight?”

“Yes, why?” mom said.

“I just remembered when I saw their picture upon the fridge.” Jenny said grabbing the phone and running out the door.

When Jenny called 911 the other person on the other side of the phone said the paramedics were on their way. When they pulled the elderly couple out of the car, Jenny was there to see if they were alright.

When they saw who it was, Jenny fell into tears. Jaime was there to hold her tight.
Jenny said behind her tears, “Jaime, go and tell mom that Nana and Papa were in the big car accident down the street.”

So Jaime ran back into the house panting like a dog. When he got inside, he yelled in a loud voice, “NANA AND PAPA WERE IN THE BIG ACCIDENT DOWN THE STREET!”

When he said this, his parents came pounding down the stairs like a herd of elephants. They all ran out of the house and down the street and to the scene of the accident. When they got there, Jenny was wrapped in a blanket because she was shaking so much. The paramedics came up to the three of them, (Jaime, Mom, and Dad) and said, “The elderly couple didn’t survive the crash.”

About three weeks later they had a ceremony for their grandparents. At the ceremony, Jenny couldn’t help but ask Jaime if he was going to be a changed person after this.

Jaime replied, “ I will probably be a changed person after this, but I hope to move pass all of this and move on with my life. We’re going to be seniors next year and I don’t want this getting in the way of my future.” Jenny felt the same way he did.

About two months later, school started up again and Jenny and Jaime couldn’t wait to “rule the school”. When Jenny walked into school Monday morning, she saw the most amazing person standing where her locker was. To her he was “HOT”, but Jenny didn’t want him to know.

When see got to her locker, the boy turned around and said, “ Are you Jenny Lullaby?”

“Yes I am, and you are…?”

“Well I’m Haden this is my first day here, the secretary said that you could show me around.” Haden aid as he opened the locker next to Jenny’s.

Jenny replied, “Well the secretary was right, I am the person to show you around.”

After that, Jenny and Haden were sitting together at lunch and were spending all of their time together. When Jaime would try to talk to Jenny, Haden would come up and as Jenny on a date, and the worst part was that she said yes every time. After about two weeks of hanging out, Haden asked Jenny to be his girlfriend. She said YES.

The next day Jaime was at his locker when the most popular girl in school came up to him. Her name was Elizabeth, Beth for short came up to Jaime and said, “Jaime…I have had a lot going on and have tried to say this for four years now, will you…go out with me?”

Jaime replied, “Yes! I would love to go out with you!”

“Well it’s a date then; pick me up on Saturday at two for a movie.” Beth said as she blew a kiss off of her finger tips.

Jaime ran up to Jenny and Haden at lunch time and told them he got a girl friend. They were both excited for him.

“Well the moment has come. We’re going to graduate and then off to college.” Jenny and Jaime said to their girlfriend/boyfriend. When the time came, Jenny and Jaime walked down the runway and headed for the stage. As Jenny always wanted to be, she got Class Valedictorian. Jaime got Student of the Year award for being the most outstanding student. Haden got Best Athlete award. Beth got the Most Popular award.

Jenny went on stage, said her speech, and they all got their diplomas. After that, they looked out into the crowd. Jenny and Jaime smiled because they saw the spirit of their grandparents out in the crowd. They came from heaven to watch the graduation. Jenny looked at Jaime and Jaime looked at Jenny. They knew their grandparents wouldn’t miss their graduation for anything. Dead or alive.

When they got home, their dad had something to say to them. He said, “I have something to say to you. Your mother has breast cancer and that’s why she wasn’t at the graduation.”

“So mom’s going to die?” Jenny asked with tears in her eyes.

“No! She’s just really sick and its bed ridden so she can’t even get out of bed.” Dad said as he took a glass of water up to his wife.

Jenny and Jaime went to tell their mom something. They said, “Mom, we don’t want to go to college if you’re like this. We’re going to stay and care for you.”

About two years later, their mom died of breast cancer. Jenny and Jaime couldn’t take all of the pressure, and decided to move out. They went and lived with their girlfriend/boyfriend so they could get their problems away.

After two years of college, Jenny and Jaime were planning to get married to their girlfriend/boyfriend. When they got home they found out that their dad had cancer and wasn’t going to go to their weddings, but that’s another story.

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