best friends

May 29, 2008
By Brittani Fehsenfeld, Newaygo, MI

Once upon a time there was a bear, named Brittani, and a cougar, named Courtney. Now Courtney and Brittani were best friends, which would rarely happen out in the wild, because cougars eat bears. So how did the friendship happen you may ask, when Brittani was a little girl she lost her mom and dad in a forest fire, and Courtney lost her dad when he was protecting her from a giant lion. Courtney never had a mom, well she did a long time ago but she ran off with some rich cougar that bought her everything and did everything for her. The day after Courtney’s dad died she was weeping around the forest and ran into Brittani on accident.

“What’s the matter?” asked Brittani

“M-m-m-y dad died yesterday protecting me form a lion” whimpered Courtney.

“Im sooo sorry to hear that, is there anything I can do?” questioned Brittani.

“ I just want to be left alone right now.” Courtney answered while walking to a near by tree to take a rest.

“You know, I lost my mom and dad a couple weeks ago. I now how hard it is, but life will get better maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow but sooner or later it will get better, trust me. I was ready to quit on life when my mom and dad never came home that night, but I thought of everything that they ever taught me, and I remembered my mom telling me once that life is too valuable to quit on, never give up faith, you only get one chance to live on this earth so why give up such a gift.” said Brittani

“But life is just so hard. To think that life will get better is like thinking that a mouse can fly.” roared Courtney.

“Well it will get better, promise. I will be here every step of the healing process for you to help you get through your hard time.” said Brittani happily.

“Awww shucks, you really mean it?!” said Courtney with joy in her voice

“Of course I do. How could I leave someone like you all alone in a forest like this. We need each other. Your all that I have and im all that you have.” said the Brittani.

“Im not so sure bout this. A bear and a cougar becoming friends, what would other animals think.” asked Court

“Do you really think that I care what other animals think about me? There’s nothing wrong with being friends. All that matters is that were together, safe and sound. So come on lets go play” yelled Brittani

“Ok lets go. I know a great hiding spot where we can sleep.” said Courtney

“I’ll beat you there” screamed Brittani

“O no you wont” laughed Courtney

And now you know how two opposite animals can become such good friends in one day. All you have to be is there and listen and help them through their rough times.

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